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League of Legends Build Guide Author Danousek

Hybrid poppy

Danousek Last updated on January 2, 2011
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This is my first build so be indulgent pls.

If is there any problem feel free to comment and I will fix it.

At start why I choose poppy... its easy i like more champions (Amumu,Ashe,Pantheon,Warwick and .. Poppy).
But for them is there good builds, but for poppy i try many of build there and noone of them own, so I decide to make my own build.

As the title says, it's hybrid build so the items are for AD+AP.
It's meant to be aggresive Poppy build.

I play this build all the tume in 3v3 because Poppy can easily dominate in as there is a lot of objects which you can charge your opponent at.

Main strategy is quite simple. Activate Paragon of Demacia, Devastating Blow, Heroic Charge (you need to charge your enemy against a wall or another object), hit hard and run in front of your adversary. If the target survives do it again and again. If he survives more then 3 charges and devastations u must be doing something wrong.
With some base AD and good speed u will just Heroic Charge-> Devastating Blow-> Paragon of Demacia->enemy run away->follow him and hit hard to his back.

Remember your Diplomatic Immunity. Use it often as it can be rly good in offence and also good way to escape.

Hiding in bush is very VERY good idea because someone runs nearby and you go like ... Heroic Charge-> Devastating Blow-> dead ... that's it!

Calling in as poppy is simple. Use Paragon of Demacia and in case its not enough use Ghost or Flash to get over any obstacle and if u see that your opponent is about to finish you, try charging him anto a wall or something to stun him and feel free to tun away. When they try to gang u, use ultimate and target someone who cant possibly CC you. That will give a 6 secs of immunity to whatever they try.

Item build:
I was trying a lot of items .. like defence poppy ad poppy or ap poppy but I found this hybrid the very best choice.
Sapphire Crystal->in the beggining u will lack mana, this can help u a bit
Boots of Swiftness->u need to be faster than your enemies to charge him whenever u want
Sheen->some AP+mana+passive ... Especially the passive effect...simply awesome
The Brutalizer+ The Black Cleaver->AD core items+ good penetration
Phage->slow+HP good for surviability and to get down your enemy
Trinity Force-> ultimate item, no need to comment
Rod of Ages->HP+MP+AP, good stats for hybrid poppy but maybe u won't reach it in short matches
Last item could be Rylai's Crystal Scepter or The Bloodthirster and you can change the The Brutalizer to Youmuu's Ghostblade.

If there is no tank in oposite team and u think that u know how to pwn with poppy u can buy Sword of the Occult and when u reach 20 stacks u will be unbeatable.

Summoning skills:
I am using Ghost and Flash. That gives me huge speed to get to my enemies or get away from them (like flashing over obstacles and so on). You might be using Exhaust too, but I don't find it neccessary.
Flash over enemy and charge him back to your team, to wall, to tower etc.... and ofc Flash is awesome as a way of escaping.
Ghost is so good to run faster for same reasons as I mentioned before. Or just for fast moving around map or to help your teammates.

Poppy is good rusher when it comes to channel skills. Use Heroic Charge for that.
Tanks are piece of cake for Poppy, Devastating Blow will do this job easily.

Thx for all your comments and please dont forget to vote...
And remember that first loss with this build doesnt neccessarily mean its bad