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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Or1ginZer0

I am a Raid Boss - Cho tank build.

Or1ginZer0 Last updated on July 10, 2010
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Alright, this is a "guide" so if you want just the build, skip this

As you should be able to tell from the title. This is a higher ELO tanking guide.

There are a few things I am assuming right at the beginning:
- You know how to play this game and have played Cho before.
- You can think before you act. AKA: not do something ridiculous and die.
- You are NOT a spammer. DO NOT spam rupture/ feral scream every time it is up. You will waste mana and be useless to your team when they need it.

The Lane Phase

The aim in this part of the game is one thing, farming...yeah, if the opportunity of a kill arrives don't shy away, however your only goal is the get AS MUCH GOLD as possible.
Position yourself smartly so Vorpal hits multiple creeps / heroes at once. More kills, more gold. As I said previously. Do NOT spam your abilities, conserve mana for feasts.

How to get an easy kill/FB being mid solo:
This is VERY dependant on 3 things:
- The enemy champion (health / abilities)
- Your ability to land successful ruptures.
- The way you have been conducting your game.

Assuming that you are mid solo, you should have been playing mildly defensive. By that I mean not rupturing the enemy champion every chance you get. You NEED him to think you are playing passive for this to work.

Once you are level 5.5-ish throw in 1 or 2 ruptures at him. This should be a decent amount of damage by itself. Once you hit 6 get feast and save it...throw in a rupture. Again, remember...your goal is NOT to scare him. You need him to think he will easily survive a feast if you try it. Basically, don't get him so low that he recalls because of an impending feast. Stay close (but not too close) to him.

Okay, now the crucial part. You need to do 3 things VERY fast.
1. Land a rupture successfully on him.
2. Pop ghost.
3. Get to him while he is in the air and feast.

This SHOULD almost guarantee you a kill. If it does not, then melee him to finish him off.


Assuming that by now you have your Warmog's and Boots of swiftness, your early-game tactics continue. However you NEED to be there for team fights. Your feast and rupture at this level does QUITE a bit of damage and it will help your team greatly.

Basically, same as before. Farm as much as possible and if a kill is possible, take it.

Also note that you can tower dive quite well at this point, so if you must don't hesitate. Just be smart about it.

Late Game

I am assuming that you have a GA (Guardian's Angel) by now. You are officially a tank and SHOULD be at every single fight. Rupture is an amazing CC and feast does terrific damage. Use feast to scare off / eliminate the other team's carry so yous can just decimate them in team fights.

This is one of Cho's best moves. Do NOT use it as extra damage unless an enemy champion is about to die and is too far from any of your team members but yourself and all your other abilities are on CD. For damage, it is a last resort.

Use it as a Silence.

Nunu ult? Scream....Kat Ult? Scream....Pantheon about to heartseeker? Scream
Amumu bandages to the middle of your team? get the idea.

There is no item build that is set in stone for Cho. You have to be smart and pick the right items depending on the composition of the enemy team. However the build posted here is an all-round tanking build for him which WILL be able to hold its own against mostly any team comp.

What makes all the difference is the order you get the items.

Obviously if the enemy team is AP heavy, you get FoN before Thornmail. If an enemy Trynd is getting super fed, you get Thornmail before FoN etc etc...

IMPORTANT: Your team's damage heroes need kills. Not you. Sure, you may pick up a few kills here and there, but try your best to get your team fed. That is one of your duties as a tank.