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Riven Build Guide by GaolDfa

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GaolDfa

Intruduction And Advanced Riven, The Exile

GaolDfa Last updated on September 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Guide Top

Oh , Yeah...

"Riven Is Patetic"
"The Only Role Riven Is Able To Take On A Team, Is Be Useless...
"Oh.. Cmon! She Just "Ks" With His Ultimate, And Then Rans Away"

You think that thats all? Oh, No, It is not...

"Patetic Harras"
"Bad lanining phase due to no sustain"
"A bit too squishy"

Okay my friends, Let me be blunt, This are all wrong statements, or atleast, statements made without a objetive and clear look inside this "little" girl...
For example, JUST , an example... It is easy fix the sustain "problem"... wanna know the magic trick? Her passive, and just 12% life steal...
But, im an optimistic guy, and i want to start with the good things about this champion,
So.. The goal of this guide and build, is show you another way to play riven, giving you suggestions and tactics about what to do, and what to dont do with her and her usefull skills, Sinse now, Thanks for reading

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Change log (I had to put it somewhere...)

Sunday, 9 / 18 ----> build published
Monday 9 / 19 :
- Some grammar fixes, and code fixes, like headings(Thanks friends)
- Added "Basic Strategy" chapter,
- Got my first up vote!
- Got my frist down vote =3

Wensday 9 / 20 :
- Added "Ninja Tabi" Sub chapter on Items chapter (Thanks Phantomopera12[Just wondering,is he 12 years old?])
- Added "Why i suggest this skill sequence" subchapter on Summoner Spells, Summoner Actitude(? And Riven's Skills (Thanks again Phantomopera12)

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The Good Things,

Totally Cold Down Based

Oh yeah, This is good, why? because when you cant run out of fuel, on a lane, you can use your skills to quick farm and push, with level 3 broken wings, and level 3 ki shout, you can farm without any trouble the little mage minions, and then use runic blade to farm the knights...

Hight Mobility

Riven moves inside, outside, from the frank, inside the jungle, outside in the lanes, like any other champion... oh yeah, but she can also use his broken wings combo to move even faster, she can use valor to go inside and outside from a teamfight , save his teammate with a lifesaver stun, and then run away with brokenwings, and well, of course, she can use valor to move faster =3

Suits well, In Any Situation

Do you need a fighter? You have Riven, Do you need a heavy dps? You have riven, Do you need an assassin? You have riven, Do you need an ap nuker? Okay, you dont have riven...
Riven is able to attack from the frank, From the back, from the front line, Or stay on hold and chase the ones that ran away... THAT makes her special to me...

Guide Top

The Bad Things, True and False

Hard Lane Phase

Riven, is not an agressive champion at early, "WTF ARE YA SAYIN' MAN ITS RIVEN, RIVEN MAN , YOU NOOB" Yes, im a noob, but you are a ****** my friend... let me repeat myself, so you understend better, Riven is NOT an agressive champion at early, the key , with riven, and with all characters(in my opinion with all, but with riven it is a must) is to play with your opponent mistakes, stay at defence, and then make a heavy counter when they give you the chance, and if they dont give you the chance, you can farm minions...
Doing this tactic you will farm, you will get kills, and it will be impossible for you or your parthner, to feed
The crowd of riven players just grab his broken sword , and starts pushing and dealing damage and rawr rawr rawr, and they end up with 200 hp, without being able to farm,

To Deal Damage, You Must Take Damage


This happens almost with all melee champions, but with riven it happens always, and this is what makes you think twice before ingate, even if you have a pro tank, you will take damage, and , i dont recomend regrowt at early, why? because you will need that few gold coins for other things, that in the end are more important, THATS a big problem with Riven

Low Damage At Early

Yes, Its True, VERY sad, but True, an early Riven must choose, between deal damage, or last longer in the lane, Phage is the only thing that really helps you with both of that things, but after it, you must take one path, If you buy a vampiric scepter, you will not deal extra damage, and the lifesteal is not going to help you on a battle, but it will help you staying on the lane, But, if you dont take the scepter, and get a sheen, you will deal alot of damage, BUT you will lose that lifesteal that really helps you, and , Let me be blunt, without that sheen(yeah, you can grab a pickaxe, but it will not have the same effect) you deal a very low damage

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Summoner Spells, Summoner Actitude(? , And Riven's Skills

Summoner Spells

Ignite + Exhaust = Yeah, this will let you get the kills, save yourself from heavy enemy dps, catch up the ones that ran away, and deal some extra damage, **** up mundo, fiddle, and save your team from tryndamere.. but... yes.. but...

