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Sejuani Build Guide by BKlutch

I play Sejuani for the Boar <3

I play Sejuani for the Boar <3

Updated on January 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BKlutch Build Guide By BKlutch 4 4 6,857 Views 10 Comments
4 4 6,857 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BKlutch Sejuani Build Guide By BKlutch Updated on January 28, 2012
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Welcome to my build!

This is a Sejuani jungle build that specializes in tanking and early ganks!
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I buy an armor at the beginning and 5 health potions to help smooth out jungle. Then I get a Ruby crystal and boots of speed. When you finally have enough money, you should go and get a Heart of Gold and a Philosopher's Stone to not only increase my health and mana regeneration along with my health, but I increase my gold per 10 seconds by two. Like any other tank, I get Power Treads or I get Ninja Tabi. When going for the Rylai's I get a Giant's belt before a blasting wand because it will give you a big health boost and boost your Northern Winds. Frozen Heart for mana and a **** ton of armor. Rod of Ages for increase mana, health, and Ability Power. Warmogs is self explanatory. At the end of my build (if the game hasn't already ended lol) I go for a Trinity Force just to give all of my stats a little boost. This last item can really be played with...
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For my runes I have
Greater Quint of Endurance x3--- + 4.5% Health
Greater Seal of Resilience x9--- + 12.69 Armor
Greater Glyph of Shielding x9--- + 24.3 Magic Resist at Level 18
Greater Mark of Fortitude x9--- + 31.23 Health

You may be wondering, why do you have 1.5% health multipliers for the Quintessenses. Well, Sejuani's Northern Winds powers on when leveled up to 5, two percent of her maximum health and ability power. Having as much health multipliers as possible along withJUGGERNAUT can make her more tanky and her Northern winds stronger
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To maximize the amount of damage Sejuani can do to mobs in jungle, I take Northern Winds first and head to Blue Buff. When you kill Blue, make your way across the jungle and take Red Buff as well. Then by the time you get back you should have enough money to get a Heart of Gold and MAYBE a Philosopher's stone.


You want to wait in the brush and wait until the enemy player is pushed a bit. Then lead in with your Arctic Assault and then yourPermafrost to slow them down a great amount (up to 70% speed reduction). Or if you really want to almost confirm that kill, lead in with you Glacial Prison. This will completely stop the person dead in their tracks for a couple of seconds, allowing for your teammates to come in for the janitor kills :D.
League of Legends Build Guide Author BKlutch
BKlutch Sejuani Guide
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I play Sejuani for the Boar <3

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