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League of Legends Build Guide Author Feroz

Irelia (AP + AS - mid & end-game pwnage)

Feroz Last updated on November 18, 2010
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This is the build that I've been playing a bit with, and I'm not saying it's the best or anything like that. But I myself prefer playing AP Champions, and hence why I've made this mostly melee champion into a 50% magical & 50% physical dmg champion.

Summoner spells
It can't even be described how much Ignite helps you with kills especially in early game, and we all wont those kills to get more items. I find that a Q+E+W will send them running far and mostly exhaust you, then you can pop exhaust and ignite. And sometimes They will even stay with 50% or less health, this is a big mistake when playing against any1 with ignite, especially Irelia with her burst.
I suppose I went ahead with ghost instead of flash, even though I'm a flash-o-holic, because when I get to mid-game especially, being such a good farmer and having very good dmg to turrets aswell, I often do need it as an escape-mechanism. It really helps, I mean they can exhaust you or whatever they want, you're still gonna get away unless they stun.

I've gone over to a full offensive build cause it ended up making a lot more sense with the change of summoner spells aswell. And I find I almost constantly have Ignite on CD, so +10 AP is always great, and since she does decent both magical and physical dmg with this build, the offensive masteries are perfect for her.
Now the last one i picked in Utility, some ppl might wanna use in Greed (6 gold per minute, makes you 270g in a 45 min long match...) and though this isn't a jungling build, she can easily go take the buffs, and I LOVE getting the golem buff. Means I can spam my spell even more, and not worry about mana problems.

Mark: Well you know people are gonna have some kind of defense for you cause every1 hates to be bursted down, so get the magic pen runes, they are your friends.
Glyph: CD reduction is so wonderful, which is why I have a lot in my item build aswell. Seriously, when you play her like this, and you start to see you skills being available all the time, you won't regret the choice. It sucks chasing someone down and thinking "I COULD HAVE HAD HIM IF Q WASN'T ON F****ing COOLDOWN!" - Well now you can have him!
Seals: Health, It might not be the best in everyones mind, but she is as squishy as Akali, but has no defence mechanisms, so that extra health really helps you out, and it gives you such a laugh to survive with 100hp when you know your runes saved you (:

Playstyle & rotation:
It's important to keep in mind that you are a squishy target with lifesteal, but non the less a squishy target. So don't tank or initiate against a team. Your job is to stay in the back and then when the battles begins you pop in and burst down an enemy, making them think OOH Shiit.
- When you enter a battle you should normally enter with a Q+E+W rotation pref on a squishy target or whoever your team is focusing. After that you should pop your ulti instantly since it with this build does a LOT of dmg. And even better, the CD should be REALLY low, with Golem buff we are talking 21 seconds. And in a teamfight, obv unless you get targeted, you should keep auto attacking since that is still really strong for you.
- You can also chose to stand at a distance and start out with your ultimate if you feel like the enemy team is in a good line (:

A few tips:
- When you do chose your skillorder, don't follow any guide point-blank. Adjust it to your situation. Are they two ranged harrasing you? Go up in hiten-style and play defensive. And when you feel like you're ready to gank the squishyness out of them, get your Q & E and signal your laning partner.
- Don't be a hero. She can't survive ganking any other way than avoiding it, and she can't survive intiating a fight, without her Zhonya's (which should be used differently). Use your brain and suprise your enemies, dont let them suprise you.
- Playing vs a Melee: Use your speed to your advantage, burst them, hit them up a bit with W if you like, then run away, then burst again etc.
- Playing vs a Ranged: They are normally squishy, so burst them and go all our with auto-attack etc & Ignite. Now if you don't think you can take them in one, well go into a brush, cause ranged shouldn't follow you there, and if they do. Gank them. If they don't, wait to burst them again & they should be dead.

Here is a pic of my latest matches using my own build. They were all solo que except from the one with the bad score o.O.It was requested i uploaded pics of my kills, but I normally don't have time to take a pic while playing, so this is what you get (:

This is my first build I've made in here, and I've only had a few games with Irelia, so be constructive please.. And I am gonna add more to items and playstyle etc if the interest is there. Obviously if every1 hates the build, I'll wont waste more time on it.

Roger and out (: