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Talon Build Guide by iCrash

iCrasH's Build for Talon

By iCrash | Updated on August 26, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hi, my name is XeN iCrasH from the Nordic EU server. After playing alot of champions and reading alot of guides i decided to buy a champion and be one of the first to make a guide for it. This is my first guide ever so don't be to hard on me. Please read the entire guide first before you're going to downvote me and if you're going to tell me why and what's wrong about it.

I hope you guys enjoy this Talon build.
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Pros / Cons


Great Burst damage
Amazing Ganker
Has a blink ability with silence and damage percentage buff
Hard to hit
Great visual ability effects
When playing him right can lane up to lvl 6 without getting below 50% mana


Gets focused almost all the time
Cooldown dependant
AD item dependant
Everyone will hate you after you get fed and you're going out for a gankfest.
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Summoner Spells

Flash: A must summoner spell for Talon, can be used to escape or finish of enemy champions. Since Talon doesn't have many escape mechanisms or hardly none(not counting his ulti) you need this spell.
Exhaust: This spell gave me first blood so many times i just love it. The slow effect on exhaust works great with Talon his passive. It also reduces enemy champions their ability and item damage by 35% and attack damage by 70% one of the two best summoner spells out there for Talon.

Ghost: A great item to escape many fights and get out of it alive. Again, since Talon doesn't have great escape mechanisms Ghost is good summoner spell for Talon. I prefer Flash over Ghost but that's a personal preference.
Teleport: Another solid summoner spell, you can stay in lane much longer this way, lose alot of health all of a sudden? recall and tp back in lane. I only recommend using this spell if you don't have flash yet, other than that only get this spell when that annoying lane partner of yours wants to jungle and you are forced to solo lane by your team. In that case replace exhaust for Teleport since Flash is more important than Exhaust while solo laning top.
Ignite: I can't explain how much i love ignite, it gave me so many First Bloods in mid lane and also in top/bot lane. If you're not a fan of exhaust replace it for ignite, in my opinion its the best replacement for it. Also when laning against a tank or having trouble killing the tank in teamfights due to his high armor pop it on him/her so it recieves 50% reduced healing and regen, after you popped it on the tank watch its hp go down like butter.
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I'm currently using an 21/0/9 build for Talon almost similar to Phreak's mastery tree but with some slight changes. I put the 2 points from Offensive Mastery in to Sorcery as i find it unnecessary cause maxing his W skill first + the low mana cost creep farming should be easy as hell, you will still do alot of damage and the more cooldown reduction Talon has the more easier it gets to make kills early game.
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Skill Sequence

Mercy: I can't explain how much i love this passive of his. What it does is it increases the damage done with your auto attacks on enemy champions under the effect of any cc. I find the name of this passive quite hilarious since it gives your opponents anything but mercy.
Noxian Diplomacy:Your Q ability and should be maxed second. This ability does great burst damage and a bleeding dot effect that actually scales with your AD. It also gives enemy champions a dagger on their head which looks cool and let enemy champions leave a trail of blood, that my friends made me lol the first time i saw it.
Rake:This my friends is your bread and butter ability you will use it to harass enemy champions and is the first ability to max. What it does is it will shoots out some blades that hit everything within it range and hits them again when the blades return to Talon and above all it also applies a slow effect on everything that gets hit. Just a tip for when you're farming, when using it to creep farm try to aim it towards enemy champions that are in range so you hit them aswell.
Cutthroat: Almost similar to Katarina's Shunpo, you blink towards an enemy champion but it won't do any damage. Instead it silences them and gives you a nice increased damage percentage buff for a few seconds.
Shadow Assault: This ability is far beyond amazing but should be used with care. It makes Talon go instant stealth and gives him a movement speed when stealthed. This ability does so much damage for some it isnt even funny anymore. Like i said before use it with care, it can be used to chase down an enemy champion for a quick kill, but it can also be used to escape when you are the one that's getting chased. As Talon has no real escape mechanisms except from the slow effect of your W if you manage to hit them and get away before youre cc'ed. Yes you have flash but what if its on cd? That's when your ulti pops in. When in stealth you get movement speed and should get away easily. If you do have flash and you're getting ganked use Shadow Assault first for the stealth + movement speed and flash out after it. Attacking or using any skills + spells will remove your stealth.

