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Singed Build Guide by jrhawk42

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jrhawk42

I'm not a tank I'm just badass.

jrhawk42 Last updated on October 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why Singed isn't a full tank (or why arguing on the internet is futile).

A lot of people look at Singed's survival skills and assume he can play the role of the tank. Essentially Singed is a bad tank for several reasons. Let me start with explaining the role of tank in LOL. Primarily tanks are thought of being the character who soaks up a ton of damage from the other team. Most skilled (and a few unskilled players) know to avoid the trap of targeting the tank. Modern tanks in LOL now have 2 roles. First is to protect carries, and this is mostly done through CC (crowd control) stuns, slows, or taunts. The second is to lead taking down towers (or baron). Tanks can have several other roles, but I don't feel these roles are things only tanks can do. Any skilled champ can initiate a team fight, or push a lane. Singed has 2 CC abilities, but they are designed more for offense than defense. Singed basically doesn't provide enough CC to viably protect a carry from getting focused. Surrounding your carry in a poison cloud seems like a good option, but your poison isn't a viable threat if you build Singed full tank. So Singed can play the protector role, but he's fairly weak at it. When it comes to taking on towers Singed sucks. He can push a lane great but his attack damage is fairly weak, and you can't exactly poison/fling a tower.

In other words the role of a tank isn't just to be a damage sponge, and that's essentially the only thing tank Singed is good for. Building him w/ higher AP will make him more of a threat, and more likely to be chased.

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Quick Start Guide

These are my typical starting items.

Level this up as quick as possible.

You'll want to build components starting w/ catalyst.

Should always be your first major item.

Full boots are your next item. If you can't out run your enemy you're not a good Singed.

Zhonyas Hourglass for Physical Defense, or
for magical defense.

At this point the "My Lane" stuff should be breaking apart. You should focus mostly on pushing lanes, and then getting back w/ your team (be careful of the route you pick to go back). Never stay solo pushing a lane for very long unless you can see every enemy on the map.

In team fights you have a few options. You can protect your squishier teammates with your poison since few enemy champs will venture into it.

You can try to split the enemy team up by running into the middle of them, and out their back.

You can initiate a fight by flinging an enemy towards your team for focus.

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How to be a pusher.

Pushing for Singed is different since his poison likes to linger. I've found that running past a line of minions and onto the next group is dangerous but pushes way faster than snaking through, and you spend less face time on the enemies mini-map. This is often dangerous though since you're a little over extended in enemy territory.

You'll probably get ganked a lot at first but eventually you'll get a 6th sense on when the enemy team is coming to gank you. Also be mindful of your exits, and your enemies. You'd be surprised how many times you get away running through the enemy base.

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Basically this build is an AP build w/ a focus on AP/resistance items. Most "Tank" Singed builds are harmless when it comes down to it. At 100 AP Signed's Poison does 100 damage per second (70+30) so about 300 damage overall, and if you happen to use fling that's another 400 damage (before magic resist calculations). Now 700 damage might sound like a lot over 3 seconds, but it's more likely to make most champs annoyed more than afraid.

This is such a vital item on Singed there's no reason not to buy it for him.

I always buy Boots of Swiftness. They work well w/ being chased. Some people might prefer Mercury Treads for the Tenacity, but I feel that if you get slowed for 2 seconds instead of 3 seconds doesn't make much of a difference compared to speed buff that's gonna last all game.

Basically these items are your defensive items, and though they don't provide awesome defense they provide you w/ an extra 170 AP.

Rylai's adds even more AP, and it's slow allows you a bit of a safety net between you and your opponents. There is a chance this will cause your character to quit chasing you, but chances are if somebody is chasing you they really think they can kill you. It's also helpful for your team when chasing, or being chased.

I consider Rabadon's Deathcap to be the icing on the cake. This item pushes your AP to 611 (470 + 30%).

Now you're dangerous, and unfortunately you'll probably be focused much more.

