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Riven Build Guide by Dreamsfear

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dreamsfear

Hybrid Riven Tanky DPS (TOP and BOT)

Dreamsfear Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 24

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This guide will be showing you how I play Riven in League of legends as a top laner. Riven right now is a very viable choice for a top lane, due to her tanky dps abilities, and great mobility. This will be showing you how I build Riven as a Hybrid, utilizing her great abilities to their full potential, while still dealing massive attack damage in the meanwhile.

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Items, Masteries, Spells and Runes.


Keep in mind that not all games will go according to plan so that you can use this exact build. This build is just to give you an IDEA of what sort of items to get. For example, if the game you are in has opponents stacking magic resist, you maybe will want to switch out the ghostblade for a more AD stat weapon, like the Black Cleaver, or you could even attempt to buy an Infinity Edge, although I dont reccomend it. If the game is going bad in your teams favor, don't be afraid to switch out Youmooro's for a defensive item. Although it does help Riven immensely, an alive Riven is more use to a team than a dead one. Notice how the build goes off towards AD in the endgame. This is because Riven is a melee fighter, But if you put AP on her Q ability, she will be a force to be reckoned with. So basically, Plan your build according to game. Get more magic resist and if the enemy team is AP heavy, and vice versa for AD heavy, grab some more armor. Your Items are YOUR choice, and depend heavily on the type of game situation you are in.


I chose the 24/6/0 Set up for masteries. The extra little defense will make you a little more durable, and they hybrid setup for the offense tree makes sure that you put points in both AP and AD, although a little more in AD stats because of Rivens abilities and playstyle. I also put some points into CDR, as that is vital to rivens success.


I went for Strength Quints for pure damage, which should be on all AD heroes. Next, for Seals I got resilience, to make Riven a little more durable as I don't really build her with any defensive items. For Marks, I got armor pen, for many top laners in this game will build up armor against Riven because of her strong early laning phase as a bully. This will help wittle them down faster so you or your partner if you are duoing top can grab a kill. For Glyphs, I chose shielding runes, so Riven is more protected against both types of damage in the game.

Spells and Skills

For the skill sequence on Riven, I make sure to grab all 3 abilities by level 3, starting with Q and then putting a point in W, then E. Then, I usually put 2 points into Q until I get Rivens ulti. Like always, take this skill whenever available. Then, I focus on W, putting points in at 7 and 8, then switch between W and E until W is maxed. Then I put two points in Q, maxing it, and finish the skills with E.

For summoner spells, I like Heal and Flash. Heal will help you in lane early game get as much farm as possible, and help you turret dive if you think you can get a kill early. Flash only helps anybody. It increases Riven's already beast mobility, and lets her get away from ganks and ambushes very quickly.

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How to play Riven: Her skills and strengths

Rivens passive is Ruinic Blade. It charges her blade, basically boosting her physical attacks to do bonus damage.

Rivens Q skill is Broken Wings, her primary damage spell. Activating it will cause Riven to attack her target and leap towards it with boosted damage. Activating it a second time will cause her to leap again, dealing more bonus damage. The third activation causes Riven to leap up in the air and strike with her blade, knocking enemy champions back.

Rivens W skill is Ki Burst, which when activated sends out a shockwave that stuns all targets in the area for a short time.

Rivens E skill is Valor. When activated, Riven dashes forward in the direction of the cursor, giving herself a temporary shield in the process, which blocks all incoming damage.

Rivens ulti, or "R" skill is Blade of the Exile. When activated, her basic attacks do bonus attack damage and gain additional range. When activated again, Riven can choose an area in front of her and will shoot out projectiles, damaging enemies.

Riven also has great chase and escape abilities. When chasing, if the enemy is getting away, you can always try flashing, and then activating valor, and then activating Broken Wings 3 times so you can catch up. Then, activate Ki burst, and if your teammates have caught up, the enemy is dead. When fleeing, it's basically the same thing. Flash away if you can. If not, then use Valor, and Broken wings as much as possible. Remember, valor has a shield, so if your teammates come to save you, dont be afraid to activate it again and help for the kill.

Riven really excels at early game laning top and bottom, and duelling one on one. She can also be a very good attribute to the team, due to her mobility. In early game, try to bully the enemy champion as much as possible. When you see him trying to land a shot on you, lead with valor, and then strike with Broken Wings. Next, see if you can land your ki burst, and then auto attack, rinse and repeat. When 1 on 1 duelling, try the same combo, but see if you can save your ulti until your target is running away. Make sure to have precision timing when landing Broken wings and Ki burst. When your target starts running away, quickly activate Blade of the Exile and make his day miserable by ranging him.

In team fights, riven is really good at focusing and killing squishy carries. Lead with Valor, and then strike on the most damaging AD or AP squishy in the fight. Make sure to stun right away with Ki Burst, and then wittle him down quickly with Blade of the Exile and Broken Wings. After the carry is dead, focus on enemy champions that your team is focusing as well, because you will definitely help them kill, because of your great CC abilities.

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Overall, Riven is an EXTREMELY fun champion to play. Her broken wings spell is probably one of the, if not, my favorite skill in the whole game. She can be built so many ways, and is so versatile, which makes her very interesting. I reccomend trying this character when she is on rotation first, before buying though, as I have had my fair share of buying expensive champions without trying them first, and then hating them. Everyone has different preferences to what champions they like to play.

ANYWAYS, this has been my first guide, on one of my favorite characters in the game. It most likely will not be the best, but it might give some rookies like me a good standing point on this character. I know I can find it frustrating when I was new and couldn't find a build, because every one was for ranked and I didn't understand a word. So I hope I gave some easy understanding as to how this champion works and how you can build her as a hybrid. She is extremely easy to learn and play, and can give so much to a team.

Feel free to add me in game: Crispylips84. I am still kind of a noob,only level 14 but i'm learning fast and I'm getting better. Anyways, leave feedback, This is my first guide, and I am new at the game, so there will be flaws. Point them out, I don't mind constructive criticism. Thanks for reading, and happy ganking!