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Fizz Build Guide by Kodoish

I feel like a Fizz out of water

I feel like a Fizz out of water

Updated on November 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kodoish Build Guide By Kodoish 1,981 Views 1 Comments
1,981 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kodoish Fizz Build Guide By Kodoish Updated on November 16, 2011
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Heya, first of all, thanks for checking my build, im sure you wont regret it.

Anyways, Fizz is a AP based fighter, he can get in and out of fights easily, can outrun most chars thanks to his skills and well, its just extremely fun to play with.

I only had the chance to play 3 games with him so far, here are the scores, just so you have an idea of how powerful he really is:

(btw, in the most recent game the enemy team surrendered at like 20mins)
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Okay, so ill try to explain a bit of how i play Fizz. First of all you don't wanna start attacking until you get to at liest level 2, but i recomend you don't until level 3. Anyways, killing people with fizz is really easy, just Q to them, preferencially in a way that you get to their back, turn W on, give him a few basic hits, then E, which will probably make you dodge 1 blow, and then E again really fast so you deal even more damage. Ignite in the mid of the fight if you see that you are dealing enough damage to kill him with it.

Altough you get to like 3k Hp late game with Fizz doesnt mean you are a tank, you still take a lot of damage as you dont have any armor or magic resist, so use your skills with that in mind
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Kay, so the runes i'd reccomend are those that are in the beginning of the page, altough you can get a bit more CD or AP, just mess around with it.
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Summoner Spells

Okay, so i don't use exhaust, i use surge, but mobafire's DB still hasnt got it, so yeah...
Anyways, surge is an awesome skill for Fizz, it gives you everything you might need, more AP = more damage overall, and the atack speed bonus that it gives you is also great since your W is a "basic attack buff", and well, ignite can finish off the enemy for you.

Other spells you might take:

God tier

Exhaust - Its always nice to slow and cut off a big part of the enemy's attack power :)

Meh tier

Ghost: sure its nice to run away or chase, but your skills give you enough ways to run away. imo, there's no need to take this.

Flash: Same as ghost. You also already have a skill that lets you go through walls

Clarity: Also another option, but you can just ask your jungler for the blue, so i don't think its really worth it to take this

Teleport: A decent option, its good to go back faster to your lane, etc, but personally i don't like to take this.

Wtf tier

Heal: If you need to take heal with any char i suggest you make a new acc to play with low levels again and learn to play LoL. Seriously.
Revive: Same as heal
Smite: Unless you are going to jungle you don't need this
Cleanse: After this last update idk for sure if Cleanse is viable, but it sure wasnt the last time i checked.
Promote: Are you serious?
Clairvoyance: You are not a support, you don't need this
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Pros / Cons


High Dps;
Can enter and exit fights easily;
Deals about 500 damage (minimum) with each skill in late game;
Has a skill that makes him untargetable and deals a ****ton of damage;
Easy to farm with E;
Incredibly fun to play with


Low armor;
One of the first to be targeted;
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And yeah, that's about it, i know the guide is small, but what i posted here are just the essentials to play decently with Fizz.

Hope you enjoyed my guide, sorry for any spelling mistakes. Rate it and comment with any tips, etc, i can add to this guide.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Kodoish
Kodoish Fizz Guide
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I feel like a Fizz out of water

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