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League of Legends Build Guide Author Upgrading

[ight] Xin Zhao Jungle God

Upgrading Last updated on December 27, 2010
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This is what i run while casually jungling and commonly in queue. I start with a Cloth armor + 5 health pots. I start at blue while having my Mid and Top Solo laner covering me so i dont get ganked. Then after blue buff i get to wolfs, banshees and red. Then i gank mid or rush to top. If neither need me or i gank them and survive i blue pill back to get starter boots and if i can, sell my cloth and upgrade to chain vest (component of sunfire cape). I blue pill back after i have the 650 needed to get my mobility boots or i wait if needed till 1100 so i can get my attack speed item (component of Sword of the Divine) as well. Being mobile and ganking makes this build highly effective. The sunfire is just fun for farming minion waves and jungling creeps. I hope you enjoy this build as i surely do :)

Heres a quick comparison to "Dirty Goolash's build"
Early Game:
You will be very powerful Early Game. Take advantage of this. You will have good survivability from Doran's Blade and it's damage combined with Three Talon Strike will destroy the enemy. Try and get a couple kills, but it won't mess your game up if you don't. On your first trip back, you want to get either Boots of Speed and a Dagger or Boots of Speed and a Recurve Bow depending on what you can afford. Second trip back you want to finish your Sword of the Divine and say hello to mid game!

Mid Game:
Just like Early Game, Xin Zhao really shines in Mid Game. You will have massive attack speed from Sword of the Divine and Battle Cry and some good damage from Sword of the Divine active combined with Three Talon Strike. Your goal for Mid game is to finish your boots and get Youmuu's Ghostblade. For boots you want either Mercucry's Treads or Ninja Tabi depending on their team. Survivability is the way to go with Xin because he moves fast enough and doesn't need any attack speed. When building Youmuu's Ghostblade you want to get The Brutlizer first.

Late Game:
At this point you will have Youmuu's Ghostblade finished and be dealing enough damage. You want to start getting some survivability now so you don't die so fast. It will also help you jump into the middle of their team, which you will want to do. Go in right after your tank to get the most use out of Crescent Sweep. Focus whoever is doing the most damage on their team, as you should be able to take them down easily with your burst. When pushing towers, activate Youmuu's Ghostblade and Battle Cry and they will fall before you can say GG.

The biggest difference is the Early game. The rest can be pretty basic for all Xin builds. Feel free to comment and critique below.

Quote Booshida:
I would consider Xin Zhao (sin jao) to be a team carry, who can tank well, while also having great damage output. He is great at initiating fights providing you have some support, heals, shields etc. His passive: Tireless Warrior, allows him to lane for long periods of time without needing lifesteal, though always consider it, I'll talk about that more later. This brief guide is my play style for Xin, what I do with him, and some tips for when you play him.

Amazing DPS
Great initiator for an off-tank dps
Survivability in lanes
Can Jungle
Decent slow/knockup

No "real" escape
Vulnerable to CC

If no one on your team desperately needs the mana buff, go grab it, mana becomes an issue if you spam your skills too often.
Solo Dragon, easy XP, easy gold
You are a good backdoorer, make sure you have flash up if things get heavy.

Mark of alacrityx9 is a must have it gives roughly 15% attack speed right at the start of the game this will make you use your passive a lot more keeping you in your lane longer.
Seal of Resilience, i get this because xin is a great initiator and being the first in a fight means they are going to target you first so a bit extra armor isnt gonna hurt.
Glyph of Clarity, i get this because i like to spam my skills, A LOT like i use audacious charge to farm almost whenever its up and i find i dont have enough mana left over to gank or counter gank if someone pops outta the bushes.
Quintessence of fortitude, same reason as with seal of vitality extra health :-D