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Vayne Build Guide by ItsEvan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsEvan

IM BATGIRL (Assassin Vayne, Combos, and JUNGLING)

ItsEvan Last updated on July 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I'm pretty sure that Vayne is one of the more "band wagon-y" champions in the League. I took a look at her concept art, and reviewed the cameo appearance of the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 (a trailer that is as awesome as it is hammy). If Vayne was worth 3150 IP, my bet is you'd see her more often than "Win Nao".

That's why I always laugh whenever I lane up in mid against another Vayne. It's hilarious when noobs try to harass me or hurt me. I figured that if I'm to improve as a player, then I'm gonna have to offer others my wisdom so that there might be a challenge. Note, this build is teaching one how to play as Vayne. My personal philosophy about runes, items, and masterys are my preferences only, a good player should excel with any item build in game, so long as it's not taken to an extreme i.e AP Vayne.

Oh, and uh, this is the first guide I've ever made, so please bear with my passive aggressiveness and egotistical writing style.

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I really enjoy the Alacrity glyphs. It makes the awkward wait in between each of Vayne's shot a little less. In fact, I like them so much that the only other item that I need to increase AS is Trinity Force. To add more AS would be to waste the attack reset of Vayne's two abilities, Condemn and Tumble.

Armor glyphs help reduce damage (duh), but regen glyphs also work fine in lane to help keep harassing, as you will keep taking hits from either the minions or both the miinions and the enemy champion.

Mana regen seals also keep Vayne from running dry, which helps because Condemn has a relatively high mana cost, but if you can manage to conserve mana, level up's should give you the steady supply of mana that you need for effective harassment.

I chose MR over time seals because some spells are target locked, so there's no possible way to dodge them. This'll be more pertinent late game when casters are capable of 1 hit nuking you.

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Standard stuff. Just make sure to get Havoc at the end of the Offensive tree.

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Okay, the Vayne that I like to use is super heavy on damage and burst. All the items that I use contribute to either her high damage output or her movement speed. An assassin Vayne needs to deal enough damage to kill an opponent and then back off before the team arrives. Higher movement speed makes sure that Vayne can get away from any hit, as her Tumble makes for a horrible escape spell. Tumble + Final Hour however... that will be elaborated later on.

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Skill Sequence

Silver Bolts first so that if the enemy tries to farm, you can keep the minion wave balanced by auto attacking, then Tumble, then Condemn. I like to max Condemn out first because it's a ridiculously high amount of damage, and it pushes the enemy back. I like to make it more efficient by leveling it up, the mana cost doesn't increase per level. Plus, when people think they're safe at their turret at about 400 health, hit them, Condemn (which resets the animation) and hit them again, then tumble out of harms way. Congrats, you just cruci****ed the enemy on their own turret. That's how you break someones morale.

Silver Bolts gets maxed out second, and then Tumble. I've found it most useful in team fights, where you're really gonna need the cooldown for kiting enemies and dodging attacks. Plus, the attack modifier doesn't really improve that much when it's improved.

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Summoner Spells

Cleanse is a must for Vayne. If you're doing any good with her, I guarantee that the enemy will do anything in their power to stop, stomp, stun, or suppress you. Plus, its a lower CD than most escape spells, and it's a good counter against people with Exhaust.

My other spell is Flash. It's versatile for both defensive and offensive play, and is Vayne's second escape tool in her disposal.

I haven't tried Revive or Rally with her. I'm sure that there are better backdoor champions out there, but not as many with the juking potential Vayne has, that's fairly necessary in a getaway. I don't plan on using Clarity or Clairvoyance anytime soon, either.

Oh, and uh, don't get ignite, in my opinion. If the enemy is low enough to be ignited, then you should be chasing them instead.

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See that pink bar indicating difficulty for Vayne? IT'S LYING. If I had it my way, the whole screen would be filled with pink because she's the hardest champion that I've ever had the pleasure of attempting to master. I'm still having foibles with the nuances of resetting her attack animations with Tumble and Condemn, let alone trying to right click specific targets for her to shoot. (Another note, A-M1er's out there, break the bad habit if you're playing Vayne. It's not gonna get you far with Silver Bolts.)

It's easier to get a headshot on Call of Duty than it is for you to click on a target in LoL. What sucks is that even though you might end up with a kill in CoD, you're gonna have to do it again, and again, and again, and again as Vayne, with pinpoint precision. Familiar with the term micromanagement? I used to be in Diamond league in Starcraft 2, and I used to be so proficient with microing Marines that they'd be able to move AND shoot, not move or shoot.

If you're gonna play Vayne the same way I do, you're gonna have to practice for weeks on end. It's summer vacation for me over in the U.S, so believe me, I've had plenty of time to try and master Vayne. I'm still learning how to though.

I don't think it means you can't learn a thing or two from my guide though. Let's get on to her combos:

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Her Passive

I completely forgot the name of it. Lol.

But the description of the passive lies. Sure, it's 40 movement speed early game, but it scales down depending on the current amount of movespeed you have. It's possible to go over 500 movement speed with her, though. I remember breaking that barrier once, but I can't remember if I also popped ulti and chased people.