Maxing Order:

2.Noxian Diplomacy
4.Shadow ***ualt.

Skill Rotation:

Lane Phase: W->E->Q-R
1v1 Fights: E->W->Q-R
Teamfights: Focus their carry and wait for the tank to jump in. Then use W->E->R->Q->W
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Greater Mark of Desolation, will give you armor pen. which means more burst and more damage.
Some find flat Armor runes better as seals but i prefer attack speed runes. Why? Because you are maxing your W skill first which you use to harrass will slow your opponents and you can make more out of your passive. This saved me alot of times especially in early game. But, since these runes are my personal preference you can always switch to flat armor runes if you feel too squishy and you have a feeling your health is dropping too fast.
As i mentioned at the Masteries chapter, cooldown reduction is important for Talon. Since his abilities dont cost alot of mana you want to make use of it right? Why not almost spam your abilities? Flat magic resist runes might work, but again this is just a personal preference.
Just like the marks, more armor pen is more damage.
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Doran's Blade. In my opinion the best starting item for Talon. It gives a chunk of health which is nice for a squishy champion like Talon, attack damage and lifesteal.
Beserker's Greaves. Gives you attack speed which helpes you to get an even better creep farm along with your W, now you might think why not Boots of Lucidity? Easy, you have your masteries, runes, ghostblade and blue buff for that. You NEED attack speed in order to make good use of your passive.
Brutalizer. Since you're going to rush Ghostblade get this first since it gives you some attack damage and more armor pen.
Youmuu's Ghostblade. This item is amazing for Talon. It gives you attack damage,some crit chance and armor pen getting this a core item and a MUST. Remember to use its unique active before you start a fight or when you're trying to escape.
BF Sword. Says enough, since Talon is an AD champion you need Attack Damage its you're first step in getting Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge.
Bloodthirster. Another core item for Talon. Gives alot of attack damage some nice life steal and a really great passive.
Infinity Edge. 80 Attack Damage, some more crit chance and the amazing crit damage you do from the passive.
Giant's Belt. I usually start with this item in order to finish my Frozen Mallet, Talon is squishy and after getting fed you probably get focussed on. You need to extra health for more survivability through teamfights.
Frozen Mallet. Another core item for Talon, it causes each of your attacks to instant slow your opponents and procs your passive instantly.
orPhantom Dancer or Quicksilver Sash. Choosing between these two items all depends on how your game evolves. Are you doing well and your opponents are no threat take PD for more crit chance and attack speed.. or in just 3 words.. pwn even more. If youre not doing well or you still manage to get alot of kills but getting thrown at with alot of cc's get quicksilver sash, this item is underrated and it will safe your life ALOT!
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Team Work

Talon is an AD Melee carry so the best choice is going to either top or bot with a laning partner that has a cc that he/she can use alot. The best laning partners for Talon would be a support/healer or tank/off-tank

Best Laning partners would be:

Good laning partners would be:


Optional laning partners would be:

Xin Zhao(Slow+Knock up)
Ashe(Slow + Ulti stun)
Miss Fortune(Slow)

There are more like these champions but keep in mind that all of these Optional partners are also AD so unless you don't have a champion in your team that's either a support or tank champion go with the optional champions.
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Even though this build will be published it's not complete yet. I will start posting in-game screenshots and vids to give you guys an even better explanation on how i play Talon and how i recommend you should play him. Like i said at the start of this guide, its my first guide ever so if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to post. Trolling comments and comments that involves flaming or shows bad attitude will be removed.

I hope you had a good time reading this guide and that it will help you with your experience as Talon the Blade's Shadow.
League of Legends Build Guide Author iCrash
iCrash Talon Guide

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iCrasH's Build for Talon
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