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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jazqa

Hybrid Teemo - Watch the numbers flow

Jazqa Last updated on November 1, 2010
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This is my first build on the site and I hope you try it before you rate it.

In this build we are going to max Teemo's attack speed to maximize the damage ofand. (Not cap really, around 2,3 with Rageblade stacks.) Like everyone knows pure attack speed stacking isn't really wise so we are getting both AD and AP. Why both? Because there are some very cool hybrid items that you should buy for Teemo and neither AP or AD is useless for Teemo. AP and AD both gives you more per hit damage because of impact damage thet toxic shot now deals.


When you first leave base you can buy Doran's Blade/Ring + health potion or Boots of Speed + health potion(s) it's all up to you.

On first recall you should finish your boots; I usually buy Berserker Greaves because they are cheap and gives you nice attack speed. However, I recommend Mercury Threads if you have CC champions against you.

On second/third recall you are going to build Malady, this is what I do in every game because it gives you nice amount of attack speed as well as some AP. The on-hit effect is also pretty much same thing as 20 attack damage and it also lowers enemy's magic resistance.

Third item you are going to buy is Guinsoo's Rageblade because it's not very expensive, it gives you AP, AD and AS/hit you need everything this item gives to you so why not to buy it? Also, I am not trying to get 2,5 attack speed cap on this build. Attack speed I have is around 2,3 with 8 Rageblade stacks.

For fourth item you should buy Madred's Bloodrazor because this item is simply A-W-E-S-O-M-E. It gives you the rest attack speed you will need as well as 30AD and some armor. That's not everything though.. With this item you deal 4% of your target's maximum health with EVERY SINGLE HIT. So with 2,3 attack speed you hit 9,2% of your targets maximum HP every second! And I'm counting only the on-hit effect, not your other hits. (NOTE: it's magic damage so magic resistance will lower it)

So.... core build looks like this:

Fifth and sixth item depends more on your playstyle and the enemy team.

I often go as Frozen Mallet as fifth item because of the HP it gives, the on-hit slow it gives and the AD it gives. If you really want more AP you can go with Rylai's Crystal scepter but it's not as effective as Frozen Mallet because only your Q will slow enemies.

Sixth item can be more damage if you really like it but I often prefer something defensive here because in end game you will get killed too fast. I often go with Guardian Angel because of the res and def it gives or with Zhonya's Ring for the AP and active.
If you really want you can buy Trinity Force, Bloodthirster, Hextech Gunblade or whatever you wish to this slot. It's all up to you!

Good choices for fifth and sixth item:

Summoner spells

I choose:

I simply love Flash because you can escape from hard situations and Ignite because you can combine it with your DoT(s) to ensure kill.

Other good choices:
Good for escaping or chasing but I prefer Flash.
Great if you go mid and overall good summoner spell.
Why not if you can use it well?
It's decent but you already have blind so I don't really like picking this one.
Lifesaver early on but not many people like it, neither do I..


Marks: Magic penetration or Armor penetration, both are fine. Choose the one you think you need more.

Seals: Dodge, Attack Speed or Mana Regen/lvl. Again choose the one you think you need most.

Glyphs: Cooldown Reduction, Flat AP, AP/lvl. All of these are good, once again it's your choice.

Quints: Penetration or HP. If you pick penetration quints you may want to start with Doran's item for extra HP, however if you go with HP quints you can start with boots or dagger as well.

With 2,3+ attack speed, Malady, Madred's Blood Razor, Toxic Shot and Possible Shrooms you really see the numbers flow over your enemy's head. Don't forget to comment and rate my first build in Mobafire!