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Tryndamere Build Guide by FLYNELKA

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FLYNELKA

Hybrid Tryndamere Mid - THE NEW META

FLYNELKA Last updated on August 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Alright guys, here we go, this is my HYBRID TRYNDAMERE GUIDE!!
Im pretty sure many of you guys will think this is just a trolling guide, BUT ITS NOT


The reason why Tryn is so strong is that his sustain is just hilarious. He can beat almost everyone, i manage to outfarm a Mordekaiser, and you will really win 80 - 90 % of your lanes.

It took me quite long and many tries to figure out HOW to playit correctly and mastering TRYNDAMERE MID.

But now i pretty much got it and i hope you will enjoy my Guide and maybe give "Tryn Mid" a try!

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Runes & Masteries

I run 21-0-9 focussing on AP and Armor Penetration, which is granting you a big advantage in lane due to great harrassment and nice sustain.

For runes i take MR Glyphs, because you will probably face an AP in midlane.
I further run Flat AP Quints, ArPen Marks, and Flat HP Seals, for a little more security.

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You open up withand .

With your Runes and Masteries this will mean 40 AP for you at level 1, so having 0 rage would still grant you a 91 HP heal (30 Basic + 61 by AP). The main reason why Tryn can own almost everything in midlane is that he has sustain with his heal, and he doesnt have mana, so he basically never has to recall.

After the first recall i recommend AND EITHER or , depending on your gold amount. You should from now on be able to win your lane. You can start taking your wraiths and their wraiths, to get extra XP and gold. You can do it without any doubts, you can just heal up after clearing the camp.

Later you should be going for an instant , so after your boots you should immediately rush your Deathcap, for total control over your opponent, whoever it might be. You should also be able to clear the ranged minions with your spin, because it scales heavily on AP.

Because his E also scales on AD and the randomly 35 % Crit chance, i suggest to run , making your spin AND your auto attacks waaaay stronger.

You can now, earlier or later also finish your boots. I recommend because of the CDR which is pretty massive on his heal and spin.

Now that youre here and probably own your lane, you can decide to either purchase a /or upgrade your Amplyfying Tome into a . This is a really situational decision, but i normally buy Zeal first and upgrade it into a Phantom Dancer.
Besides, you could also upgrade your Sheen / Amplyfying Tome into a , it belongs to your core and increases your damage output massively.

Your build should now be .
This is your core. You always now have one free slot which i recommend to use for
As you see, there are so many useful opportunities. You should know that Tryndameres Spin scales on Spellvamp, making Hextech viable on him.

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Skill Sequence


I max Q to stay on my lane forever.
If played correctly you can get all the lasthits on a wave, receiving some harrass, but you can counterheal it with your Q, thats why I max it from Levels 1-9.


Your E is where your AOE damage comes from.
You should max it right after your Q, take a first point in level 2 and maxing it by level 13.


This is a pretty nice spell to slow your enemies when you chase them.
I take one point at Level 4, but leave it until maxing on Level 18.


This is which makes AP tryn so viable.
You can tank everything for 5 Seconds, Spin out and press Q, you will receive up to more than 1000 health by pressing Q with full rage, so you do not die after ulting.

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Basically what you do in lane is whatyou always do. Secure the lasthits.
In doing so, you will normally get harrassed because you are melee, they are ranged.

This is no problem because you have your Bloodlust to heal something like 100 HP on level 1.
Keep lasthitting. When your opponent comes close enough to hit him with your Spinning Slash, do so! Add an auto attack for free harrassment.

This is what you do the whole game. Just get your CS and roll into your opponent and harrass if possible. Just counterheal his damage and win your lane! As easy as it sounds :)

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I played more than 200 games with Hybrid Tryn Mid and i can say he is totally OP.
The sustain of his Q which doesnt even cost mana is just hilariously high and makes him win almost every lane.

I will now also compare him with other midlaners and give you some odds from my POV:
Ahri: EASY. Dodge her E and keep her down with harrassment.
Anivia: HARD. Massive damage output makes laning hard, but not impossible.
Annie: EASY. Too squishy and too reliable on mana.
Cassio: MEIDUM. Wait for her to get OOM and you win this lane.
Diana: RATHER EASY. Can harrass pretty good but gets OOM pretty fast.
Fizz: HARD. Healing reduction, can dodge your E.
Karthus: EASY. Dont die to an early gank and this lane is yours.
Kassadin: EASY. Counterheal his harrass, silence doesnt affect you.
Katarina: EASY. Cant explain this. You damage output is simply HIGHER.
Kennen: MEDIUM. Often causes some trouble, this is pretty even.
Malzahar: HARD. Strong poke without getting OOM, hard to win.
Morde: EASY. Outfarming Mordekaiser. Sounds incredible, but you will own him.
Morgana: EASY. Spellshield against AD = OP ;)
Ryze: HARD. More Damage than you can heal. Pretty hard lane.
Vlad: EASY. Harrassfrom level 1 on and this is NP.
Ziggs: HARD. Maybe i just played it bad, but i keep losing lanes due to his range.