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League of Legends Build Guide Author zordo8212

hybrid tf my way to go

zordo8212 Last updated on April 22, 2011
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Hi lady's and gentleman and welcome to my very first guide.

this one is about how i play Twisted Fate, he is my main character.
twisted fate is a realy cool champion and he can fit into almost any team.
this is how i build him almost al the time and i have mutch succes with it.

- high burst damage.
- alot of CC (stuns and slows)
- amazing map control

- squisy
- hard to master
- usualy focust first

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Runes and masteries.

since we are playing hybrid fate there are alot of ways to go with runes or masteries.
i like to go with Greater Mark of Desolation in reds but Greater Marks of Insight will work to, i like Greater Seal of Vitality in yellows for extra survivability, and for blue's i like Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration just for the mana regen because i like to spam my spells alot in the late game and without the mana regen you will be starving for mana the whole game.

that how runes work for me but its more personal preverence then a MUST follow.

for masteries i like 9-0-21
going down offence to get the CDR and the magic penetration. (with this your Q will hit insanly hard early game)
and the 21 in utility gives so mutch
- extra XP
- More mana regen
- Move speed
i consider the 21 in utility a must for TF

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As you can see above i choose to max Wild Cards first.
Why ? would you ask, well because this gives you lane control, not only is it very handy to last hit allot of creeps it also does amazing damage to champions in early game.
but you should not spam the skill al the time because you will run out of mana very fast if you do that.

Pick A Card is second on the list.
this is your bread and butter tool. in the laning phase you should spam blue cards for easy last hits and mana regen, you can use red card for easy harrass if you enemy is standing next to his creeps. and then you have his gold card. gold card stuns for 2 seconds of the skill is at max lvl. if you folow this guide the cooldown on pick a card is less then 3 seconds.
so if you ever find yourself peacefully last hitting some creeps and suddenly that Yi jumps out of the buches and attacks you.. dont worry if you keep your head cool and concentrate on picking the goldcard right when it is up again you will win the dual with ease.

Next up is Stacked Deck this skill is completly pasive. i choose to max it last because his other spells have higher priority (for me) but that does not mean it is a bad skill. not at all it is a great skill it gives you attack speed, CDR and a nice chunk of bonus damage on your fourth attack.

His ultimate is Destiny
you always want to lvl this when you can (duuh)
this skill is so amazing, it gives you huge map control. that also brings me to an importent skill you have to master if you are playing Twisted Fate
Map awereness !! when you hit lvl 6 you should start looking at you mini map. first thing you look at is: is one of your lanes being pushed. if not ? then dont do anything just stay at mid (considering you took mid from the start) and farm maybe kill ur oponent.
YOU DONT WANT TO TOWER DIVE WITH DESTINY.... seriously dont do it unless you can one shot the target i've done it so often and 90% of the time you will fail. so if your allies are pushing there lane and doing fine just keep doing what you are doing.

If on the other hand your allies are getting owned and pushed back allot you should wait for the rigt moment to gank with you ult.
a good moment to gank is when both enemies are at like half health or atleast one of them is and your allies are in shape to help you.
IMPORTANT ! make sure to alway lock gold card before hitting destiny ! i see so mutch tf players that jump into a gank without first locking goldcard and fail hard.

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Start and early game

I always start with Dorans Blade
the extra 100 HP is in my opinion a must for the early game.
head to the lane and wait at the tower.
in the beginning of the game you want to be focusing on last hitting.
i usualy dont get any kills or assists during the first 7 minutes of the game because i am only focust on last hitting minions, use your Q alot to last hit. it some time kills 4 creeps at once and you will also hit the enemy champion allot even if you are not aiming at them. also you need to spam blue card, it makes last hitting allot easier and it prevents you from running out of mana. i usualy dont go back to base until have enough gold to instantly buy Berserker's Grieves.

Harrasing the enemy

Harrasing you enemy is very easy with TF. tough i said to use Q to last hit allot you can also fire some aimed shots at the enemy to scare him of because it does insane damage.
if you feel the opertunity you can use gold card on your enemy, folow it up with a few auto attacks and then wild cards when he comes out of the stun. this will do amazing dmg and maybe even grant you a kill if your enemy is stupid enough to stay near you.

if you are the one that is pushed back alot. dont worry you still have Q to last hit from a great distence and gold card to keep your enemy at bay. but you have to keep looking at your mana bar.

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Mid game.

This is were the fun starts.
after your berserkers grieves you should rush for Sheen and Zeal
you have your ult now. if you are going back to base look for a good gank.
if you see on the mini map that one of the lanes is being pushed to the enemy tower ? dont pay mutch attention to it, they dont need your help at that moment.

however if a fight brakes out in the middle of the lane and you are standing in your base doing nothing ? hit pick a card wait for the lock on gold card and teleport to the battle. congratulations you got yourself a succesfull gank.

but when there are no good gank opertunities.. just head back to mid, or even better ... your opponent is still in lane with half health and bashing you tower ?... teleport back to mid behind your oponent and kill him.. that wil regrat him for pushing your lane in your absence

after finiching trinity force you should build towards an [Hextech Gunblade]

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Late game.

