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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InsertNameHere

-Insert Warwick Joke Here-

InsertNameHere Last updated on September 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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-Insert Creative Intro Here-

Warwick... an amazing champion that can easily turn games around , as Warwick isn't the best champion early game, but mid and late game, He will OBLITERATE his opponents.


PASSIVE:Eternal Thirst:
An alright passive really. For every hit you do, it heals you . It makes harassment for the enemy team very hard, as you are healing off the damage, and whenever oppourtunity strikes, try harassing them with hungering strike too. While jungling around mid game, this will help you lifesteal a lot more than you think, And you WILL notice.

Hungering Strike:
All in all, A very useful move. It allows Warwick, with 400 range, to hurt an enemy champion or minion AND get healed for that amount Paired up with WW's Passive, It will help you jungle a LOT easier. Not to mention, I Oftenly use it to chase down enemies if they're out of range of my normal attacks. 100% lifesteal FTW !

Hunter's Call:
One of Warwick's key skills. This skill allows WW to increase his mediocre attack speed, to an attack speed of a monster ! (especially how this build doesn't have much attack speed) But it's most important purpose, in my opinion, is helping you jungle. With more attacks hitting on a neutal minion, paired up with Madred's Razor, you will be killing them pretty darn fast.

Blood Scent:
This is what makes warwick such an efficant chaser. It gives warwick a movement speed boost whenever an enemy champion is at a certain amount of hp. And that's not all . It gives friendly champions the ability to see that champion. I can truly say, without this skill, Warwick will be a lot more useless due to the sheer fact of how slow he is.

ULTIMATE:Infinite Duress:
This Ulti is simply fantastic. It stuns an enemy champion while attacking it up to six times ! Most of the time, used to initiate ganks, or chase an enemy champion due to it's awesome range of 700 ! It is easily countered with Cleanse and Banshee's veil, so it shouldn't be heavily relied on.


The main item choices are:
-Madrid's Bloodrazor
-Beserker Greaves
-Wit's End/Sword of Divine
-Guardian Angel


Madred's Bloodrazor is a fantastic item on Warwick. It allows him to tear apart tanks with ease, And the attack speed really helps. A MUST have on any warwick build. The next item would be Beserker Greaves, which also help warwick with attack speed, while giving him that little kick in speed to help him run faster. Boots of swiftness shouldn't be bought, because warwick has blood scent anyways, and that attack speed loss sucks too. Wit's Endis my better version of malady. While Malady proves to be useful too, The extra damage of 36 after hitting the opponent is lower compared to
Wit's End's superior 42. And it saps the enemy's mana to boot !Guardian Angel should be your next item after Wit's End because people will try to aim for you after you've been the clear target to take out first. If the team is non reliant on mana, use a Sword of Divineinstead. The armor pen./attack speed really helps warwick. Not to mention it's alright active and alright passive.

The last two items should be either Black Cleaver with A blood thirster, Or two blood thirsters.


I've taken all the nessasary things warwick needs. Basically, he needs that extended minion buff time, and he has one point in greed just for that little extra gold it brings and the rest should go into offense, helping damage output.

Summoner Spells:
My summoner skills of choice are Exaust and Cleanse. Exaust helps me chase enemies / blind them so that little damage is done,(and not to mention the -def helps !) and Cleanse to create more survivabillity for warwick, as he'll be targetted late game.

Other ones you could use:
-Ghost: Extra movement speed helps in chasing.
-Flash:To escape death/ganks, and go through walls like a cool cat . 8D

Alright ones you could use:
-Ignite: Helps warwick finish off champions that WILL try to run.
-Teleport: to help warwick get back into the action faster.
-Fortify:I guess you could use it just in case of a tower getting broken.. and you also get that extra damage on minions.

Not recommended:
-Heal: warwick already has lifesteal, and it seems too much of a waste of a summoner spell.
-Revive:You won't be dying very much. But if you're prone to dying, I guess you can take it.
-Smite: Lol this isn't an early warwick jungling build.
-Rally: I've heard this helps with jungling, but too much of a waste of a summoner spell just for jungling.
-Clarity: Not needed in 5v5 due to golem buff, I guess in 3v3 you can due to warwick's low mana pool early game.(710 @ lvl 18)But you'll be jungling a lot and around late game, it's unoticeable.
-Clairvoyance: I guess it helps to put it down near where you are jungling to look out for ganks, but thats about it.

Runes are fairly straight foreward. Armor pen. for extra damage, while the other runes are for attack speed, something that warwick lacks.

-Around Midgame, when you can solo dragon, get it as much as possible. The exp/gold will help immensely, while the dragon buff will increase not only your team's damage output, but yours as well.( this goes for 5v5 as well.)

-Warwick isn't a tank . No matter how much lifesteal he has, don't play him like he can go run head first into a teamfight like he's god.(Mabye if you're REALLY REALLY fed, but I highly doubt it. :p)

-Try and help your teammates if they look like they're having trouble while you're jungling. The neutral monsters are going nowhere(unless they are killed by opposing champs), and if you're teammates die, it's going to be a lot harder to win

-Even though warwick is such a monster, don't be afraid of relying on your teammates. they're your teammates for a reason . You'll steal their kills, they'll steal your kills, but all in all, they'll help you .

-In early game, after you get your ulti at level 6, try to gank any lane for a quick kill, or go help out your lane.

- NEVER GO MID !! , You need someone to cover the lane while you jungle.

Early Game:
Start off with a cloth armor, and 3 health pots. You should always get hungering strike first. Proceed to gank, or wait for minions to spawn. You should be able to harass the opposing champions with hungering strike, while healing the damage the opposing champions have harassed onto you by healing off the minions. After you get 700 gold, Immediately recall back and buy madred's razor. You should be at least level 3 now, and have Hunter's call. Proceed to jungle the hell out of everything, by starting out on golem (5v5) and anything(3v3). You should also help your lane partner after you get your ultimate by ganking the enemy team.

Mid game:
By now, You should have enough for your boots, and starting or finishing Wit's End. Your team's level should be slightly ahead of the other team and now it should start to notice. Just continue to jungle and be sure to help your teammates gank whenever they ask, as you could easily reach them while in the jungle. When you initiate a gank, there are two things you can do:

1.Use your ulti right away to try and take out one champion first to make the gank much easier.
2. Use your Hunter's call and attack them right away, while spamming your hungering strike. If they try to run, Ulti them, and Hungering strike them/Exaust them.

By end of mid game, you should already be finished your Bloodrazor, or almost done.

End Game:
By now, if they haven't realized, the enemy team should know who their biggest threat is now, and will try to gank you first. With Cleanse and Guardian's angel, You should be perfectly safe, especially with your passive and your Hungering strike. It should be Good Game now as you shouldn't be scared of anything now, but if the game progresses, throw in a black cleaver and/or Bloodthirster to secure the win , and carry your team to victory !

Well, -Insert Clever Ending Here- and hopefully , your end results shall be as good as mine.
*Minor changes that have been done:
-Fix up on "Good Hands" mastery
-Changed up skill sequence a bit.