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Orianna Build Guide by destroboom

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author destroboom

I'm Still Alive, but You're Not

destroboom Last updated on June 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey Destro here, this is my first attempt at a build. No worries, I've have almost perfected this build to give you high damage output along with great support aspects to allow you to deal ridiculous amounts of damage while saving yourself and teammates easily. Quick note* My play style for Orianna is support first and nuke after, while maintaining proper distance and ball positioning.

I will be adding more sections as soon as possible and will update accordingly.

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Pros / Cons

-Great damage output
-AMAZING harassing early game
-Range/Nuke/Support play style
-Escape and Chase Skills
-Perfect for scouting
-AoE damage that hurts

-Early game mana (however with my build I overcome it)
-When they realize how awesome you are, you're gonna get focused. A Lot

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- Orianna is an AP champ. This is a given

- Helps negate Ori's early game mana issues a bit

- This is my preferred rune for glyphs, as it helps with the early game harassing. However, I've had good results with flat AP runes

Greater Quintessence of Vigor - I go with HP regen to help with her lane stay ability. Feel free to replace this with any defensive quint.

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Summoner Spells

- Perfect to help with your early mana problems. Along with allowing you to help with ally mana pools too

- Great for escapes and going for kills. Nuff said.

I don't feel the need to get Ignite due to the fact that I play as a support and I'm generally with a teammate who can do the damage for me while I assist. As for ghost, Ori's W provides enough of a speed boost to help you get out of a situation or chase easily along with slowing the enemy champs.

If you're following this guide. Get Clarity/Flash. Done.

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Items etc.

- This gives everything you need to handle most situations during the laning phase. HP/AP/Mana Regen. Perfect

After you reach about 1200g head back for boots and pots if needed. However if you are able to maintain control of your lane. Stay as long as you can.

- Should be your first item after you head back. If you are having trouble with CC on the opposing teams. Grab Mercury Treads.

Soon after start working towards your cap. Try to save and get the , however if you are in need of AP quick grab the blasting wand.

At this point most people would tend to grab Tear then go Archangels, however with proper mana usage, you wouldn't need it yet. I usually move towards for more AP and damage. I noticed that most tanks and beefy champs get MR around the same time I would start building my second core item and found that Void Staff really allows you to keep melting faces.

Grab and your mana problems should be near nonexistent. The extra AP given is extremely nice too.

Becomes really nice at this point because you WILL be focused if things are going steady. With its active ability it can help you and your team alive in teamfighs while giving you another big chunk of AP.

Extra or Optional Items

Rod of Ages - While it is good to have earlier in the game, I like it mostly for the extra HP/Mana it gives to allow survivability. +AP is always nice

Frozen Heart - Great armor boost along with CD reduction while providing mana (+AP too if you have Archangel's)

Banshee's Veil - Great for counter CC to allow you to keep on nuking.

Warmogs - A tanky Ori is ridiculously scary. Taking hits while nukeing, shielding and tossing champs all over is always gonna make you smile.

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How to


If you are mid with Ori, you must pay attention to ball positioning. THIS IS A MUST. Use the ball to harass regularly. If you are having trouble hitting or reaching your opponent, try placing the ball to the opposite side you are standing. This allows you to have the ball closer to the enemy champ and allows you to react to any changes while having the ball in place. I usually have the ball behind the enemy minions while standing in front of them. This allows you to keep farming and the enemy champ is zoned out due to your ball being between them and your minions. Keep this up until you can go back and buy your items. HARASSING IS KEY TO ORIANNA. Ori is very capable doing 1v2 however I like to avoid it because you're more destructive 1v1 or 2v1, give the 1v2 lane to someone who needs it more.

2v2 Lane

Use your ball to check bushes regularly. However you do not have to harass as much as you should be using your ball to assist your partner more. Usually if you are partnered with Carry champ I tend to go to full support mode and allow them to get all the kills. Because you will be chipping enemy champs consistently, your partner will have plenty of kills. I have games where I was able to feed my parnter about 10 kills all within the 20min surrender. A great way to position and harass is to place the ball in the bushes while you continue to attack creeps like a normal champ. (Last Hit please) and then send your ball out when the baddies are in a good spot to take some punishment. Scouting with the ball is also key to avoid ganks. Try to obtain lane dominance as early as possible. If you are over extending, I like to send the ball behind me to scout for incoming ganks.

Late Game and Team Fights

At this point you should have at least some of your core items and should be doing chunks of damage. The trick is to keep chipping at the enemy as much as you can because of your ridiculous range. when they are about 30%-40% this is where you shine. Use Q to send your ball in, then quickly use your Ultimate to pull as many suckers in, followed by your W to slow and hurt A LOT, at this point they should all be almost dead and use your E as soon as you W to hurt any charging your way. This is a simple procedure that almost all Ori's use. If you have a nice tanky initiator start off with placing the ball on them with E giving them a big beefy shield along with armor and MR. When they jump in, start off with your Ulti and W, followed by Q to hit any runners, finish up by shielding anyone who is in need. However those methods are for starting or initiating fights, however if the other team starts the fight. SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD. shield your teammates as much as possible. I usually shield whoever needs it most then bounce it off to an enemy with Q followed by W then back to another allied champ with E. Saving the ulti for escaping or killing runners.

Note- Your ultimate pulls champs at a fixed distance. So if you use it when the champ is near the outer limits of the skill it will toss the enemy to the opposite side. perfect for chasing and pulling them back to you and your allies. So sometimes its better to place the ball behind the runner.

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Thanks for reading.

Please vote and comment :D have fun melting faces