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Irelia Build Guide by Aserelampadaire

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aserelampadaire

Irelia: A tanky assassin

Aserelampadaire Last updated on October 14, 2011
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Introduction : Irelia in dominion

Irelia is a fun character to play. She has very good survivability but can also do lots of damage. After all, she is an assassin: so you can quite easily take down most squishies. But no - she is NOT an assassin made to burst down anyone like akali does. Therefore, she should not be built as one neither! Her passive gives you some form of mobility, which can be quite usefull to both chase down or get away from someone. Irelia is supposed to be quite tanky so she can easily survive some burst damage - your passive won't do you any good if you get bursted down in 2 sec.

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The armor pen. marks and quintessences are absolutely necessary if you want to be any threat early game, since your first items will be defensive items. The armor seals should give you some survivability since your first items only have magic resist. The cooldown glyphs are mainly lategame oriented because as Irelia you remain on your triforce to do some damage. Together with your spirit visage you will get a nice CDR which will allow you to stun more frequently and spam more abilities.

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Remark: please don't follow this build blindly - adapt to your team e.g.:
Mercury's threads are an easy choice if you go top and the other team is heavily ap-oriented. Of course, if their team is all physical damage these won't do you so much good, so you should opt for some armor and basic boots. Just look at the enemy team and decide what you need most.

But in most of the cases the teams are quite balanced, which means that if you want some survivability early game you'll need some health to survive. A good choice here given the build is a Kindlegem, it gives you health and 10%CD. Combine it with a simple pair of boots and a few potions and you shouldn't die too easily at the start. Your boots should be your first item to upgrade into a pair of Mercury's Threads.
Since we took some armor runes we shouldn't be needing to stack armor too early in game, so at the start you basically get two choices on Irelia: Do I go for more burst damage or do I want more survivability?
If you think you're ahead in the game and winning you should definitely go for the damage. Buy Sheen first and follow up by a Phage. After that you should consider upgrading you Kindlegem to a spirit visage before finishing your Triforce.
If you're losing a Sheen won't do you much good since you won't be able to burst most of your enemies. You need survivability first: finish your Spirit visage and buy a phage. Just build your Tri force after this. But, if you feel that you are still too squishy while building: don't hesitate to buy a giants belt - you really need to be able to stay alive as Irelia!

Once you finished your Triforce on Irelia the game gets fun. Tanky tanky tanky! Your Triforce will give you most of your damage output combined with your spells and if you build tanky your survivability will make sure you get the most out of your abilities like equilibrium strike. (At lvl. 18 with a spirit visage you will have a stun every few seconds whenever you're down in a fight!)
So you can either go Warmogs, which will make you a big piece of meat which is hard to burst down. I do prefer to take either Randuin's Omen or Odin's veil since they have very useful actives. Just look at the enemy team which of the players is most threatening and choose armor or magic Res. to counter him. Also, both items give you a decent amount of health, which is always nice!

This should make you very tanky but you'll still be able to do a lot of damage thanks to your Triforce & abilities.