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League of Legends Build Guide Author M3 A NINJA


M3 A NINJA Last updated on February 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is made for Lux the lady of luminocity. It is to make lux an amazing harraser early game and a great killer mid to late game. Due to her stun ability, I suggest taking mid, but if not possible, lane with an AoE. Miss Fortune is a great partner for lux, as Lux can stun the enemy in her make it rain and or her ultimit. This set up can lead to many great combo possibilities and easy early game kills.

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Mark of Insight
This is great on lux because people are affraid of her ultimit which will cause them to stack magic resist. In doing so, this rune selection should either cancel out there magic resist, deplete enough to deal greay damage, or completly destry them.

Seal of Potency
This will boost your ap early game while you are saving up for your ap items. So your harrasment early game could turn into kills or forcing the enemy to recall which gives you time to hurt the tower if you are mid, or kill the other teamate in a 2v1 if you are laning with someone else.

Glyph of Focus
Early game Lux's cooldowns can be a pain, while waiting those 10-15 seconds for it to refresh, you could be harassing even more and or last hitiing minions. So with this cooldown reduction, it gives you more opotunities for kills and gold. It also makes your already short ultimit cooldown even shorter. So you FIRA UR LAZA even more through the game.

Quintessesnce of Potency
This is great on Lux because even though the ap seems like nothing late game. Early to mid game this will make Lux an amazing killer and or farmer. This extra ap really helps her scare the enemy team to throw off their main build and stack magic resist. Which is why we also have magic penatration and another rune set up.

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With Lux it is great to go the standerd mage 9-0-21 mastery set up. This will with her killing abilities and harrasment purposes through out the game. The extra movement speed, mana, and experience gained will help her stay in her lane more without having to recall to many times early game.

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This item build is great for Lux, I had to fiddle with it a bit in games but have finally gotten it down. The dorans ring and health bot to start of with is a great way to lane longer and more efficently with no recalls early game. With the Rod of Ages and Deathcap, you can switch those two depending on the game you are playing. If you are being harrased a lot and having to recall to much, get the Rod of Ages first to help with your health but still help your ap at the same time. You should only get Deathcap first if you are confident that you are doing your job as a harraser and not taking in to much damage. Also, if you are doing farly well early game with kills and assists, then think about getting a Soulstealer. The stacks you will recieve will help you greatly early game, and when maxed out later game, it will help even more. Now since you can only get 6 items, you will have to make a personal choice on which item you will take to make room for your Soulstealer. I would sujest leaving out lich blade at the end as a fully stacked soulstealer is much more useful to Lux than a Lich Blade.

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Skill Sequence

Looking at the skill sequence now, most people like to max out there Q first. WHICH IS WRONG. Upgrading Q only upgrades the damage on impact, not the stun durriation. So max out E first so that you can nuke them with Q-E-R. The E will deeal damage when exploded, and slow while in effect. E can also scout bushes and it reveals the area around when thrown in a bush. This is great to prevent ganks, scout bushes, and check for dragon and Barron.

Combo List
Start with Q to stun them then throw E and let it stay until the enemy is about to leave it. Since Q makes the target recieve extra damage from Lux for a short period of time, you want to stun then use the slow effect of E so you can basic attack as manny times as you can before they excape. So when there about to leave your E radius, click E again to detonate it and deal that extra damage. And if they have low enough health, FIRA UR LAZA by all means and get the kill.

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Summoner Spells


Clarity is a great spell on Lux as she is mana dependent early game and sometimes evenlate game. By putting the clarity mastery on, it allows you help out your teamates as well as your self, so you and your laning partner can longer than the enemies and harrass more.


Heal is basically a early game buff for Lux, it will allow her and her laning partner to lane longer and more efficently. It can also help early game kills, as your teamate can tower dive and if they arnt going to make it out because that one last turret shot os following them, drop your heal even if you have full health and save them. It also allows you to do the same and make ganks less effective against you as you can stun heal and run away.

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Pros / Cons


    Better lane presence early game
    Longer lanning abilities
    Great ganker
    Able to save teamates from tough situations / and your self
    Makes enemy ganks less effective
    Great chaser
    Great runner if being chased

    Not great at getting nutreal monster buffs like golem and lizard (Blue and Red)
    If silenced your useless
    Basic attacks dont deal great damage
    Not good against tanks

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Team Work

This is a great build for saving your teamates butts. You can stun a max of 2 people at once which allow for more running while they are stunned. You can shield your whole team with W and reduce the damage they recieve which is great for finishing off turrets and saving a teamate who is being focused. You can also slow enemies with your E.

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Stealing Barron

I personally believe that Lux is the best for stealing Barron, as she can use her E to scout to see if the enemies are getting it, and she can use her ulti to last hit Barron when it has about 400 hp left.


I was playing a standerd 5v5 on summoners rift and we noticed the entire enemy team was afk. Someone told be to scout Barron, so I did. I went up behind just in case they were there, and I threw my E to scout, and sure enough there was the enemy team fighting Barron. So I waited for them to get him down to bellow 400hp, and I shot my ulti, but I noticed that ther Trundle was tanking Barron recieve all the damage, and he had less that a quarter health left. So I moved a bit to the left so that my lazer would hit both Trundle and Barron, when I was lined up I FIRED MAH LAZA ans sure enough I got the Barron buff and the kill on Trundle.

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Final Notes

Lux is a hard cahmpion to get used to, it will take a long time to master her and become pwnage with her. So make sure to take your time and not rage and never play her again if you suck with her your first couple games. You can only get better. So I suggest you use Lux and she is a fun champion that can be O.P. at some moments in the game.

So remeber.......

When in doubt........