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Warwick Build Guide by ScaryPedoBear

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScaryPedoBear

In the Jungle the Wolf Lives Tonight

ScaryPedoBear Last updated on July 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my guide for warwick. Warwick is one of the easier junglers out there for people who are first starting to jungle or even for people that have a higher skill cap of junling. So heres the question of why choose Warwick to jungle. Warwick is a balanced jungler which means that he fills all the roles of a jungler moderately but does not excel at any of a junglers components compared to other junglers. For example compared to Shaco, he has weaker ganks and compared to udyr he has slower jungle clear time. However even though Shaco might have a better ganking potential he is a squishy character but ww isn't squishy depending on the build and still have a moderate way of ganking. This is why ww is a easy jungler to use but, use it right he will dominate the game.

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Pros / Cons

Pros first of all ww has all the potential of a jungler. He can gank, clear jungle f***t, Counter gank against slower junglers. When reaching level 6 you can pretty much secure your first kill if you didn't have one. Ur Ultimate is a cc that deals immense magic damage and with red buff u'll have the slow proc on ur opponent. Then if ur teamates follows up with a bit of cc the opponent will die.

Cons: He does not excel at any part of a jungler. There are other champions that are better at specifics parts then ww. If you gank few times and fail them at early its going to be a struggle to get back up with ur team because, u'll have to constantly be clearing out jungle minons whilst u don't have the fastest clear time and also the ganking potential to put u back up there with ur team.

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Ok so the runes are Greater Mark of strength, Seal of Resilence, Glyph of Shielding and Quints of alacrity. This rune page is close to a normal standard jungling page except for maybe the mark and quints. I choose the Ad marks as it helps jungle faster and for ganking purposes do more damage. U can change ur marks for amour pen marks if u wish and deal more damage to champions or alacarity marks to jungle faster but that is ur choice. For quints i choose attack speed runes as it helps me jungle faster because if you fail ur ganks u need that fast clear time to make up for it

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OK items. People will have different opinions so plz post for other builds. I take 3 pots and boots to start jungling. Why, because the movment between jungle camps is faster and the ghost summoner spell combined with ur boots and red buff pratically makes ur gank succesful. Also if u want to counter invade u can easily but a ward one pot and boots but that is not recommended. Next after enough money build a madred razor because as the junle creeps get stronger ur passive won't be enough to jungle effectively. Then build up a wriggles and a merc tread or ninja tabi according to what u need. Then personly i recommend phage. Why phage,because u will not have tankiness nor cc if u don't have ur ult or red buff so phage can cover those 2 components moderately. Then build onto a wits end for damage. Wits end is an amazing item and deals 42 magic damage per hit. Imagine this combined with ur ult. It would be 5 magic bf swords stabbing into ur enemy XD. Then u can go and build up ur phage into a frozen mallet for further tankiness and cc. After that it is ur choice. If u need more damage fo with madreds bloodrazor, if u need armour go with GA and if u need mr go with banshees. If u build the two tanky items sell ur wriggles for ur madreds.

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Summoner Spells

ghost and flash is wat i like to use. Ghost extreme speed easy to gank with. Why not flash becaue, i think ghost is more of an effective tool to gank then flash casue u have that continous momentem with ur blood secnt. And obviously for jungling it is neccesary to have smite

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So ww might not excel at jungling components to other champions but he will be a good starter jungler or even in a higher skill cap a threat to the enemy team XD Thank you