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Wukong Build Guide by JerkZerk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JerkZerk

I wish he was Diddy Kong

JerkZerk Last updated on August 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My first build.

Sup Mobians. I decided to make a build of a tanky DPS Wukong. First time I make one and this is just personal preference so if you don't like it make sure you tell me what changes you'd make to it. Open to constructive criticism.


To all the trolls out there,
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I have five fingers
The middle one's for you.

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Okay for runes I use
Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
The armour pen is a staple stat (unless you're a caster in which case magic pen). Your Crushing Blow reduces armour which is quite useful with armour pen on top of that.

Armour Seals for extra early game survivability.

Cooldown Reduction because Wukong relies on his skill quite a bit and I think that the amount you get with the Runes is just enough for him to be good. His ultimate's cooldown becomes quite low which is a plus.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost are good for several things.
Your chasing, escapes etc. but to have the most sneaky monkey fun with this little monkey is using flash to jump over walls with your Ultimate Activated. I've gotten a double kill using this. I was at the purple's wolves and I saw a weakened Ashe running towards the dragon. I acvtivated my ultimate and killed her with it before she even reached the hall to the river. Then, I head back towards the Blue and Flash over the wall to knock up the enemy Orianna and we melted her down thanks to the knock up granting me a double kill :).

Ghost is useful because the movement speed bonus on your ultimate isn't always enough. This almost guarantees a knock up. Hell, if you really have to, use both :/.

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Skill Sequence

Nimbus Strike is good for harassing squishy characters so I get that first. It's also pretty good when there are multiple weak minons around so that you can kill up to 3 of them and farm them all to yourself.

Wukong's most basic combo is exactly like Poppy's. Nimbus Strike+ Crushing Blow. However, if you want, you can reverse the combo when farming when you have your Sheen Sheen! Excellent farming/Pushing tips. If you have your Decoy, I'd suggest you use that combined with Nimbus Strike to farm or push lanes because Decoy hits multiple targets as well and will proc your Sheen or Trinity Force. I don't recommend the reverse (Nimbus Strike + Decoy) because Decoy is significantly weaker. Just remember not to over-extend!

Why max Crushing Blowfirst?
That is just my preference. I like it because Like Jax's Empower and Leap Strike, maxing Empower will maximize damage while keeping the mana cost lower.

I may have failed at which levels the skills can be leveled up at the top of the guide but point is get your 3 Basic Skills with the first levels, Max Q and get your Ultimate anytime you can. Max your Q,E,R,W in that order.

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Doran's Blade, like every other Doran's Item, tends to be the best starting item. If you prefer Doran's Shield, go for it. :D. Get your first set of boots the as soon as you can and get a Long Sword with it too to get Phage ready. Phage is good for Wukong because it can slow your oppent down and it gives you some health and it starts your Trinity Force. Next is the Mercury's Treads, essential to most tanky characters. After you have your boots, get Sheen so that your Nimbus Strike+ Crushing Blow combo actually do some damage.

Once you have Trinity you should be doing some pretty decent damage so get some health and mana because you've probably noticed Wukong's mana isn't the highest amount so I get Banshee's Veil. It's excellent magic res, health which will help for your Atma's Impaler later. Gives enough mana so that you can stick to your team a little longer and you get 0 Damage on your oppenent's next 1 spell!

Get your Atma's Impaler next so that your Warmog's has more use to it then just health and health regen.

Now if the game's not over by the time you have Warmog's I don't exactly know what to get so I just go 'head and get some lifesteal and damage. The Black Cleaver is very good because you can remove up to 45 Armour on one of your enemies and it gives you 30 Attack Speed which is never a bad thing right??? The Bloodthrister is an easy 100 Attack damage when filled which supports it's lifesteal effect.

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Play style

Until you get your Phage, don't try to catch a 1v1. Be more or less passive and just last hit minions. Harass your enemies AS LONG AS YOU KNOW YOU WILL SURVIVE. Once Trinity Force has been obtained, now you can start planning 2v2 or 2v1 fights. Wukong is only good at 1v1-ing casters because most of them have low health.

If you are about to die, use the bushes a lot. Abuse your clone and watch what the clone does (stand still). Like in Phreak's spotlight, he stood still creating the illusion that you have activated your clone ability. Then when the enemy is runs past you (because they think you stealthed), you can run the opposite way into a bush hopefully.

Your favorite place is the Baron's side of the river because of the cluster of bushes. Why? Because your opponent never knows, unless it's warded, if you're running or you going to spam Q and E. When you do use Nimbus Strike+ Crushing Blow, try to run past the opponent into the next bush, once you get in the bush activate Decoy and run to the next one because by then, your Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow are cooled down, so you can re jump them and head to another bush to launch decoy because that should be done cooling down by the end of your second of your Q+E combo. You have to make sure you judge your damage right, because eventually, your opponent will catch on and either run away or call for a gank.

If he/she:
Runs away:
You can chase and go for the kill if you're sure you can kill him/her and make it out alive.

If a gank comes:
Run away(2+ more enemies).
(1 more enemy) but with the health you should have, you should be able to snag the kill and go for the 2nd one if they don't have a lot of health (like a GP, Lux, Veigar etc.) This is where you use your ult. Once thats done, use Q+E and that should get you a second kill. Then you can go to Shop to buy whatever's next :D

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Pros / Cons

+Good passive for team fights
+Good Chasing capabilities
+Excellent Tower Breaker
+Escape artist

-Relies on skills a lot
-Not a good jungler till later
-Mana Hungry

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So this is my off-tank Wukong. If you like this build please give it a thumbs up! The french version of this guide will come in the next few days. Hope you have fun Monkey-ing around!

La version francaise de se <<Build>> sera mise dans les prochains jours. A plus tard!