Ignite + Flash = Gives you EVEN MORE Mobility, and thats what makes Riven an interesting champion, you dont need that extra hand from exaust against melee dps, why? because you have your stun, THAT stun will save you, plus, the last hit of broken wings that pulls them back, Also flash lets you catch that veigar that runs away with 200 hp and bang! wind slash, and after that you use your broken wings to run away , or finish the rest of the enemy team
Yeah, the summoner's spell choice is really subjetive, This is what i suggest, because i dont like ghost, but some do, and some people HATES ignite, so well, dont take it =3

Riven's Skills

Yeah, maybe i should start with this, but the truth is that i wanted to skip it... why? if you are reading this guide maybe you know what their skills do, and there is no "magic" to do with them, i explained it all on the guide, and if i didnt, i will... =3 but meh

Broken Wings : This combo is wonderfull , beautyfull and gracefull , oh yeah, This thing lets you deal damage, run away, and go inside and out from teamfights, this also helps you to take away enemy dps, or if you do it very well, shatter your enemy formation, and of course it deals a decent ammount of damage, but the most important things,

Ki Shout : Save your allies, Save Yourself, Get a kill, Farm minions, Shout like leonidas, What else do you need? This skill lets you do all of that, the stun makes Riven exelent for counter dps champions, remeber that friend

Valor: This skill lets you surprice your enemies, just do it, hit, stun, hit, and , my friend, you harrased

Blade Of The Exile: ALWAYS remember to toggle it BEFORE your combo, This skill is exelent for riven, it lets you waste your gold on some survivality items at mid game, because you have this extra damage, but , dont waste too much, because the extra is a % so, more you have, better

Wind Slash: If you were an inuyasha fan on your childhood, you will love this move, and if you werent, you will love it anyways! this thing lets you secure alot of kills, catch fleing foes, and deal some overall damage, and dont be afraid to use it soon! because it will not turn of your blade of the exile =3

Skill Sequence, The Key To Glory =3

No, im not religius, But on an expencive build, you need 2 things 1) Actitude 2) Gold, alot of gold...
So, Let me remember something whats the key strategy of this build? Play defencive, If we play defencive, we play with our opponent mistakes =3 that means that if they make alot of mistakes, we will get super fed , and get alot of gold and kill them all... but it also means that sometimes, we are not going to get fed.. but we will get alot of gold and kill them all anyways, wanna know why? because we will farm alot... How? Using this skill sequence...
Listen to me, if you are just half runned, with a phage and level 3 brokenwings, and level 2 ki shout, you can farm the 3 caster minions, and then get enougth runic charges to last hit the poor knight minions, that are already damaged by our brokenwings, THIS is why i choose this skill sequence...
Yeah, i notice that i totally underestimate valor, But, i already sacrifice alot of damage on the build... so , we have enougth survivality, we just need valor to dodge things like morgana's dark binding, Spear Throw from nidalee, or Pwnmundo Cleavers(yeah, even pwnmundo cleavers) we need maximise our power at the battlefield! and our utility ! and the shield actually make us last a bit longer, but i prefeer stop sacrificing damage, Friends, it is a matter of tastes i just give suggestions =3

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Item Build

DONT look at the recomended items, DONT look at others rivens DONT for god sake, DONT buy manamune =3 Use your brain boy...

My build is abstract. what ever that means, Its a bit revolutionary, why? well, i saw other rivens playing, and they never built like this, i took a look at some guides before do this one, and they dont recomend this, but lets take a closer look

If you are lanning with a tank, you start with Short Sword why? it gives you damage output, your tank will take the damage, of course you will, but if you use my strategy that extra damage will really help you, because your Runic Blade, Short Sword really helps riven, If you dont lane with a tank then you grab a Ruby Crystal
after that item you rush to Phage why? well, the passive its cool if you feel lucky, but phage gives you survivality and damage, exactly the two things that riven needs
keep playing defencive and after your boots you get a Sheen yes, a Sheen

Lets see what this cool item gives to us..