Now I'd like to focus on some of the items you didn't buy.

Banshee's Veil seems like a good investment, but I've found most good teams will have a "waste" spell they use to break it. The extra health, mana, and magic resist are nice but don't seem to justify the cost though.

Force of Nature is a great item. It offer's tons of Magic Resist, and can heal a player in about 3 minutes. I'd recommend this item if your opponents are heavy AP, but I don't think it's worth it outside of that.

Quicksilver Sash is basically a better cleanse. I recommend it if AP champs w/ CC are giving you trouble. If the other team has a Morde, or Malz this will completely negate their ult.

I just wanted to combine all these armor items together, and say most the time they are a waste on Singed. Randuin's doesn't really have anything else to justify the price. You don't really have the health for thornmail. Essentially you need 3X your opponents health, and buying more health item is just going to weaken your AP even more. Frozen Heart might be the best item but only if the other team is stacked w/ a couple speedy AD champs.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is pretty standard. Great for Signed who needs to position himself ahead of the enemy most of the time.

Cleanse is an iffy summoner spell. It's long cooldown means you're not going to be blocking much w/ it, but there are those times when you need it.

Not a bad spell. This will allow you to move quickly to a lane w/ little suspicion, or save a tower from being taken over.

I feel exhaust is mostly for 1v1, and Singed isn't a 1v1 champ.

While it can save you from a gank or get you just close enough to your enemy I feel flash isn't as vital to Singed as it is to other players.

If you're really paranoid I guess clairvoyance could ease your mind a lot when pushing far into enemy territory. Overall though I just don't think you need it. Chances are you would of escaped the gank anyway, or you're still screwed.

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Pros / Cons


You'll actually earn your kills instead of just stealing them, or getting assists cause they don't care about your little poison cloud.

You've still got decent armor, magic resist, health, and survival.

You can push lanes better than anybody since you don't have to wait for minions to bunch up.


You're more likely to get focused, and will probably die more.

You have very little ability to heal.

Expensive build (technically your farm should easily earn you a ton of cash though).

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Runes and Skills

When it comes to runes you can almost buy anything that's not attack, and it will help. Want more AP buy AP runes. Want more speed buy speed runes. More defense buy magic resist, or armor runes. I just put in the runes I normally play w/.

Poison Trail is your main skill. Just try to only use it when enemies/creeps are around. Some people like to just leave it run, but there's not a lot of mana regen on this build cause if you turn it off when you don't need it you won't have mana problems.

This item is great for running, or chasing. If chasing try to flip the enemy back into the adhesive for another slow. The cool down is a little long so don't expect to use it more than 2x a battle. I try and save it until I need it.

Careful using fling. If you spam it to much early game you run into mana problems. Also there's always a chance of flinging an enemy outta danger instead of into it. Bad flings will happen since they rely on your positioning and sometimes the enemy may make an unexpected turn, and you turn around cause you're on auto lock for your fling. Before you know it you flipped him outta danger or right into the carry he was trying to kill.

Insanity Potion pretty much this just takes all of Singe's stats and adds 65. Use it pretty much anytime you think you might be taking some damage. While it doesn't make you immortal it does last 25 seconds which is plenty of time most of the time.

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Team Fight Strategies.

There are a few ways you can help your team in a team fight. One is to protect your carries w/ a poison cloud, and adhesive. With the high AP, and CC effects few champions will be able to focus your carry succeed and survive.

You can also focus on flinging an enemy to your team where they will probably be instantly focused and killed. The problem is if you flip the wrong enemy into your team (IE a tank) they'll use to many skills taking it out and they'll be destroyed when the rest of the enemy team comes through.

One thing I like to do is run for the back of the line once the enemy has found their focus. This will likely cause the squishies to run away, and leave the tough guys to fend for themselves. It's a pretty high risk tactic, but it's fun to play Singed in such a crazy playstyle.

UPDATE: I was going to update this build for the new changes on Singed but they really don't effect this playstyle/build much.