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I hear from many people that they used to max out Condemn before the patch. I've been blessed with ignorance, so I've never really felt how OP Vayne was before she was balanced. I still believe that Condemn is an excellent spell for her to max out first. It does high amounts of damage, it can stun an enemy into a wall, it can cancel spells being cast by enemies and is a must for a Vayne depending on burst.

Did I mention it does double damage to enemies that hit walls? Yeah, I've gotten many a kill from that because enemies were at 1/2 health but messed up their positioning.

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Silver bolts has a 3 hit activation until it deals true damage. That allows us to be creative, since both Tumble and Condemn add a stack each, as well as resetting Vayne's attack timer. Here's a few combos of what Vayne can do, and the pros and cons of each one (Keep in mind that Tumble implies that you hit the enemy with the Tumble effect on):

Attack, Tumble, Attack - Basic combo, featured in Vayne's champion spotlight. Can't really go wrong with it, except for cutting the attack animation short and prematurely rolling in front of the enemy. Be careful using this combo, for if the enemy champion is near their minions, you're gonna take retaliatory damage from them the longer you wait. Boots of Speed and Alacrity runes help alleviate this problem.

Just hope that your enemy doesn't stand there and take the brunt of the blow while retaliating, because if they do, you might find yourself at a disadvantage after you trigger Silver Bolts.

Attack, Condemn, Attack - This combo is a ****shoot. It works, and sometimes it doesn't. When it does, you can expect half of the enemy's HP to vanish after the *PING* of Silver Bolts, but if it doesn't you might not be able to make the third shot as you'll push the enemy away. It might, however, be in your interest to shove the enemy away from you, right into your friends or into your turret. Requires good positioning that only either Final Hour or Flash can provide.

Attack, Tumble, Condemn - A somewhat easy combo to use, and relatively safe because it's relatively fast to pull off and pushes the enemy away from you. Really high mana cost to use though, so its best in moderation.

Attack, Tumble (NO ATTACK) Condemn, Attack aka The Kiss of Death - My favorite, and trickiest combo. It's the fastest and safest way to pull off the effect of silver bolts, however it comes at the opportunity cost of using a good amount of mana, for one, and two, it might not work if enemy's are nearby or if you're just a bad shot. Auto attack sets up the first stack, a tumble forward to the enemy sets you up to Condemn their face, and if you click on the enemy fast enough, you should be able to fit another auto attack, making the enemy unable to retaliate and triggering silver bolts. I'm still trying to master this combo, the timing window after using Condemn is so small that it's mostly luck that I manage to pull this one off.

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Final Hour

I hardly use this ability for fighting. Unless it's a team fight, I keep Final Hour primed for ganks or if I'm being chased. It's one of the best escape tools in the game, ranking around Kassadin's riftwalk, I dare say.

The cloaking effect from Final Hour lasts 1.5 seconds as soon as you Tumble. This means that, to the enemy, you could appear anywhere in a circle that lasts 1.5 seconds. Most people like to guess that Vayne is running towards a turret, and that's what alot of Vaynes do. I don't. The juking potential for Vayne is incredibly high, I like to lead myself toward a turret to make the enemy believe that I'm retreating, then pop ulti and tumble into a nearby brush or other fork in the road. They keep on running obliviously.

This also works like magic in areas such as the river where brush is plentiful. Pop ulti and tumble into a brush and in the enemy's mind, you could have gone in five possible directions. It's almost impossible to catch her this way unless the enemy spaces themselves out.

It's also the perfect setup for doing animations. The 1.5 second cloaking window allows me to set up my shot near a wall or such with Condemn, then just focus them down with combos.

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Champion Matchups

Here's my knowledge of specific champions and specific tactics that Vayne has against them:

Anivia - Just tumble out of the way of her flash frost. Easy stuff.

Annie - You can't engage her when her stuns up. Keep an eye on her stacks just in case she tries to combo you.

Ashe - Fairly easy. Stay behind minions to avoid her volley, and just harass her with the KOD/A,T,C combos. If she gets bold and uses Exhaust/Crystal Arrow, just cleanse it and turn the tide of the battle.

Brand - Oh god. He's a nightmare. If he casts his AOE with you in the center, it'll be impossible to tumble out of it. His conflagration doesn't help either, as it's impossible to dodge as well. His skillshot can be your death sentence as well, it's the hard counter to your movement speed passive.

what I recommend doing is sitting back and waiting for Brand to expend all his mana, keeping away from the ranged caster minions. Once he's OOM or his cooldowns are up, you have a very tiny window of opportunity to unload everything you got. In fact, if I end up laning against a Brand, I get a Bloodthirster for lane survival instead of an Infinity Edge.

Cassiopeia - Just keep moving so that her Q doesn't hit you, and tumble out of the way of her Miasma. Cleanse her ulti if you get caught in it.

Cho' Gath - Keep him away by kiting him, Tumble helps a lot against him. If he's too close, Condemn him away. Standard melee approach. Don't forget to tumble out of the earthquakes he creates.