+25 ability power
+250 Mana
Unique: On cast, for 10 seconds, your next standard attack deals extra damage equal to 100% of your base attack damage. 2 second cooldown.

"WTF MAN YOU NOOB, WHY THE HELL YOU NEED MANA AND AP ON RIVEN? YOU WASTE GOLD, YOU NOOB, MORDEKAISER NUMERO UNO, HUEHUEHUE" Okay, my friend, i actually dont care about the colorfull things, i care about this
Unique: On cast, for 10 seconds, your next standard attack deals extra damage equal to 100% of your base attack damage. 2 second cooldown.
THIS, gives you THAT extra damage output you need on riven, and, it BOOST your passive, because, the idea of Riven is HIT after your SKILLS, so, if we are going to do that, lets try to MAX the damage we can do, so grab Sheen, and take a look to how much your damage rises
Okay.. after we buy Sheen we upgrade our boots, To what? Ninja Tabi, or Mercury Threads, Is up to you, and your opponents...

Ninja Tabi?

Thanks alot for your comment, Friend
Okay, yeah, Some people dont like Ninja Tabi, and i understend them very well, Take a look at that poor boots, They are ugly and champions are supposed to be cool, arent they?
Okay, enought with the trolling, Ninja Tabi are actually viable, The build is expencive, but maybe thats not an argument sinse they are only 300g cheaper, a NICE argument is that they give you survivality, and an early riven must choose between 2 things, Survivality and Damage,
Mercury gives you Tenacity, It is really cool, because you will be resistant to CC , but, if your team doesnt have CC , then grab Ninja Tabi, without ANY doubt, let me repeat myself, ANY doubt
Ninja Tabi gives you armor, You will get focused, ALOT, by enemy dps, like yi, like xin zhao, and the worst thing, Your WORST enemies, AD Ranged... Caitlyn, Ashe, Tristana, you are going to HATE them...(We need a male archer, dont ya think?) their crit will totally disable you, constantly damaging you while you charge against them, The problem is not on 1 vs 1, because well, you combo, use your ultimate, and problem solved, but on teamfights they will become a heavy problem...
So, Ninja Tabi gives you some extra armor, and dodge, That dodge will help you, not only against this annoying womans, but against minions, yes , minions =3 The minions will sometime deal damage to you, heavy damage, and Rivens's lane sustain is something that shines because it is not there(unless you buy a vampiric scepter) so, if we want to max damage, and get survivality, without wasting gold on a vampiric scepter at early, Ninja Tabi is a nice option
Take a look at this ugly boots, friend, Profit everywhere(forget the Tenacity thing =3) even on the gold! 300g cheaper, i can actually buy a nice cellphone with that, so dont be afraid, and buy them

Why not the Ionian Boots?
Simple, because we are going to take damage, And if you die , 1) you can deal damage , 2) you give gold to your enemy 3) you give 1 less champion to your teammates for some seconds... YES, YES, i know that Riven is only cool down based, and that Cd reduction will help her ALOT , but, we must focus on stay alive, and be usefull first...
So, now you can do two things, or three if you are feed...
1) Buy a Bf
2) Upgrade To Trinity
3) Buy a Pick Axe

Trynity Force

Here we go again...

"you have triforce (riven is a cd champ, mana is useless so is ap) gg wasting gold there"(comment extracted from another build, not going to give the name of the guy that said it ._.)

OKAY, my dear friend, CONGRATULATIONS, what you said is great, Mana is actually useless, Ap is actually useless, and wanna know something? it makes veigar ultimate deal more damage to you, so it is MORE than useless...
We buy trinity, because we WANT the hp, we WANT the damage, we WANT the Upgraded Sheen passive and, We WANT the attack speed and the critical chance, yeah, we want it
Why critical? because BETWEEN our skills we are going to use autoattack, and that autoattack will have 150% more damage of our base attack, PLUS a critical hit =3 my dear friend, Trinity is a good item...

