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Trundle Build Guide by mikeswag

I swear, I'm not trollin...

I swear, I'm not trollin...

Updated on January 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mikeswag Build Guide By mikeswag 1,548 Views 0 Comments
1,548 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author mikeswag Trundle Build Guide By mikeswag Updated on January 9, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



Trundle is one of the most under used champion and I am suprised why. In my opinon Trundle is THE BEST off tank in the game. One of the best 1 v 1 champions. and great in team fights. Has good jungling and great ganks.
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My runes are desinged for jungling. Attack Dmg Marks for more Dmg in his ability Bite. Armor Seals and Glyphs, so that the neutral monsters do less Dmg to you. Movement Speed Quintesences because you never finish your boots til half way through your build, and to move through the jungle faster.
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These Masteries aer also set up for jungling. Reduced Dmg from minions(monsters). Armor, Reducing Dmg taken, increased Dmg to minions(monsters), Flash and Smite.
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These items are setup for jungling, but work just as good in a lane. Since Trundle has no natural lifesteal from basic attacks, he is a cloth armor jungler. Try and make your first B when you have enough to by Wriggles Lantern and Basic Boots(Boots of Speed). Wriggles Lantern, is the best jungling item because of armor(reduced Dmg done to you), Dmg(deal out more Dmg, and get more Lifesteal), Lifesteal to gain life back. Frozen Mallet is THE BEST off tank item, health, a small amount of Dmg, and your basic attacks slow enemies. Then Merc. Treds, Magic resist, and Tenasity. Since you are an off tank Atmas Impaler gives you 2% of your total health into attack Dmg, and MORE ARMOR!!!!!!! Guardian Angel.... cause it brings you back to life.... nuff said. Warmogs Armor, to benefit that Atmas Impaler, and for health regen. Sell the Wriggles Lantern because it is a weak item late game, for a Bloodthirster.
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Creeping / Jungling

I'm new to making builds so i had a hard time putting a map with arrows on it for the route... SO, i will just tell you. start at blue and use your bite on one of the small golems. Smite the buff golem, and begin attacking the other one. Continue using bite when available. Once you get to half health, use a health potion. Then move on to the nearby wolves. Little ones, then the big one. after move to the 2 golems by bot lane(if blue) top lane(if purple). Use another health pot after the little one is dead and you are attacking the big one. Make sure you are still using bite at all times. Now smite is back so move to the wraiths. Smite the blue one and basic attack the red ones. Go back to wolves and use another health pot if neccasary. Upon reaching lvl 3 begin looking for ganks. If you are on blue team, make sure the solo laner is on bottom lane, if purple, top lane. Try not to die, continue ganking and jungling. Try and find enemies making mistakes, and punish them. When you are part way on the Frozen Mallet, ward with your wriggles lantern to protect you. reach lvl 8. and at FULL HEALTH, you can take dragon, dont be shy to ult it either, its only a 60 sec. cooldown and well worth the gold.
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Summoner Spells

These are the spells I use. Once again, no pictures. sorry :(
FLASH- Great for tricky get aways and ganks.
SMITE- You are jungling.....
EXHAUST- Good item for laning... but you need an escape in the jungle.
GARRISON- This isn't for dominion, and dominion is dumb.
IGNITE- Need an escape. Other people on your team have ignite.
REVIVE- Just no...
TELEPORT- I hvaen't tried. I've thought about it. good ganks teleporting to wards. But idk if it's good. Feel free to try it though.
CLARITY- You have blue, or at least you should.
GHOST- Not a bad spell, speed boost, I just don't use it.
PROMOTE- You aren't in a lane... I haven't seen tank minions in the jungle recently. have you?
CLEANSE- NO you have your contaminate, which lowers CC.
FORTIFY- Mobafire is tryin to trick you, this got taken out of the game.
HEAL- ehhhhhh let a support or tank have it.
RALLY- This got taken out to...
SURGE- Not dps champ. not AP champ.
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Thank you for reading my jungle Trundle build/guide. As I said previously, I am new to this so please ad tips to improve. post how you do things, and recomendations for me... well thanks for reading.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mikeswag
mikeswag Trundle Guide
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I swear, I'm not trollin...

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