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League of Legends Build Guide Author PFP

Hybrid TF

PFP Last updated on January 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my way of playing Twisted Fate and is a mixture of AD, AP, and AS. This is my 1st build and is made to provide balance to work for any situation in any game 5v5 or 3v3. Cardmaster can be a support player, carry, and assassin DPS making him my favorite champion and extremely fun to play.

I made this guide to show a different way of playing TF as this site already has a DPS build and an AS Drain build for this champion. Most TF builds have him become strong late game, but this set up (if used correctly) will make you a threat all game long. I also guarantee that you will out damage any other type of TF (pure DPS, pure AP, pure AS) easily. Prior talent and knowledge of the basics of Twisted Fate should ensure success.

Skill Explanation

1.) Wild Cards
- This ability is your main harassing tool early game, your farming ability mid game, and a spammable heavy damage dealer late game. You MUST know how to aim this skill-shot or this build is not for you. Be aware of your side shot as it fires 3 cards in a cone-like shape and can net you easy double kills with its large burst damage.

TIP: When harassing, make sure to line yourself up straight with the enemy champion in order to hit them with the center card.

2.) Pick A Card
- This ability is the most important to master in Twisted Fate's repertoire as the mastery of it can be the difference between an easy kill and one that gets away. Hitting 'W' will ensue 3 cards to flash above your head. The only card that is useful in most cases is the Gold Card. It pulls out the short stun allowing you to get off more hits which transfers into you being able to activate Stacked Deck and continue the barrage.

TIP: After hitting 'W' look at your ability bar located on the bottom of your screen. I use that to time the second 'W' press and wait for it to turn red. After red comes gold so be sure to pull Gold Cards every time as it is important to getting kills for yourself or helping your team focus down the enemy DPS.

3.) Stacked Deck
- Well, this passive ability is pretty much self explanatory; every 4th hit yields extra damage, increased attack speed, and cool down reduction. With the CD reduction you can continue to dominate any enemy with the combination of Wild Card's AP burst and Pick A Card's short stun.

TIP: Before any battle starts always be sure to obtain x3 stacks. The extra damage helps, and it will give you much needed CDR.

4.) Destiny/Gate
- The best skill by far, knowledge of this just takes practice. Hit 'R' and you see everyone, hit 'R' once again and click ANYWHERE and you shall teleport there. Useful for easy ganks, killing stealth champs, and backdooring bases.

TIP: Charge up a Gold Card and maybe Stacked Deck x3 before using this ability to gank for the best damage output possible. When using this skill for a gank, I tend to teleport into the brush nearest and in a spot behind them so they can't escape.



Below, is a quick and general guide to how games might go down and the changes you can expect with new items being bought and your champion leveling up.

Early Game
Start by buying a Sapphire Crystal along with 2 Health Potions to stay in the mid lane. Harassing is the key if you take mid, so you better learn how to shoot those wild cards. Another essential part to harassing is getting x3 'Stacked Deck', syngerizing it with a Gold 'Pick a Card' and hitting him for maximum damage. Don't expect too much on getting kills and get comfortable with playing passive unless the player you are laning against eats your cards all day and gets quite low on HP. Remember when going in for the kill load up a gold card to initiate, then you have Ghost and Exhaust for maximum chasing potential. NEVER turret dive (TF is squishy) and always last hit minions for maximum gold output. Once you get your Ultimate prepare to gank low HP champs (50% or lower) for easy kills and mas gold. You should be able to get a Sheen after you get your ultimate, and follow it with Sorcerer's Shoes or Beserker's Greaves depending on the situation.

Mid Game
I'd focus on the same tactics or maybe start grouping up, the goal with TF is picking off single champs one by one when they make a dumb mistake and capitalizing on it. Play smart and with experience you will know exactly what to do in each situation. Obtaining Guinsoo's Rageblade will greatly increase your killing capabilities with it's passive as it is exactly what we need: AP+AD, per hit = AS+AP. You should be bursting for insane damage now with the correct combination of Gold Card + Wild Cards = Stacked Deck, rinse and repeat. Get Nashor's Tooth for even more AP and CDR; with the perfect addition of Attack Speed to give you more 'Stacked Deck' opportunites you should be unstoppable on your 'Destiny/Gate' ganks.

