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Soraka Build Guide by XaviHernandez

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XaviHernandez


XaviHernandez Last updated on January 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Chapter 1

This is an awesome Soraka build, i got penta in the last game with this build.

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The runes gives you attack speed and ap i picked a bit ap because her "Q" and "E" is very important when killing ppl.

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For masteries i picked armor penetration and attack speed and ap. I picked all these masteries because armor penetration is important when you kill ppl with armor. I picked the ap so i can spam my "Q" and make damage, fast.

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For items i start with boots, i start with boots and health pots because i like when ppl have speed, (ANIVIA IS SO SLOW) anyway, i buy health potions because its more important to have health and get minion kills. DONT buy mana potions (BECAUSE ITS STUPID) Getting mana doesen't cost a single penny. You just get to lvl 3 and then you can give yourself mana all the time.

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Skill Sequence

If you are in lvl 3 and have all these 3 spells you can outlane your enemies so fast, if you have a tank/offtank with you you can just get some mana with your "E", heal your tank, or yourself and do the same thing over and over again. When you have laned a bit and picked up minion kills, you can recall. now, start buying phantom dancers. READ THIS!! This build isn't effective if you are playing against champions with Cleanse, fiddlesticks, Caitlyn, fiddlesticks and fiddlesticks. If you meet a champion with cleanse, try to make them use it whenever they can, and DONT silence if they have cleanse ready. If you are playing with someone with stun,silence,snare. Let them stun/snare/silence/fear Kayle (for example) before you silence, and throwing bananas at her. I can guarantee that you will slay them with your bananas in no time.

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Summoner Spells

I pick Heal and Cleanse because if you have summoner heal you will win all the teamfights. With 3 heals and Cleanse and A MASSIVE movement speed. You can't get killed. I can heal my team, then i heal with summoner heal, then i heal Alistar (for example) again!.

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Thanks to:


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Pros / Cons

    You can 1v1 any champion in League of Legends.

    You are not a bird.
    You are fast.
    You can heal 3 times

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Team Work

If you are playing with a tank, remember that he is strong in fights. Try to get the enemies in bad position and then start with the killing. You can bait down enemies with your three heals, but remember, save a heal or two. You'll need heals.

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In low level, stay in the bushes and get the last hit on minions, do not attack minions with high health. When you have farmed a bit (and got some assists or kills) you'll now have 1000 gold. Recall, but recall when you have killed the minion wave and if you have someone in your team in your lane. When you go out of mana, use your "E", you and your tank doesen't have to recall if you play Soraka right.

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Chapter 11


One day in early May, Ted and I made an expedition to the Shattega, a still, dark, deep stream that loiters silently through the woods not far from my cabin. As we paddled along, we were on the alert for any bit of wild life of bird or beast that might turn up.

There were so many abandoned woodpecker chambers in the small dead trees as we went along that I determined to secure the section of a tree containing a good one to take home and put up for the bluebirds. "Why don't the bluebirds occupy them here?" inquired Ted. "Oh," I replied, "blue birds do not come so far into the woods as this. They prefer nesting-places in the open, and near human habitations." After carefully scrutinizing several of the trees, we at last saw one that seemed to fill the bill. It was a small dead tree trunk seven or eight inches in diameter, that leaned out over the water, and from which the top had been broken. The hole, round and firm, was ten or twelve feet above us. After considerable effort I succeeded in breaking the stub off near the ground, and brought it down into the boat.

"Just the thing," I said, "surely the bluebirds will prefer this to an artificial box." But, lo and behold, it already had bluebirds in it! We had not heard a sound or seen a feather till the trunk was in our hands, when, on peering into the cavity, we discovered two young bluebirds about half grown. This was a predicament indeed!

Well, the only thing we could do was to stand the tree-trunk up again as well as we could, and as near as we could to where it had stood before. This was no easy thing. But after a time we had it fairly well replaced, one end standing in the mud of the shallow water and the other resting against a tree. This left the hole to the nest about ten feet below and to one side of its former position. Just then we heard the voice of one of the parent birds, and we quickly paddled to the other side of the stream, fifty feet away, to watch her proceedings, saying to each other, "Too bad! too bad!" The mother bird had a large beetle in her beak. She alighted upon a limb a few feet above the former site of her nest, looked down upon us, uttered a note or two, and then dropped down confidently to the point in the vacant air where the entrance to her nest had been but a few moments before. Here she hovered on the wing a second or two, looking for something that was not there, and then returned to the perch she had just left, apparently not a little disturbed. She hammered the beetle rather excitedly upon the limb a few times, as if it were in some way at fault, then dropped down to try for her nest again. Only vacant air there! She hovers and hovers, her blue wings flickering in the checkered light - surely that precious hole MUST be there - but no, again she is baffled, and again she returns to her perch, and mauls the poor beetle till it must be reduced to a pulp. Then she makes a third attempt, then a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth, till she becomes very much excited. "What could have happened? Am I dreaming? Has that beetle hoodooed me?" she seems to say, and in her dismay she lets the bug drop, and looks bewilderedly about her. Then she flies away through the woods, calling. "Going for her mate," I said to Ted. "She is in deep trouble, and she wants sympathy and help."

In a few minutes we heard her mate answer, and presently the two birds came hurrying to the spot, both with loaded beaks. They perched upon the familiar limb above the site of the nest, and the mate seemed to say, "My dear, what has happened to you? I can find that nest." And he dived down, and brought up in the empty air just as the mother had done. How he winnowed it with his eager wings! How he seemed to bear on to that blank space! His mate sat regarding him intently, confident, I think, that he would find the clue. But he did not. Baffled and excited, he returned to the perch beside her. Then she tried again, then he rushed down once more, then they both assaulted the place, but it would not give up its secret. They talked, they encouraged each other, and they kept up the search, now one, now the other, now both together. Sometimes they dropped down to within a few feet of the entrance to the nest, and we thought they would surely find it. No, their minds and eyes were intent only upon that square foot of space where the nest had been. Soon they withdrew to a large limb many feet higher up, and seemed to say to themselves,

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Ted and I breathed freer. A burden had been taken from our minds and hearts, and we went cheerfully on our way. We had learned something, too - we had learned that when in the deep woods you think of bluebirds, bluebirds may be nearer you than you think.