Corki - The KOD combo really excels against him. Once you get in close, he might turn on his gatling gun, but the Condemn afterwards should prevent him from doing any damage at all to you, leaving him to stick his thumb up his *** wondering where all his HP went.

Ezreal - Stay behind minions to avoid his skillshots. KOD combo works well against him too.

Fiddlesticks - Dark Wind is a *****. Try to prevent him using it by doing a KOD combo on him so he uses mana to leech health. If he's leeching health from you or a friend, cancel his spell by Condemning him.

Buttpirate - Make sure you have at least 400 health when laning against him. His really dumb criticals + parrley are devastating. Other than that, standard melee hero approach as any other one.

Karthus - Stay away from minion waves, and keep moving erratically so that he can't predict where to put Lay Waste next. Keep condemn ready for when he casts his ultimate at level 6. Before that, all harassment should use Condemn because he'll have a higher DPS when he turns on his aura + Lay Waste.

Katarina - Stay away from minions, aggressive play works nicely here. Keep Condemn ready for when she pops ulti.

Kog' Maw - Tumble out of the way of his ulti and slow, and you should be fine.

Lux - A champ where Tumble is great against. Dodge her snare, dodge her AOE, dodge her ulti. It's easy to take absolutely no damage from her, but be careful when chasing her, as it lines up a perfectly good shot for her to snare you.

Malzahar - Stay away from minion waves, engage him when his CD's are empty. I don't recommend harassing him after 6 because of his suppression.

Miss Fortune - Keep hitting her so she stops strutting that ***. You'll have a higher DPS than her, and you should be able to nullify her ulti by either staying close to her or tumbling out of the way. Should be an easy matchup.

Morgana - Dodge her snare and harass.

Nidalee - Keep behind minion waves so she doesn't hit you with her javelin. When she morphs, standard melee engagement rules apply.

Pantheon - Condemn > Aegis of Zionia. If you see him charging at you, don't take a chance, condemn him.

Poppy - Condemn > Heroic Charge. I'm not sure if it'll stop her from doing you damage, though, I've not that much experience facing her before.

Rumble - Standard melee engagement tactics.

Ryze - KOD combo works here, but be careful as all his spells are target locked.

Teemo - I ****in' hate this kid. Anyways, don't engage him unless you're confident you can complete a combo. KOD combo excels here, as his blind doesn't stop you from getting a hit on a Tumble-buffed attack, nor does it stop Condemn from doing damage.

Vayne - It's a boots battle. You NEED Boots of Speed x 3 pots against her. KOD combo also excels here too. It's whoever can cut their animations the shortest without compromising their attack prematurely. Rush Boots of Swiftness as well.

Vladimir - Avoid contact with him unless his Q is on cooldown.

I'll add more champions in the future as I gain more experience.

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Summoner Spells AGAINST Vayne

Ghost - Shouldn't work very well either way. Your movement speed should be adequate enough for a condemn and tumble to keep you ahead, and your passive should allow you to keep up with them somewhat. If not, pop ulti. It's a good counter to both situations.

Exhaust - One of a million different reasons why I take cleanse. Using cleanse afterwards should have next to no effect on Vayne, as Silver Bolts still does full damage after the damage reduction effect.

Heal - Just means you have to pull off another harassment combo to put the enemy back where their health was originally.

Cleanse - Might be a nasty surprise when you try to assassinate somebody, but I don't see it compromising Vayne in any other way, as the stun from Condemn is her only CC ability.

Clarity - Might be problematic if the enemy is a caster who target locks.

Ignite - Vayne's bane. Hey, I just made a rhyme there. Anyways. one ignite on Vayne essentially takes away 1/5 of her health. Be very careful if someone casts this on you.

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Jungle Vayne

I personally don't recommend it, but if your team autolocked and you happen to need a jungler, it is possible to do it with the same sets of runes and masteries that I use.

Start at blue (NEED LEASH)

Move to Wolves

Go to Wraiths

Kill golems


Kill red


Refer to Stonewall's video of Jungle Vayne for additional information. My personal critique is that he stands there like an idiot taking blow for blow by the enemy. Use standard melee tactics against creeps, just be sure to finish the attack animations, not run too long, and not go too far as you may lose aggro. Silver bolts stacks usually alleviate this problem when it occurs though, so it's not much to worry about.

Skills - Silver Bolts > Condemn > Tumble > Tumble

Items - Cloth + 5 Health potions. Vamp scepter alleviates the dependency on requiring potions for ganks, but Madreds helps you kill creeps faster, thus reducing damage altogether I personally recommend getting a Sapphire Crystal as you'll be expending so much mana in the jungle, that you might not have enough for a gank. Condemn is critical in pinning enemies on the outer lanes, and tumble is necessary to get into position.

I haven't done Jungle Vayne enough to be a pro, but I've done it enough to know that Vayne's capable of doing it.

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A promise

I'll add more information in the future as I gain more experience and feel like wasting more time.