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Fizz Build Guide by Theme116

Hybryd Fizz for people who think shark rules

Hybryd Fizz for people who think shark rules

Updated on November 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Theme116 Build Guide By Theme116 2,049 Views 0 Comments
2,049 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Theme116 Fizz Build Guide By Theme116 Updated on November 19, 2011
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Its my first champion bought instantly after hes release. After first 10 minutes i play it i thought 6300 ip i paid for him was a waste... Mobafire and other resourses had no information about how should it bbe built so i had to think by myself. Here are assuming of what i've released.

Sry for my english i live in a getto and dont know any foreign language well =\
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Its my first guide on mobafire so idk howto use an itemquote) Just check build to look what runes would i use. Actually im too cheap to buy em so i use my akali or jax runes). Of course you should change it if u want.
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Its simple. Offencive tree gives u nice flat AP that is important cause im using deffensive item build. Flat AP will give u nice DMG at the beggining while (if ull try to play like me) ull rush Banshe / Thornmail. I took deffensive tree to get some moar resist+starting health whhich is important too.
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Your core is berserks+2 Negatron Cloak's or thornmail +catalyst+malady. Damage from 2nd active ability make Fizz deal not bad dmg output by autoattacking. Its only my opinion but this champion scales with AS pefectly.

Why not to use Rylai? The answer is easy:
1) Ur ulti owns by range slows and damage--most of times its enough to takedown somebody 1v1. Ofc in teamfights u would like to use it to make aoe burst so there goes 2nd point.
2) I prefer to buy Hextech Gunblade, in my opinion it fits Fizz better than Rylai. Nice nuke +vampirism (which is very important smtimes) + some ap and ad which is scaled by your Q(+ur auto-attacks deals most of damage, remember?)
3) If first two points are not enough look at ur Q and E and you will release Rylai's only poit is HP. But ull get enough HP from talents+ catalyst and hes upgrades and its not nessesary to waste 3105 gold only for +500 HP bonus.

Next. Its simple :Fizz deals insane damage couse his AP scales perfectly. Also hes damage grew up as hes oponents lows on HP(ur talent tree+ ur dot), but hes kinda squishy even with all hes escape abilities. So all you need is to survive durning initiation of teamfight. If enemy team have more magic damage so go into [*] Banshe's Vail+[*] Abyssal Scepter(Abyssal fits this character well so you would like to make builds with it even against teams with AD champions dominating). If there are physical damagers dominating pick thornmail. You may try ur own item rotations against different teams.
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Skill Sequence

I have nothing to explain here. W and Q is ur main damaging skills and e is used only to escape/ slow. it will deal not bad damage but only at late game while ull get ur 500 AP...
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Summoner Spells

I use these ones:

Surge: come on every person ever played Fizz guess this ability has been made for him. AS+AP is main stats of this character and Surge boost it both.
Ignite: burst damage. If u need to ranaway fast or u are low on HP and see ur opponent is about 20-30 % just apply ignite and ur dot and run away by 3rd. This bastard will die in torment.

Also you should try:

Ghost: IDK but some people used it.
Exhaus: Not bad choose. It allow you to switch off fed caries durning teamfights and may save urlife smtimes.
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Thats all i got playing Fizz by this moment. Maybe ill edit this guide later as i get feedback from you. Thak for reading.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Theme116
Theme116 Fizz Guide
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Hybryd Fizz for people who think shark rules

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