After our trinity we will buy a bf, if we already have a pickaxe, better, if we dont, then buy it =3 and upgrade to trynity
With this 3 items, we have enougth damage output, and some hp, now, what do we do Gaol? well, thats a nice question, because i played 10 games ( it was sunday =3) and i just finished my infinity 5 times... That means that my games are really short, that i dont farm well, or it means that our items are too expencive... Whatever, FROM NOW ON, this are will guesses but , i will update the guide later, maybe next saturday, after play all the week with her...
I tested start with regrowt, and it didnt worked, i tested but philosopher sooner, and it didnt worked, so... we are going to go for Shurelya's Reverie, (What? it has mana regeneration?.. oh sorry, well, dont buy it.. stack more damage...) We are going to buy this item, because it gives us a nice ammount of hp, cd reduction, and hp regeneration, and the BEST thing, its active, yeah, this active give us MORE mobility, to gank, move and support our team faster, and also, push lanes faster, and alot of things, faster =3 and whats the magic of riven? her mobility
If we finish that we will not search for more critical, and some lifesteal, Executioners its cheap, and gives us that little critical and that little life steal we need
After all that items, Now, my friend, You can stack damage, i never tested Yoummus, because i dont like it, but its a personal matter, i see it very good for Riven
*updated* I tested the full build on a long game... Guys let me tell you that Shurelya's Reverie gives you that survivality that you need, and the active is just wonderfull, if you need to get somewhere really quick, for example, a poor tower being sigued by a huge riot of angry minions, you have Shurelya's Reverie , If you need you save your teammate from an angry poppy, Shurelya's Reverie saves him, and gives you a kill =3 its just profit everywhere.. okay, dont look at the mana regeneration, k?
Then i grabbed an executioners, The lifesteal helped me to sustain on pushes, because my crits deal a big ammount of damage i regenerate alot, also the active helps you to get rid of mundo(never tested on pwnmundo)

Guide Top

Basic Strategy

"Valor is NOT an escape. and you stop moving after using valor you gain no ground. and broken wings is also NOT an escape"

This comment is from the same guy before, let me tell you HERE that you know nothing about riven, This my friends, is FALSE , you can place yourself on very nice places inside a teamfight after a teamfight and before a teamfight with valor , you can sacrifice some damage, and place yourself somewhere else with brokenwings , doing an small jump,
Let me do an example, you can ingate from the side, just using your last attack of broken wings, This will shatter the enemy formation, and then, ki shout, to stun, and give your team more time to ingate and take adventaje of this situation... after doing this technique, i bet my balls that you are saying "Wtf man you mad, We are now in the middle of the enemy! brokenwings on CD, Ki shout on CD, you want us to deal damage with them using valor?" yes guys, i want you to deal damage with them using valor, how? my friends, with all that moves you must have runic blade charged, and valor triggers trinity passive, so valor to the back of your enemy team, and hit people until brokenwings and valor are ready to use , Trigger your Blade Of The Exile! hit everyone! and then use Wind Slash to finish off your enemies! wha? i make it sound easy? well, is not easy, because, your hp will go down, and we are not playing Diablo 2 so, remember to dont die, if you are going to die, flash away, or valor away, or... run away... because with 200 hp and your ultimate up you are still usefull! you can use wind slash, so run away, and then go back , and take a look about what you can do =3

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I will say the truth, Im not a hight elo player, im not a super competive man, yes, i did a dps soraka and had a terrible score, but i builded a dps sona and scored a decent positive score... and, the truth is that i dont have alot of runes, so, i dont have experience with runes, so im not going to comment anything about something that i dont have experience,
Just use your brain, Armor penetration, Flat damage, and, if you want, some hp regeneration quintessence, but i dont prefeer them

Guide Top

And, This Is All

My friends, this is my first guide, i found very agressive to me and others Riven players how they call her an unsuccesful champion, thats why i wanted to make this guide, Im sorry if i miss some details, like colours, and all that things, im just not used to this =3
"Are you going to make more guides?" No idea, Maybe =3
"English **********er, Do you speak it? Yes, hopefully, But im not english, so i have mistakes , You will find some mistakes, i hope not many, Please dont be mad, and if you dont like the mistakes, you had other Riven guides on mobafire
Mordekaiser es numero uno, huehuehue" Not anymore my friend, He got nerfed, Huehuehue...
Thats all, I hope you all have enjoyed reading my guide, and i will enjoy your commments... Good luck =3 and have fun =P