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League of Legends Build Guide Author shinussiel

I Just Got Ganked by a Viking

shinussiel Last updated on December 23, 2010
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Hello and Welcome to my guide on my favourite champion. Ever since I received a riot points card for my birthday I have been hopelessly addicted to Olaf and I hope to pass my knowledge on to you.

So what is Olaf? Well Olaf excels as dealing damage while being able to take alot as well. This fits quite nicely to the current meta game which seems to be favouring these types of champions. Along with this he is One of the best junglers in the game and once you get the hang of it you will be the same level as the solo laner aslong as everything goes smoothly.

-One of the best junglers in the game.
-Good Ganker with Axe Throw and lizard buff.
-Can solo dragon at level 4.
-Health=Damage Win Win!
-Very versatile in how you build him.
-Some of the best 1v1 ability in the game.
-Can get out of almost any situation.
-His ultimate can change a team fight.

-Very vulnerable to early game ganks.
-Not easy to know when to use your ultimate.
-Very vulnerable if laning.
-Rather slow base movement speed.
-His Brolaf skin is too damn expensive!

Jungle Route
When you spawn grab Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions and head to the tower closest to the Blue Buff, Why? This keeps you safe from ganks as some teams will run straight to the Blue Buff and hope your sitting in the bush. If you sit at the tower they will most likely head back to their lanes somewhat dissappointed they didn't get First Blood and you can get Blue Buff with less worries. Once the Minions have spawned proceed to the Blue Buff and attack the Golem, activate Vicious Strikes and a Health Potion, once you activate Vicious Strikes for the second time cast Smite with the Spell Vamp from Vicious Strikes you will easily be able to finish off the Golem and slaughter the 2 lizards. Put a point into Throw Axe and head to the Neighbouring Wolf Camp, keep spamming your Vicious Strikes and Throw Axe, once they are all dead activate another Health Potion and Head to the Wraith Camp. Use another Health Potion when the previous one is done and attack the big Wraith first, spam Vicious Strikes and Throw Axe and mop them up. After that, head to the 2 Golems, Activate a Health Potion on the way and Spam Vicious Strikes and Throw Axe, Once you are done with them Activate your last Health Potion and head to the Red Buff, use the same strategy as you did with the Blue Buff while spamming Throw Axe and there should be no problems. Now after this you can either destroy your Wolf and Wraith Camp again if they have a jungler or Head to the other side of the map and take their Blue Buff and Wolf camp if they don't. Head back to the base and pick up Madred's Razor's. Now you are able to do the Dragon. Make sure your Smite will be able to use on your second Vicious Strikes and tell your team members to watch their lanes carefully. If the other Team has a jungler then you should get someone from the nearby lane to come help you so the Opposing Jungler doesn't gank you. Now that you have done Dragon recall and get Wriggle's Lantern. Always have that ward somewhere as it is very wasteful to not use it. Now you have some freedom, you should be close to the level of your solo laner and you can now gank. Always get your buffs and support your team where needed. Whether it's pushing lanes or going for a gank you should be there doing it.

Summoner Spells

Smite - A must for Jungle Olaf, without this you can't jungle. Plain and Simple.

Ghost - More speed, what more could you ask for? This is great for ganks and combined with Ragnarok you can get out of any sticky situation.

Teleport - As a jungler this isn't a bad idea at all. It allows you to be anywhere on the map in a mere 3 seconds more or less. This saves towers, sustains pushes (use it on the minion the tower is currently attacking to give the push a extra 3 seconds) and allows you to quickly get a item and get back.

Heal - Suggested for first time junglers as you can't fail with this unless your doing something terribly wrong.

Exhaust - Can save your team mates *** and more importantly your ***! Basically shuts down any annoying melee carry such as Xin Zhao for 3 seconds.

Champion Abilities

Berzerker Rage - This is what makes Olaf what he is. Combined with Vicious Strikes it is almost impossible to kill this guy 1 on 1 and nothing is more fun than turning a fight around with only 10% health.

Throw Axe - Great for ganks and helps alot in the jungle as well. An okay harass as long as you have Blue Buff and once you get good at throwing it you can constantly slow a enemy champion!

