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League of Legends Build Guide Author TGTheEngineer

In-depth Look at Singed

TGTheEngineer Last updated on September 4, 2010
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Singed, a lovely 1350 hero. An off-tank caster who can make you wish you weren't the slowest person on your team. Now I've included three builds I've used with singed. From the first being a standard singed tank, the second being singed as a caster/off-tank, and lastly a lane pushing singed.

The best part is singed is flexible. Sapphire crystal is the basis for most standard and caster singed. It helps you with your mana hunger early, lets you straight build catalyst and it also gives you some health.

Summoner Spell's
Ghost- Always, you will be the fastest thing alive and you'll learn to love this spell.

Ignite- Good for a kill if your going ap, or if they have a soraka/taric/mundo/janna/nidalee

Exhaust- Respectable replacement to ignite if your going tank. Helps blind that carry you just flung, also works as an additional slow.

Teleport- Nice for pushing, saving, or ambushing.

Clarity- If your very bad about mana management early game, you can get this spell.

The rest aren't worth it. Flash is tempting for all the reasons people love flash, but the poison doesn't follow where you flash to, so your fling won't be as powerful.

How to Lane With Singed
Now somepeople think singed is weak early game, couldn't disagree more. If you have a competent partner, preferably a ranged dps with a disable, you should be able to set up first blood. Fling does 90 damage + (1.0 * AP) at level 1, That is substantial damage to a squishy. let alone they are now in a place they don't want to be.

Poison Tail has two great function for laning:
Farming (which Singed is ridiculously good at)
Lane Control

Now people tend to fear your poison, like people fear Nasus's spirit Fire. They think it hurts more than it does and they don't like to be around you when your spreading it.

level 1-3 use your poison moderatly, to keep it in bursts to spread it to weaken the creeps for easy last hitting.

level 4-6 you should be controlling the lane fairly well, starving your opponents, now if they are weak and foolish you should be able to get a kill. If not go back get a catalyst and a pair of boots. You are now on your way to ruining someones day. Check and see who needs help and gank. Yes you can gank even if your tank singed, you have a slow, a disable (fling) and a dot.

I've already discussed team fights. Just remember, you don't want a really late game, because your poison and fling start doing less than desired when the opponents start stacking hp and armor.

*Singed the Tank*

Job Description
Your job is to take the opponents carry and put them in a very bad situation. This is easily done since you are the fastest man alive in Lol besides maybe ghosting Yi. Now you want to grab somebody who doesn't have flash(or arcane shift, decieve, riftwalk). Cause your going to fling them back into your team and throw down Mega Adhesive in one of two spots. Either in front of the champion you just flung, or in front of your opponents team who is running to save their carry.

Now your poison during team fights should always be on, believe me you'll be fine on mana, just grab the golem if you feel your still hungry or your just not up to items yet.

Isanity Potion can be used in multiple ways, one for the speed boost to catch somebody. Two for extra damage during a fight or to push a turret. Third to heal yourself while laning, and lastly to survive morde/vlad/ignite/malz delayed spells.

Rod of Ages- Now i know this is a tank build, but hold off on the "why do you have ap if this is a tank build?". Understand that rod of ages gives you Health and Mana, which gives you more Health. And it adds more over time, a great item. The Ap is just a bonus to make your fling hurt more, and your poison sting more.
Banshee Veil- Now this is more tanky, hands down one of the best tank items ever. Magic Resist, and a decent amount of health and Mana. Plus it blocks one spell ever 60 seconds. Very helpful for survival, and initiating.
Frozen Heart- The most amount of mana your ever going to need. After this you don't need another mana item. Now besides giving you 500 mana, it gives you 99 armor, which again helps your fulfill your duties as tank. Now the cooldown reduction is nice. This makes your fling comeback for multiple flings per fight, and helps keep your ulti up. The aura is also nice, now your opponents carry you just flung attacks 20% slower. Very good item.
Randuin's Omen- This item is great on tanks. It's got health, health regen, and armor. Now the cooldown reduction with that of the frozen heart means your going to be hated since you'll be fling things left and right. Now this also slows attack speed if they happen to focus you, but the active also works nicely as a large aoe slow, to allow you to run among the opposing team and fling the carries, and spread your poison.
Guardian Angel- Now this covers basically the rest of the armor you could need. It also allows you to be a little more foolish and play hero by saving people and risking yourself every six minutes. If you don't like this, sunfire cape works well as a replacement.

Singed The Caster
This is possible since singed poison is the best poison in the game. Teemo's and Twitch's don't even compare, and the fact that fling is 1:1 ratio nuke, makes you a threat. If you get fed, which is highly likely since most won't expect this, you will wreck havoc among the opposing team. You'll grab one of them fling and ignite them in your poison cloud and go for a second kill. With the items I've chosen your still tanky, have a lot of hp, wicked fast and can deal some serious pain.

Rod of Ages- Such a good item on singed, you'll being going 2 of them. That is how important this item is.
Archangel's Staff- Gives mana, Ap, Converts your Mana into AP, and Gains additional mana per spell cast. This is just amazing.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter- So here is some more hp, which is always nice, plus a whopping 80 AP. This is all well and good, but the slow makes it phenomenal. Your fling slows now, so you can save your Adhesive for catching others, also your poison now slows. So now if they chase they die a slow(ed) and painful death.
Zhonya's Ring- 120 AP, Now that means 120 more damage to your Fling, plus the nice ability of 25% increase to your total AP, and the fact that you can go invulnerable for 2 seconds is also great. It's just a great way to end your build.

Lane Pushing Singed
Now you might not destroy turrets as fast as Kayle, Shaco or Sivir, but you'll be doing fine with this build. Your movement speed allows for transferring lanes and escaping the inevitable ganks. I could discuss the items but i'm not solid on them yet. This is something I've been testing and after further results I'll confirm the items and give reasons for each.

Singed is a great hero, who can turn the tides no matter what role he plays.