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League of Legends Build Guide Author JonkoV92

Im too healthy to kill

JonkoV92 Last updated on February 19, 2011
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after some thought on what to do next I decided that I am going to play with Malphite and because I liked playing Nasus using his passive to its full potential I tried to find another Champion which had a passive that can be builded around so here I am going to keep track of my progress and will try to create the best playable tanking malphite possible.

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Since I have no knowledge of playing malphite this will be my first experience with him there probebly will I be updating this a lot.

Nothing yet....

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Future updates.

To let you guys know what im going to add next I will let it know the thing I will test out on next.

1: Improving Summoner Spells
2: Improving Pros/Cons section
3: Improving Skill Sequence
4: Adding a Farming section

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Pros / Cons

I get at the point of playing him I will submit some pros and cons for him.

A very beafy bulky big bad guy...
will be hard to kill.
if you are not like a kid and know that an assist is worth much more then a kill when playing a tank you will be very statisfeid.

wont deal a very high amout of damage.
need to get the enemie team to focus you.

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some explanation on runes. Since I focus on making to most out of my passive I get some Health runes and defense/resist runes.
9x Mark of Warding I am a tank so I dont want magic damage.
9x Seal of Fortitude I focus on getting as much health as possible.
9x Gylph of Shielding same as for the Mark of Warding only here I get more from a percentual amount.
3x Quintessence of Fortitude same as for the Seal I want to be big and bulky.

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I very defensive and so 21 on defense and 9 on utility I will elaborate on this later.

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First of the Camp:
I go with Ruby Crystal so they wont break my shield with 1 shot.

First time back:
Now I should be able to buy boots of speed and buy myself the Heart of gold and because I buy it early in the game it will pay itself off later on but I buy this mostly for the health bonus and armor.
after this I am going to get Mercury threads so I wont be stun-locked all the time and have some more magic resistance but ofcourse if the other team only has dps and or tanks you should go for Ninjas tabi otherweise go with these.

Next thing I am going to do is get my main item for getting my health to massive size. Which is A Warmogs Armor giving me a total of 1370 health points and 45 health regenerated per 5 seconds.
Now for the next item I am have to take a look on the other team if they do not have any form of casters or magic damage that can harm you I skip this item and save the money to get my main items easier but if the other team does have some firepower in the form of magic you should always get this. the Banshees veil give me a sweat 50 magic resist and 375 health and mana. so this item will also make me a bit more capable to deal more damage since I can spam my abilities for longer. and the nice first negative-spell block is a really but then I mean really nice bonus.

Now as my Core build is finished from of this point I am going to safe money and every time I have 3000 I am going to buy a Warmogs Armor.

Almost every game I can get atleast one Warmogs Armor here the Hp result you will get for every Armor:
1 Warmogs Armor = around 4.000 health points. ( it will give you passive a massive 400hp shield )
2 Warmogs Armors = around 5.500 health points. ( you will only get this if your game taking longer then average. )
3 Warmogs Armors = around 6.700 health points. ( this is almost impossible only got to this point one time in a normal game )

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Skill Sequence

While I am not really wanting to focus on killing anyone but more on making my team survive and soaking damage. this will not be as important as my Items, Runes or Masteries.
I am going take Seismic Shard first to be able to harras the other champions. then I am wanting to take Brutal Strike and Ground Slam and build then both up. Brutal Strike is going to give me some nice splash damage to help me farm a bit and for when I activate it I am going to get a big damage + armor boost which is always helpfull and do not forget you can also use it when you are trying to escape and the other team can still attack you.
And then for Ground Slam which is also a nice farming tool but for champions I find it a bit low on damage although in a team fight this is a really usefull skill which will give a nice full team debuff which give their dps-carry a hard time hitting fast cause of the aoe reduce attack speed percentage.
I will add more soon once I feel like it.

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So how do I actually help your team the most as the tank. first of all I am the one who should be in the fight the first and also be the one who goes out of the fight after all my team is backing up or when we have won the fight. There for I may also be called the initiator since I am going to attack first. There are a couple ways of initiating I can simpelly run to the other team and start attacking and spamming my skills or I can use my ultimate to preform a mass stun on the enemie team which is nice for my team. If I have Flash as a summoner spell I could make a suprise attack and jump on to them from a bush or the shadow. But the choice of how en when to do it is most of the time dependant on how my team and the other team is standing. here are a couple of examples:
Example one: the other team is standing close together.
Choice of initiation: in moment of these its most of the time smart to start strong and use my Unstoppeble force ultimate the area-of-effect stun the whole other team the only time though when I choose not to do this while having the other team together is when they do not have champions capable of stun-locking me or my team for long periodes of times and or many times in the case they do have one or two champions capable of this I 100% choose to use my ultimate.
Example two: the enemie tank is infront and the rest is spread out a bit.
Choice of initiation: I start by running into their tank and auto-attack and using my Ground Slam to give him reduced attack speed thereby lowering his dps. while both team colide in battle I switch to champions who are the most capable of debuffing or slowing my team down. and if I am using this type of approach I still have my ultimate which I then can use to help my team flee out in case we are losing and also make sure fleeing champions of the other team get killed.
Example three: their caster or squishy champions are in the front and there tank and or dps-melee champion is a bit further back.
Choice of initiation: In this case I can do two things I could use my Unstoppeble force to make the casters get killed fast but the only down point of this way of starting the fight when we succeed the fight will be over with them killed only since the rest of the other team is likely to stay back or return to base. however I can also try to get as close as possible to them and start by slowing them and debuffing and plain auto-attacking. and hope we are fast enough to get them down and also this way we are sure the rest of the other team will come to aid so we can also put them down since then when the whole team is together I can use my Ultimate and make us win easier.
It will also come to some fight that will be two versus three or any other combination when my team is outnumbered when this occurs my main objective is to make sure my mate or mates will survive the fight and help them flee at all cost even if it mean I have to die for it which should not be the case since I am a big bulky Rock.

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Summoner Spells

I have not tested them all here I am using Heal and Teleport at the moment which I find nicely fitting in my build. this way I am able to Heal my friends in the middle of a team battle further I can get accros the map a bit easier.

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To come to a conclusion I am going to be a big bulky fat baddass mountain. I hope you like reading this and find it usefull please subscripe if you want to follow my progress I will try to update this daily.