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Teemo Build Guide by Waffleghost

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Waffleghost

I blame Teemo! I hate Teemo! (Shred,AP and AD guide)

Waffleghost Last updated on May 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Apologies and notes

I realize this isn't the best guide and that there are probably some mistakes in item buying and
skill point getting that is do to the fact that I don't really know the mechanics of LoL.

Notes: In case you don't know what "shred" is it's on hit affects. When playing Teemo you must be careful as he's not really a tank:P How ever you will do quite a bit of damage and be quite be annoying so naturally this makes you a prime target I will explain further in the "explanation section"

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Play style

Teemo is obnoxious making you a prime target as said in previous chapter I will do further explanation later.

Shred teemo:
How ever I'm going to go over the play style now and ow to play this squishy champ.
First you need to stand back in fights and deal damage TEEMO IS RANGED SO DON'T GO INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT also you can utilize Teemo's speed to your advantage if a fight is getting close then run and wait for the fight to come closer than harass the enemy more. That's pretty much it for team fights but a one on one fight with teemo can go great or horrible depending on the enemy champ your fighting the frozen mallet which I have you purchase is a good item because you can shoot and run if your in a losing fight.

Next shroom placement teemo's shrooms are obnoxious. His shrooms last longer than wards therefore making them better then wards (wards: 4:00 I think Shrroms: 10:00 minutes unless stepped on) you want to put shroosm at key locations such as baron and dragon or what I use shrooms for a lot is to place them in a location that you can run to for an escape.

Now for AD Teemo (Sorry but I wrote shred and now I'm writing AD so ti may not make since in parts)
As I said before Teemo is very squishy but unlike in the shred build I won't have you get a frozen mallet.
The playstyle is pretty much the same with AD Teemo and shred Teemo except you have a different type of damage (physical not magic also Teemo has 3 ways of getting damage out spells/AP:Magic Damage Basic attacks AD:Physical and then shred which is magic) same with shroom placement not much change there.

Ahhhhhhh Good old AP Teemo with super high damage shrooms and darts
Again play style very similar but not the same
With AP Teemo you are going to stand back but rely on your spells not you basic attacks although they will be pretty effective I will explain further in the next section.
You're going to be spamming "blinding dart" a lot because it'll do a lot of damage and your shrooms will do a lot of damage as well same basic shroom placement but they'll do a lot of damage as said before and therefor the enemy will run away after one or two shrooms.

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The items I will explain first
Malady you will be rushing your malady that's why you start with the dagger and what can I say about the malady it does magic damage on hit and gives you attack speed as well as lowering their magic resist for future hits.

next berserkers greaves again what can I say they give you attack speed and make you faster so yeah...

next wit's end it gives you attack speed and shred as well as magic resist when you hit someone

and then there's the Frozen Mallet It's good on Teemo because this makes you a little less squishy ad slows your target down.

madred's blood razors Well their just epic with the percentage of the targets health shred.

Finally will of the ancient's The ability power is nice to empower you'r spells and then the spell vamp doesn't hurt and then it gives allies stuff too.

Explanation for AD items
I actually have something to say before I explain this is a pretty standard AD build

First there's the blood thirsters:
These are you're form of health regaining also known as life steal,After you get some stacks on you Blood thirsters (I'll call them BTs) you'll have pretty good damage what with the infinity edge and the damage from the 2 BT's. So there's good damage and life steal.

Then there's you boots:
What can I say the get you faster attack speed and speed you up.

Now the Phantom dancer:
Well attack speed and critical chance are nice because with the infinity edge you'll get after the PD (Phantom Dancer) you'll not only attack fast but also get crits more often and when you have good damage hitting more often is good because it leads to more damage and then the effect of the infinity edge if you get a crit you get more damage then usual and the attack speed combined with the more powerful crits (and more often crits) gives you a nice damage out put.

Infinity edge:
Aww my old friend many champions we have killed together
If you read what I said in the PD section then that kind of explained this item too...
Well let's see more damage on the crits and more crit chance as well as damage that's one good item.

Now for the mallet that's frozen:
Slows you enemy down for future hits and does more damage as well as (said before) making you less squishy it's a good item.

And now the second blood thirster but I already talked about the BTs

This concludes the explanation of AD Teemo items

Ahahahhaha AP Teemo items are about to get Explained!
First there's the Rylai's:
It gives you good AP and health while slowing the enemy down and this is the defense item I put on Teemo. It's good on AP champs

Next you sorcerer's shoes:
They make you faster and give you magic pen what else can I say?

and now for the Death cap:
OOOOhhhh scary! It gives you good AP and gives you 30% of you AP it's a pretty darn good item

And now for you're rod of ages:
Well that's a good item Health,mana and AP pretty amazing + the extra AP health and mana per minute on top of that when you level up it heals and restores mana OMG!

Now the staff from the void!:
Give pretty good AP and magic pen so it's a good item...

Nashor's tooth:
Well originally I had wit's end here but then one night I said
"Why the heck to I have that there?" and replaced it with nashor's tooth
Well cooldown reduction is good on an AP champ attack speed is good on Teemo because you E has impact damage and then there's AP do I need to explain that?

This concludes AP Teemo items explanation.

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Pros / Cons

Shred Teemo's pros and cons
-Deals quite a bit of damage
-Can easily do one on one fights (most of the time)
-Can run away fast
-Is quite squishy (said before)
-Can not 1v2 very well (but can usually escape

AD Teemo's pros and cons
Same as Shred
Same as shred

AP Teemo's pros and cons
same as shred and AD
same as shred and AD

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Good bye

This conclude's my guide/build/thing Remember this is only my first guide so don't troll tell me what I'm doing wrong.

don't down-vote without at least testing it.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and thanks for taking the time to read it.

Please comment and say anything you have to say unless it's just plane mean.

Good bye