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Nidalee Build Guide by XDogg

Hybrid Nid (If AP isnt cutting it) "Cat and Mouse"

Hybrid Nid (If AP isnt cutting it) "Cat and Mouse"

Updated on July 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author XDogg Build Guide By XDogg 5,862 Views 5 Comments
5,862 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author XDogg Nidalee Build Guide By XDogg Updated on July 27, 2012
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First off this build is for people who don't really want to be a powerful spear slinger alone but want to utilize the cat form as well.

I have seen many people play AP nidalee I have even tried and AD nid build that worked pretty well. But then I thought what about a Hybrid mix, with slight strong spear damage as well as cat form destruction.

This is a DPS nid mixed with a bit of damage and AP. So if your a person that wants to become a strong carry late game this build will work wonders if your good at timing and your team doesn't fail. (with good selection)

Remember your not a tank, your a person that goes in and then gets out.
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The runes are pretty much salvaged from other nid builds and work well with this build too.
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These are pretty straight forward... you may want to tweak to your gaming DPS characters because even though this is a strong offense the defense and utility arnt as strong. So your basically going to be diving back to the spawn area to heal and regen mana. Fortunately you pounce fast back to battle.
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Summoner Spells

I chosen these spells because you need mad mana to keep your self alive and to toss spears and set traps. The ignite was chosen to get that quick boost you may need but can easily be swaped for a flash or a sprint... But I use the bushes and pounce to get away as much as I can.
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Skill Sequence

Now I start with the spear in this build not the trap, the trap is good for a jungle I suppose with armor reduction. However when your laning you want to either start with spear or heal, if your not a good person with nidalee you probably shouldnt be using this build, but in anycase start with heal instead of spear only if you and your team mate have strong laners in your lane against you... If not then start with the spear because you need to take control of your lane ASAP. Using bushes to toss spears and hide later planting traps all over incase they want to fish you out. (I think they raised the trap count for nid awhile back so go crazy)

Get trap before you get your ult though and other skills because its one less skill for your kitty form. After that I get trap once more for that extra pounce damage and get either a lot of spear or heal increases depending on how good your team is doing. You will have to pick according to survival if you get spear or heal more during the game so that can change game to game.
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First I get thebecause it will later turn into nashers tooth. I follow with one of each potion . It is up to you if you want two HP potions or 2 MANA potions or even neither.

I then get a and then the you then finish off the boot with the sometimes I will get the cooldown boots before the scepter if I have the money. It is Important however that you get the cooldown boots because they will help you with your cat form attacks making them preform a lot quicker in battle. The scepter is very useful because not only does it help you with life regain in and out of cat form (making up for that lacky heal spell after nid was patched) , but it also make it so your using less mana to heal yourself... So more focus on teammates and other abilities.

Next I get the it will help regenerate that mana faster not to mention help cooldown your abilities further and add AP damage. If you have the money go straight for nashers tooth if not then get the first because it will help add attack speed to your game while you get a little more money to get the .

Ok next top that off with the at this point the rageblade will help you kill a lot... If you arn't seeing many kills after get nashers tooth the scepter and the cooldown boots then you should see some wicked kills now.

I then get the for its extra damage and its extra life steal... You will also be able to slow enemies and get in a few more attacks then top it off with ignite to clean up if you picked that ability.

At this point you get the with its extra damage and a bit more punch to your abilities why wouldn't you... Then comes a big decision to get the or the . Personally I find the Trinty more useful and I get it pretty fast.. but if your more accurate with your spears perhaps you want the AP of the lich Bane with Magic resist and movement increase. The trinity of course will have other bonuses such as getting the next ... you can either get this or the other part of the trinity first I get the phage first because it helps boost your hp and slow your targets... then get the third if you haven't already picked it over the phage. Finally save for that .

Pick up the now to add in the AP and Damage , not to mention the lifesteal and leach aspect... Also dont forget to cast this item to slow enemies and what not.

You should be a killing machine by now but there is one small problem .. you die too fast! so we need some HP thats when the comes in. This bad boy should make you somewhat more lastable in those fights but problem is you want this item to turn into something that can increase your AP if thats the case then go for the . If you dont think you need the rylais then just pick up a warmog for the extra defense... But at this point you should pretty much have this game I myself only get to the Giant belt when the game ends.
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In order to use this build most effectively you have to be good in both forms of Nidalee. You have to know how to be a strong cat form and then turn back and set traps when followed or just to flag spots like a ward, and toss spears then dive right back into cat form to pounce away... "Cat and mouse" Your not a tank so don't think you can pounce in and mash buttons and win the fight... Most players are still gonna pretty much hit harder, but your advantage is Pounce in (W) mash your Q and E then if you are winning they will run then chase them if you are losing they wont back down at which point you will pounce (W) away and change back to nid form and heal as you toss spears and traps... if they start to lose life they will either retreat or push on ... at some point you will weaking them enough to cat form again and bounce back into the fight repeating the pounce (W) then Q and E.

Sometimes it is best to start the fight with a few spears to lower their hp and when your ready send them a trap to lower their armor, as they icon appears over their head pounce them (W) and mash Q and E... just like stated above and follow that same formula.

Think of this fighting Style as "Cat and Mouse" because your not the best at consistant damage but your burst damage is amazing. Constantly you have to practice jumping in and out of cat form and healing and bursting spears... remember cat form is a better defensive stance so if your running don't turn back unless your safe enough and have the mana to heal then jump back into cat form and pounce to freedom.

Remember to add fleeing teammates with your spears traps and heal to intimidate the enemies because if your just gonna grab quick kills you wont look good at the end just another kill stealing NID.

Dont forget to use your Hextech Gunblade Active skill on people.
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Pros / Cons

Attack Speed Damage and Ability Power are all great factors in your game. Your movement speed will be decent for quick fight exits or getaways. Your burst damage and splash are awesome in fights as a quick attack after a tank engages... You will clean up fights and beable to chase those whom flee more effectively then just with one spear. Ap nids are good but rely on having a kill with each spear... Hybrid is perfect for cleaning up mobs and sending your spear soring free. I laugh when i see an AP nid never use cat form... you can still play a strong ap nid in cat form while you wait for each spear to recharge.

Well your a bit squishy at first in this build and since you dont have cat form at level one you have to rely on your spears and traps and heal mostly while you delay for level 6. Mob cleanup is also a bit draggy until cat form.
If your playing against a lot of tanky people this build may have to be modified with a bloodrazor perhaps instead of the rageblade or maybe sacrifice the rylai's at the end for it.
If they have a lot of stuns and slows it also can be troublesome that you have no flash.
This build will be hard to get used to unless you are quite famaliar with nidalee because it requires you to be quick with combos and getaways.
You may be accused of KS-ing a lot with this build because you cleanup with that burst damage.
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This build will work with you if you are a good DPS/NIDALEE player, if your a Strong AP NID then you may be biased to think this build fails. But if you are that player that is crosseyed or doesn't land many spears just the occasional ones that really count then this will work wonders.

This build was something new I tried out and it seems to work well. It's not an OP build unless your pro, but rather a nice alternative to FULL AP NID.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author XDogg
XDogg Nidalee Guide
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Hybrid Nid (If AP isnt cutting it) "Cat and Mouse"

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