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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by dude30500

I'm Johnny Mundo!

I'm Johnny Mundo!

Updated on September 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author dude30500 Build Guide By dude30500 3,180 Views 0 Comments
3,180 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author dude30500 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By dude30500 Updated on September 22, 2011
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Hello, welcome to my build, this is my first build on MOBAFire, and I want to share my ideas with people, and people may argue as to what is best, but this seems t win the majority of my games with Mundo.

I like Mundo because hes a big purple hulk who goes where he pleases, and hes like an underdog in the metagame, because people think you CAN ignore him or they look at stupid teir lists. I picked him because when I first played, I thought he was OP, so I bought him ASAP.

I am going to continue working on this build, please give me your feedback. This build is for people who have a bit of common sense and/or know how to play mundo.
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These are my core items, I generally like to build, obviously if they have 5 AD you don't get a Force of Nature, please use some common sense and tweaking to your liking, this is just a solid build I use against a good team comp.

Dorans Shield - The best starting item for mundo, you gain armor, HP and regeneration.

Berserker Greaves - Masochism benefits from percentage stats, like Crit, Lifesteal and Attackspeed the most. 25% attackspeed is alot, when hitting for 100 extra damage at lvl 9.

Trinity Force - yes, this is an amazing item, if you get SHEEN, ZEAL and PHAGE, its not worth the money, but once you spend another 300 for Trinity force it becomes worth every gold. Some may argue that sheen is bad on mundo, mundo hits slow and hard so why not hit with 100 sheen damage when popping E, you will deal 300 damage with 1 auto attack, then cleaver for another 300 damage proc and you will destroy people.
Attack speed is always nice, chance to slow helps alot too.

Warmogs Armor - you will reach about 4000 HP with a fully stacked warmogs, and mundo scales with health really well, I rather get this than sunfire, sunfire is ****.
Ask yourself, how much will sunfire do in a 10 second fight? 350 damage, thats garbage since sunfire retains giant belt (+20) HP bonus and Chain vest armor for an extra 800 gold, its not worth it unless your a real tank. Plus Burning agony plus sunfire means you deal some magic damage but your going to die faster than they are.

Atmas Impaler - If you get warmogs you NEED this item, 4000 HP plus 45 armor and 18% crit is isane, you gain 80 AD for 2355 gold which is basically an infinity edge, with better defense. Masochism DPS will be over 300 which is crazy.

Force of Nature
Sometimes I feel I need a negatron cloak early on then move onto DPS items before completing a FoN. You gain double mundo passive, you get insane regeneration. With the complete items you will be able to Ult when ignite is about to wear off.

Infinity Edge - I remember this being in the old mundo reccomended items, I never got why until I tried it. 50% bonus crit damage is amazing on masochism, and more crits and some AD to top it off, you are going to HIT REALLY HARD!! Some games I play people think I'm a tank and they ignore me or 1v1 me and then I crit them for 800 and get a phage proc and they can't run away and then they are like WTF!!!

And your AD with masochism will be 400. So 4000 HP, good MR and Armor, and 400 AD is amazing, not to mention your hard to CC and can heal yourself back up again.
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People get AS, WRONG, Get 15 armor pen is a must, whenever I lane I deal 80-100 damage per hit to whoever im fighting.

Armor and MR Yellows and Blues i find are the best, I don't need HP per lvl, I dont need 9 extra hp/lvl, does it help my early game? Not really.

HP quints, they are the most versatile, I like these because 80 HP is nice plus masteries and Doran Shield i have around 750 HP, with the Armor and MR runes I'm pretty solid against most match ups.
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Mundo excels at laning, especially 1v1, make sure you get solo top, or else please don't pick mundo for serious gameplay.

Getting E first is a must, Q does 80 dmg and can miss. E is the best AD steroid, stronger than Yi's and has less CD and not to mention it theoretically doubles if your HP is low. So like Tryndamere and Olaf, you can exaust people when your HP is low and you can turn around a fight.

You may lose some lane fights if you don't know how to lane against certain champions. Most champions need combos, so try to be aggressive early on.

Becareful versus Garen and Cassiopeia, I find to have the most trouble with them.
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Pros / Cons

    dude30500 = pro :p
    Great 1v1.
    Good aggresive laner
    High HP
    Best AD steroid in the game
    Best regeneration
    Great at destroying carries
    CC reduction

    **** Ignite, nuff said lol, but you still heal and most champs cant do that so ignite counters EVERY champ.
    Abilities cost HP
    When popping your Ult, you can get bursted down.
    No hard CC
    *REQUIRES A CC Comp*
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League of Legends Build Guide Author dude30500
dude30500 Dr. Mundo Guide
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I'm Johnny Mundo!

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