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Twitch Build Guide by Skullripper

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skullripper

IN-DEPTH The Invisible Killer

Skullripper Last updated on February 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Twitch, The Plague Rat.

A lot of people will wonder: 'Why make a build for Twitch?' 'Why even thinking about Twitch?'. 'Twitch is UP, there are much better AD carries!' 'ARE YOU INSANE?!?!'

Well... lets answer those questions right now:
- Cause many people think Twitch is dumb to play and not many know how to play
- Twitch is since a couple weeks my new main-champion (no, i am not gay)
- No, Twitch is not UP, and yes there are better ones, but not many.
- Maybe a bit ;)

I'll show you why Twitch isn't UP and just fun to play. This guide will give you a look at Twitch's abilities, stats, tactics and more!
This guide will help you get 6 kills in 6 minutes if you play well.

Good luck!

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For runes I take attack damage and attack speed.

For Marks I take: Attack Damage x9: +0.95*9 = 9.55
For Seals I take: Attack Speed x9: +0.76%*9 = 6.84%
For Glyphs I take: Attack Damage x9: +0.28*9 = 2.52
For Quintessence I take: Attack Damage x3: +2.25*3 = 6.75

This gives us a total of:
9.55 + 2.52 + 6.75 = 18.82 Attack Damage
6.84% Attack Speed.

This way you'll get a great boost early game, good for a lot of farming and killing.

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For masteries I take 22/0/8.

22 in Offensive. Mostly for Attack Damage, but also for Attack Speed and Life steal.
0 in Defensive
8 in Utility. Mostly for Movement Speed.

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For items I take: 1x Infinity Edge, 2x Phantom Dancer and 2x Bloodthirster.

I begin the match with Doran's Blade.

After that, I try to stay in-lane till I am level 6. I buy Boots of Speed and Vampiric Scepter.

When you got enough, buy B.F. Sword, Pickaxe and Cloak of Agility and finish Infinity Edge.
Now go for Zeal, Cloak of Agility and Dagger, finish Phantom Dancer
Go for another B.F. Sword and get your Bloodthirster.

At this point, a lot of matches are already finished. Because people surrender, win or lose (in this case, you are Twitch, so you win).

If not, then buy another Phantom Dancer and another Bloodthirster to finish it.

With this build you will get a lot of lifesteal, damage and attack speed.

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Skill Sequence

A lot of people who play twitch begin with the Stealth-Skill. I begin with the Expunge-Skill.

Just keep harrasing enemies in your lane and use Expunge when you think it could be useful.

The Skill-sequence is as following:
Level 1: Expunge, E-Skill.
Level 2: Ambush, Q-Skill.
Level 3: Debilitating Poison, W-Skill.
Level 4: Expunge, E-Skill.
Level 5: Expunge, E-Skill.
Level 6: Spray and Pray, R-Skill.
Level 7: Ambush, Q-Skill.
Level 8: Expunge, E-Skill.
Level 9: Ambush, Q-Skill.
Level 10: Expunge, E-Skill.
Level 11: Spray and Pray, R-Skill.
Level 12: Ambush, Q-Skill.
Level 13: Debilitating Poison, W-Skill.
Level 14: Ambush, Q-Skill.
Level 15: Debilitating Poison, W-Skill.
Level 16: Spray and Pray, R-Skill.
Level 17: Debilitating Poison, W-Skill.
Level 18: Debilitating Poison, W-Skill.

Max out Expunge first, then Ambush and last Debilitating Poison, level Spray and Pray when you can.

Simple as that. ;)

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Summoner Spells

As Summoner Spells I take Exhaust and Ignite.

Ignite in combination with your passive poison makes it impossible to escape from Twitch with low health.

Exhaust will be used for the ones that run away from you. And this will happen often.
Exhaust can be replaced with: Teleport, Flash, Ghost or Cleanse

That is your own desicion.

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Team Work

As in late game, in teamfights, Twitch is a big damage source that could turn the tide in battle.

Just before teamfight, go in stealth. Once the battle begins, go out of stealth, this gives you a huge Attack Speed buff.
Use your ultimate, Spray and Pray, the best way you can. Wait till the enemy is in a group, close to eachother and at that moment, use it. If you think this won't happen, use it at the beginning.

Wait with expunge till your ultimate has been used completely or whenever you think you are threatened with death.

There is propably no need to use your Debilitating Poison. As you won't need it most of the time in the whole match.

If you are lucky, you could get a triple-, quadra- or penta-kill.

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Be sure to farm on minions enough! This is very important, as it always is for a carry.
Try not to push too hard, and watch for the enemy jungler. If you think there is a gank coming up, go in stealth and retreat to your side of the lane or, if you are sure there is no Vision-ward, go in the bush and see if you are supposed to get ganked.

last hit the minions, tell the other champion in your lane to let you farm.

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Because Twitch is a AD carry, he is supposed to go Bottom-lane. Last hit minions as much as you can and hit the enemy champions whenever you can.
Be sure to ask your support to buy Vision-wards to counter the enemy visions. This way you will stay hidden and you can keep stealhting without knowing the enemy you are behind them :)

Try to kill the enemies with Oracle-Elixir first, as they are dangerous for you. But do remember Stealth! It will still give you a great Attack Speed boost.

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Pros / Cons

- Massive Attack Damage
- Huge Attack Speed
- 85% Critical Strike
- Stealth when ganking or escaping
- Lots of kills for you ;)

- Oracle-Elixir and Vision-wards are bad for stealth and ganks/escapes
- Very squishy
- Targeted very fast

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This is the end of this guide.
Please comment, rate and share.

if you have any problems with this guide or do you have questions? PM me!

Good Luck with playing!