In the late game you have 3 jobs.
- helping in teamfights.
- Backdooring.
- prevent backdooring.

yup i also say prevent backdooring.
the clasic situation is.. you and your team are in mid in mid whoth the enemy team waiting for a team fight to start. when you suddenly see a Master yi bashing at your botom tower... normaly that tower is dead but not this time.. because you are twisted fate !! teleport to the tower and prevent it from going down ! trust me this will win you games.

okay lets take the same situation shall we ?
you and your team are mid eager to start that team fight.
but when you look at you minimap you see a huge creep wave is going for the botom tower.
Hit your ult and give those minions a hand. dont worry about your team. if they are smart they will keep poking the enemy team and stay at the tower.

i will make a chapter on backdooring.

alright again same situation but this time we wont leave the lane.
what you wanna do in teamfight is staying at the very back of the fight. keep your head cool and wait for your lock on gold card. then go in and hit the primary target.. the other carry, when you see enemies going after you ? immidiatly back out, you dont want to get focust. flash is very handy for a sneaky initiation. when you see an enemy over extending hit him with gold card and then your Q use flas when the whole enemy team starts to jump on you. the one will be quickly finished of by your team and the enemy will be too distracted fighting your team so the wont even notice you heading back in to the fight.. most of the time.

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What this means is.. you leave the pack durning lets say a team fight to run up to an enemy tower and desrtoy it.

Twisted Fate is one of the best Backdoor champions in the game.
when you see a creep wave heading for the enemy tower go there with your teleport and bring that tower down.
towers will die very vast when you have Trinity Force and are spamming your blue cards.

but always keep a close eye on the minimap.
wich champions of the enemy have gone missing and who is still there in mid..
if 3 or more are missing.. GTFO out its also important to see who is going after you.

if you keep a close eye on them all the time.. you can even estemate the time they arive at you but not retreating when 3 of them are comming after you is a huge risk...

when you find yourself in trouble try to find a wall to flash over.. or wait in the bushes for them to come in suddenly flash behind them hit ghost and RUN !.

But the funny thing is.. if the enemy team is going after you tell your team not to help you but freely push that mid tower that now is undefended !!.

you just got 2 towerkills without taking the risk of losing a teamfight conratulations.

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Picking the RIGHT cards

This is a pain in the *** for any new Twisted Fate player.
i remember my first games.. stressing in tight situations and because of that getting the wrong cards when i realy need them..

Always keep your head cool.

Know when to fight and when to run, this takes practice you got to figure out what TF can handle and what not.

Blue card
Blue card is very handy. it gives bonus magic damage on your next attack and it gives you almost al the mana back you spent on it.
realy abuse this durning the laning phase, it keeps you from running out of mana and it makes last hitting creeps very easy.
also blue cards in combination with Sheen or Trinity Force will tear turrets appart.

Red Card
Red card is probebly the card i use the least. but it is very handy to farm a big creep wave because it give your next attack AOE (area of effect) damage.
launch your red card in the middle of them and finish the off with Wild Cards
you can aslo very easely kill te wrath camp by hitting the big wrath with red and finishing them all with Wild Cards

Gold Card
This is an amazing skill.. it gives you bonus magic and phisical damage on your next attack and stuns the target..
but gtting this card when you need it is tricky.. i know when i first started playing TF and wanted to finish of my enemy i would stand there waiting for gold card BAM lock it and suddenly you throw it away with an auto attack on a minion.. this happend to me to often.
so what you wanna do when you select cards is.. you want to run around so you can hit the thing you want to hit.

when you are getting ganked always hit Pick A Card and hit it again when you see gold card.. you need to be focust on running and picking cards at hte same time but here is a trick to help you.. gold always comes after red. with this in mind you should be able to pick the right card.

BUT the most importent tip i can give you to pick the right cards in tight spots is.. Keep yiur head cool.. dont panic because if you do that you will not pick the right cards !

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i decided to make another chapter just for Destiny
because this skill is just amazing.
with this you can.
- gank
- in very few situations tower dive (not recomended)
- backdoor
- Counter gank.. ooh yeah when you see your team is getting ganked teleport there and turn the fight around
- save allies when you see an ally with low HP being chased ? hit Pick A Card and Destiny teleport to him and save his ***

But all of these things require map awereness.. you need to be looking at you mini map to see what is going around on the field.. even if i have a team that does not call missing.. i am almost always aware of that.
and if you get suprised we still have flash and ghost.

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Well thats it for this build..
are you missing things in the build please leave a comment. i would like any feedback since this is my first build it will be far from perfect.

also i want to excuse myself for spelling errors.. english is not my native language

Hope you liked reading this guide and see you on the fields of justice !!