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Build Guide by Shinshana

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shinshana

Irelia, A little bit of both never hurts!

Shinshana Last updated on November 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Irelia is definitely an interesting character. She has no ways to get out of trouble however so early game you must be cautious. Stay behind the minions while trying to get last hits in.

Strong mid-late game pusher
a strong assassin/ganker
Easy to ninja towers
Can jungle early or mid-late game efficiently
Strong aoe for clearing/farming minions
Great chaser

Very easy to kill early game
Does not shine to mid-late game
Starts very slow, cannot feed that well
has no ways to escape easily

Okay, the basics. Irelia has alot going on with her character. She benefits greatly from attack speed because of true damage. At max level true damage adds 75 extra damage to your attacks. Her Q aka Bladesurge scales 100% with physical damage and her E Equilibrium strike scales 300(at max level)+100% ability power.

Skill order: People will question me saying that hiten style should be maxed sooner. I personally disagree b/c ES and BS are stronger nukes that should be maxed. Generally you want to avoid fights until atleast level 11ish. At level 13 you start maxing hiten style. I can definitely see where it is great to max early, but this build focuses on our 2 nukes so they come first. Do not forget to activate HS during team fights and tower kills, it adds so much damage in that burst and just compliments our nukes.

Her ultimate is not what makes her great. Unlike most characters, she isnt centered around her ultimate, that is simply a harass, farming, initiating, or chasing ability. She is a nuker and both her Q and E can hit VERY hard.

Most people grab a doran's shield early game but I generally do not, it is personal preference.

I grab:x2

My first trip Back I completeand begin working onfirst and for most. Again, Irelia scales with AP/AS/AD, and a good balance of all 3 is what you want. It does not matter what order you get them in to make it though.

Now the bread and butter of the build,This item may seem weaker then gunblade, but upon looking at it, it gives EVERYTHING YOU NEED. AP/AD/AS/HP/MANA/SLOW/NUKE PROC, I mean it is game over.

Generally if you make it this far you are doing well, and now is time to start working on,This item gives more attack speed, some more AP, atm you are heavier on AD then AP, and CD reduction+mana regen. This just further synergizes your build. Apparently your Q and E double dip spell vamp/life steal of gunblade, not sure if this is intended or not tho. That being said, nashor's increase attack speed so more damage from true damage and more life steal, also AP and CD reduction is godly.

At this point your living well, probably at or around 12-15 kills and want to get more awesome. Well then we move ontoAgain this just adds more synergy to the character. Ap/AD and a proc on melee hits to add AS/AP. Now your at or around 250-270 AD, 230-250 AP, and 1.9 speed. You are not unkillable but you are a killing machine and if not focused their team is done for.

To help avoid death I always like to add in aAlthough you could go warmogs or sunfire depending on what your up against. Heavy tank? go last whisper, Heavy MR? Go for void staff. A few options here.

Going back to her ultimate. It is very clunky and can be very difficult to master. Even myself have had issues using it properly in team battles. Do not be discouraged, it is easy to use chasing people though. Her key abilities are Q and E not her ultimate.

Runes: I chose all AS runes except yellow I went CD reduction. Remember she is a CD based nuke, but has enough AS/AD to hold up between attacks, unlike katarina. Testing a few combos this seems to be the best overall.

As for masteries, I have no offically come to a conclusion on those yet, right now 9/0/21 seems to be working great. I've also tested 21/0/9 but it did not fit my place style.

I know this guide is not perfect and there are other viable ways to play Irelia no doubt, but I feel this is the most fun way to play her. Hybrids arent always the best for everyone tho, but being a strong melee/caster is fun, especially since you pretty much cannot die 1v1 with this build, I took out a twitch who was fed 3 times as much as I was(he had 31 kills I had 13), 1v1 when he tried to gank me i just owned his face.

Be aware though, irelia is very weak especially early game, farming minions and avoiding unneeded deaths is key to get yourself to a solid mid-late game where she shines!