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Jax Build Guide by NoFatChx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoFatChx

If Only They Had Pentakill Jax

NoFatChx Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Hey guys, my first guide here, showing you the real way to stomp 'em all using Jax. Jax is a really versatile champion, in my build you are more lenient towards AD because with Jax I like to not only have that initial jump and empower damage, but also to add that autoattacking power, which at max stacks and max build goes up to 360ish at 2.4 att speed. The thing I really love about Jax is his ability to solo baron with 2 hextechs, you can get your team to stall in mid, and move on yourself to fight baron with ease, and it really helps because once you finish you can push on to end the game :D. Hope you read the full guide and listen to my explaination to why I do certain things and give me some feedback on it so I can improve this guide. THANKS!

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Pros / Cons

- Wins all 1v1s after lvl 4-6ish
- Always nice to see pentas
- Carry all day after you get a hextech
- Fun to watch people cry about what to build against you
- Solo baron after 2nd hextech
- Get raped early on
- Need to farm like mad
- Expensive as hell to max

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These all work well with jax, you can go either armor pen, magic pen or att damage for marks, everything is really personal preference but I like going on the offensive so I go for the runes I have, the dodge obviously is to stack with e's passive and get more dodge chance.

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Some say 9/21/0, but I say 21/9/0, again this is all personal preference, Jax is a really item reliant champ and depending on how you play him you can get different masteries.

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Equipment Mastery: This is what makes you an offtank, when people see you late game they might mistake you for a tank, this makes it so you don't have to buy any tanky items (wit's end, atma's, etc.) and still be quite tanky.

Leap Strike: Your main damage dealer early on, it's a great skill, use this to jump around, escape, when you solo dragon/baron and you see someone coming jump onto a ward so you don't have to pop a flash, really helps.

Empower: Your spam-able extra damage dealer, it's what makes people like ryze get half-hped at level 2 along with your leap strike, use this to farm and because jax has such low mana try and get your team to give you blue so you can spam more.

Counter-strike: The thing that makes you rape everything and get pentas, even if they can out damage you, as long as you get a counterstrike on them, you can damage them and get your hp back up with your lifesteal/spellvamp. DONT FORGET YOU CAN USE THIS TO FARM.

Relentless-Assault: Your bread and butter, pop this before you go 1v1 anyone, even an AD carry because this gives you a free negatron cloak worth of MR for 8 seconds,even if you see a karthus ult coming up, use this just for the sake of getting damaged less, it's cooldown is super low, but the passive is really what makes Jax so good, with every 3 hits being an extra stomp, when you are at 10 stack ult passive and 8 stack guinsoo's you proc your extra damage almost every second, abuse it, love it.

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Some will see the 3 Hextechs and call me a dumbshiznugget but trust me it works well in the end, because of your passive from your ult and the guinsoos your attack speed gets up to 2.4ish when at max stacks with the tri-force, you don't really need many att speed items or pure ap and the life-steal/spell-vamp really gives what you need for those pentakills. Basically what you want is to rush that bilgewater cutlass, farm like mad, get a kill or two, get that hextech and keep farming.
You want to start with boots to give you that mobility that jax needs, try and rush to the cutlass, then hextech and your core will basically be ninja tabi's, hextech and guinsoos.

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You want to get as much farm as possible, jax is quite strong at level two, you always want to try and get those early kills that help a lot, but most of your gold will come from farming, jax is a lategame character, and thats why you need to keep buying those health pots to sustain until you get more items.

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Skill Sequence

Doesn't really matter what skill order you get, I like to max leap strike cause its fun to watch, others do different builds, its usually quite open to change.

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Summoner Spells

I like flash and exhaust mainly so that I can flash jump then stun running enemies, you can usually get 1v1 kills easy after level 6 so just use exhaust to ensure the kill.

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- Farm as much as possible
- Try to get early kills
- Try to 1v1 people from level 6 onwards
- Focus on farming
- Solo baron at 2 hextechs + guinsoos, boots don't matter
- Try and split-push
- You get tanky from your passive and the hextechs really help you sustain in fights
- Don't forget to shoot with your cutlass/ gunblade, it not only has range it also slows and does damage DONT FORGET.
- Rate, comment and tell me how to improve my guide, hope you like it and try it out :D