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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rhivath

I just want a hug :(

Rhivath Last updated on September 11, 2010
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This is my build for Amumu which has gotten me quite a few wins and some crazy scores for someone who basically runs around hugging people to death. The focus of the build is a large health, armor, and magic resist base with lots of AoE damage in the form of Despair, Tantrum, and Sunfire Capes as well as his most awesome ultimate.

Mastery -I go with magic penetration/CDR in Offense, and then all the relevant Defense masteries while purposefully skipping Dodge (doesn't work well with Tantrum mechanics). This gets you beefy off the start and lets you have a boost to all spells as well as a little AP and AS at the end of the game. You won't be easy to kill!

Summoner Spells -Ghost is a favorite of mine, I use it on almost everyone I play, it can let you chase, run, initiate, get to a fight faster, anything you need to do. Exhaust is my other choice for Amumu, it let's you shut down a carry from killing your team, stop a runner from getting away from your damage, and with the mastery makes whoever you use it on a bit weaker as well (-10 MR/Armor). Other good options are Flash (to blink in and ultimate, though Bandage Toss works fine) or Clarity (you have mana issues without the blue buff). If you wish to jungle then of course get Smite, but I prefer to lane on Amumu and help babysit my partner.

Runes -Very basic/standard set up that most everyone should have - Magic Pen lets everything hit harder, MP5/level catches up to flat MP5 at lvl4 and surpasses it at lvl5, and allows you to stay in lane longer earlier when you don't have the blue buff yet, -CDR is important for your ultimate, and I am an avid fan of the +97 health at start of match for any champion, tanks included... just let's you do that much more in crucial early game.

Skill Order -I always start with Bandage Toss for the stun, in case we get to have an early gank (can stun and exhaust, not letting someone get away, while your partner kills them). I get Tantrum next for the harass, though spamming it puts you out of mana quickly, and then it's working on ranking up Despair as fast as possible. Your main damage in team fights is Despair + ultimate, with Tantrum when you can, and maxing Despair first lets you jungle/farm much faster/easier, allowing quicker Sunfire Cape. Bandage Toss is only needed for the stun, so I max this last - it's good damage at end game, but not needed as you level up.

1-6 -Start off with Doran's Shield and a Mana Potion, this puts you at over 800 health with over 35 magic resist/armor and a good amount of health regen, go to a lane with a carry or someone who needs gold and just baby sit them, harassing when you can with Tantrum and Despair and saving your Bandage Toss/Exhaust to protect them in case a skirmish breaks out. Stay in lane as best as you can until you have lvl6 and 1k gold, or as close as possible (let your partner last hit to get them faster damage) then blue pill back for your boots. Boots of Swiftness is the default but if they have 2+ hard disables or are mostly all AP based get Mercury Treads - never buy Ninja Tabi (you want to get hit to Tantrum more often, why we skip dodge defenses in mastery tree).

6-11 -Hit your golem buff (or theirs) and get the dragon if it's not dead yet, and go support your team wherever they need it... try to keep your lanes pushed, your turrets up, your jungle cleared, and be ready to do a gank with your ultimate if it arises. Once team fights start to happen make sure you are always there, and headbutt whoever needs to die first (less magic resist) while staying in range of as many enemies as possible. Use you ultimate when you see fit, but good times are when you capture at least 3 inside the radius of it, the ultimate + Despair + Tantrum is a lot of damage and will soften them up to about half health for most people letting your team finish them off. Always, ALWAYS try to get the blue buff - it's essential that your ult is up as much as possible and with it you can keep Despair on nearly 100% for maximum carnage. Go back to base if low on health or when you reach enough gold for your first Sunfire Cape.

11-18 -Coordinate ganks with your team, push lanes, initiate with Bandage Toss and ultimate, and keep farming the dragon and blue buffs. Once you get a second Sunfire Cape, unless the team has NO magic damage (extremely rare) build a Force of Nature... not only does it cover your magic resist, it gives you more speed to stay in range of Despair longer and allows your health regen to reach about 100/5 with the defense mastery. If you are being constantly CC'd or someone is stunning you/silence so you can't ult immediately, get Banshee's Veil instead, but a magic resist/survival item is usually better than a third Sunfire Cape. If you somehow haven't won the game once you get a third Sunfire Cape, fill out your items with either Guardian Angel (not as good since nerf) or Abyssal Scepter (puts you at 29/15% magic penetration + bit of AP for every spell).

Important things to always do as Amumu is stick with your team, use your ultimate every chance you get to turn the tides of a fight, run in first with Bandage Toss or just Ghosting in, and always headbutt the current focus target for a boost to all your damage.