Vicious Strikes - A amazing ability, this combined with your passive is a godly combo and makes alot of people cry when you don't die. Without this you couldn't jungle, it gives Olaf all the stats he needs and his axes look cool when you activate it!

Reckless Swing - Boom! This is basically a smaller version of Cho'gath's Feast. It deals a large amount of damage and with your Vicious Strikes active you lose barely any health with the Spell Vamp. The only problem with this ability is that you can't increase the damage it deals and late game 340 isn't all that much against anyone. Therefore it shines in the Earlier Stages of the game.

Ragnarok - One of my favourite ultimates by far. An amazing escaping ability and the passive is nice as well! Also it can make you a wrecking ball in team fights as nobody can stop your onslaught with their gay stuns and nothing is more fun than making Veigar cry as you run through his ****** play pen.

Item Explanations

Cloth Armor - Basic jungle item, I've only ever used this but I've heard about Vampiric and I will be trying it out soon.

Madred's Razors - Great item for Jungling, this is what allows you to Dragon at level 4. The passive makes Jungling extremely easy which allows you to level up faster which gives you a great advantage over your opponents.

Wriggle's Lantern - A free ward and keeps the same great passive as Madred's Razors while boosting your stats a bit more. Overall a great item and I always get it.

Boots of Swiftness - My favourite, these makes ganks easy and jungling even faster. I personally just love being able to run faster than my enemies and so I always get these boots, other people might get Mercury Treads but I find these alot more fun.

Stark's Fervor - Some nice Attack Speed and more importantly a nice buff. Great for Team Fights and the lifesteal is awesome with your passive.

Frozen Mallet - This is a personal favourite of mine, the healh gives more damage, the attack damage gives more damage and the slow means nobody's going anywhere. I love this item and get it every game.

Once you get those items it is more or less up to you on what you buy. From here you can build him more tanky or give him some more damage. It really depends on your team and what they need. So I leave this up to you. I find Olaf a great Offtank and so Sunfire Cape and Banshee's Veil work great against a balanced team but if they are all AD then you'd want to get Thornmail rather than Banshee's and if they are all Mages then Force of Nature is a nice item to make them cry. And if you are building DPS then it is up to you. I personally dont play DPS Olaf but I have seen him do quite nicely. It is really up to you.

Rune Explanations

For runes I just get what I like and I like Armor Penetration. With Olaf being a fairly versatile champion many runes work nicely and so I can't really say much other than choose what you want. If you want to be tankier then Armor may be for you. More damage? Attack Damage runs should work nice. It is up to you and these are what I use and I find they work quite nicely.


These masteries focus on being a tougher Olaf and they help greatly in Jungling. I have used these since Day One have had much success. They are pretty self explanatory and so I'll let you justify them for yourself.


Aggression is the key to Olaf. A passive Olaf is not a Olaf and if you want to stay in the back then don't play Olaf. I have seen quite a few Olaf's in my time and whereas some of them get great scores and carry their game there are also those who simply don't play him properly. They build him wrong, die in their lanes and feed. I hate to see these people and so I felt as though I should try to help them. Olaf is a amazingly strong champion and has the capability to 1v2 easily. But he is not the tankiest champion out there and your team should have another tank. That's what I love about Olaf. He can take immense amounts of damage and still deal immense amounts of damage back at those who chose to screw with him. But regardless unless you build him as a all out tank I don't suggest engaging. Usually I will wait in the bush and once the Tank engages I run straight for the Squishiest champion, Usually whimpering in the back. With your Frozen Mallet and Axe Throw along with your Boots of Swiftness nobody can escape you. Don't be afriad to get low. As Olaf you should never run from a team fight. With your passive you are a Beast at Low Health and you can deal huge amounts of damage. There have been many times where I have destroyed their team with less than 20% health and that's why I play Olaf.


Olaf has always been and always will be my favourite champion and I suggest him to anyone who likes to make Noob Carries cry. He is 3150 ip which isn't that hard to get and is definitely a powerful champion. Thanks for reading this wall of text and I hope to spice it up with some pictures later on.