Late Game
Continue to kills enemy sheeps and continue to become unstoppable with the purchase of Lich Bane, finishing off Sheen. This will make you kill even faster and give you surprising amounts of damage that follows any of your abilities being used. Thankfully, you use your abilities almost non-stop giving you insane amounts of repeated high damage. Once you obtain Lich Bane, you practically become a long-range non-stop infinite nuke. You can push down all their turrets with ease and backdoor their inhibitor if needed now.. Finish off with Hextech Gunblade which was recently buffed and is now a perfect item for a Hybrid TF. Now if the game seriously isn't over, this is a serious game. Buy Last Whisperer for more AS, extra damage, and armor pen. Now, you should be able to easily shred any type of enemy champion (Tank, Caster, DPS, etc..) GOOD GAME

Have fun with this build and don't forget to comment with your opinions/criticisms and how you played with it, thanks :)

Still Stuck?

Here are some great tutorial videos to learn some basics of TF. I would recommend just watching how the player uses TF and not the actual item build or set up as some of the videos are outdated.

Phreak - League of Legends: Twisted Fate Champion Spotlight
Shurelia - League of Legends: Zoning Tutorial
Faro - League of Legends Guide: Twisted Fate the Cardmaster

Guide Created - 6/26/10

CHANGELOG - As of 8/30/10 big changes have been made to this guide..
With these changes, the Cleaver is giving us more for the amount it costs; therefore making it pointless to get Last Whisperer and allowing you to get extra damage from Wit's End's passive. Why Wit's End? Well out of SotD and LW, it gives you more damage from it's passive and it drains mana (SotD= +100 per 4 hits, Wit's End= +176 per 4 hits). Also the summoner spell changes will help with chasing and engaging greatly and the masteries changes such as Strength of Spirit (defense) will improve your survivability in the solo mid lane.

1.) Hextech Gunblade removed for Black Cleaver
2.) Last Whisperer removed for Wit's End
3.) Masteries changed from 21/0/9, to 0/9/21 (health/mana regen + summoner spell CD)
4.) Summoner spells changed from Ghost/Exhaust to Ghost/Flash (better escape)
5.) I now recommend getting Beserker's Greaves over Sorcerer's Shoes if it's your first time playing this build.

CHANGELOG - As of 9/04/10 small edits have been made..
I decide to change the items back after playing both builds and noticing the AD/AP increase on the Gunblade, even though it costs around 3700g it's well worth it. In-game make sure to buy the Hextech Revolver first since you'll probably be buying it in parts.

1.) Black Cleaver switched back to Hextech Gunblade
2.) Wit's End switched back to Last Whisperer

CHANGELOG - As of 9/05/10 minute details have been changed..
Masteries have been edited thanks to Tinaby's input I tried it and saw that 9/0/21 is better. Runes have been edited as well. I also decided not to add pictures but to instead color code the guide.

1.) Masteries changed from 0/9/21 to 9/0/21
2.) Runes were changed to the same one's I use when I play AD Ezreal.
3.) Edited some grammar errors and color coded guide for ease of access.

CHANGELOG - As of 9/19/10 finishing touches have been added..
I started by changing the runes to a more appropriate set up to allow for some mana regen, better damage output from auto attack (armor pen), and some extra AP. I then added Doran's Ring as it is the best starting item for this champion.

1.) Added Doran's Ring.
2.) Changed Quints from Flat Health to Armor Pen.
3.) Changed Seals from AP per level to Mana Regen per level.

CHANGELOG - As of 9/27/10 final details have been organized..
I thought I would add in the guide that everytime I port/recall to base (after I obtain Sheen) I tend to get an Elixir of Brillance to add a significant amount of AP and CDR for 4 minutes at a cheap price (300g). It's alot better than getting a low tier item usually and can make the difference between a killing Wild Card and one that gets away.

1.) Added Elixir of Brillance