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League of Legends Build Guide Author KrYoS

Irelia - AS/AP/AD kill 'em all

KrYoS Last updated on November 17, 2010
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As should be obvious, there are a number of ways in which to play Irelia. This build is focusing on a mix of attack speed and ability power, amongst other stats in order to take advantage of the 100% AP scaling that Equilibrium Strike, without gimping her normal and Q attacks. Four of the core items have both AS and AP on them, while a couple also have AD and throw in some mana regen and 25% CD reduction as well.

Strategy: Start with an Amplifying Tome and health pot and hit the lane. Once you have enough money for a Sheen and Mercury's Treads (or boots of speed if you don't have the money yet), blue pill back and pick them up. Next, you want to shoot for a Malady and Nashor's Tooth. These are going to give you considerable AS and a decent amount of AP. With Malady, it's going to do extra magic damage every time you hit them, while reducing their MR. Nashor's Tooth is going to give you +10 mana/5 and reduce your CD's by 25%, which will allow you to rotate your abilities even faster. After that grab your Trinity Force. Now you've got an amazing item that works for all of Irelia's abilities. At this point, the total cost of items will be about 9395 gold. Hopefully, the game will be over after this, but if not, you'll certainly be in a long, drawn out battle. Since you'll be grouped up at this point, a Stark's Fervor is going to help your team and yourself out with AS, lifesteal, health regen and reduced enemy armor. Lastly, pick up an Guinsoo's Rageblade for the extra AD/AP and the nice passive, that will stack very quickly thanks to all of the AS that you have at this point. A number of items could be substituted for the Stark's Fervor and Guinsoo's Rageblade, so if you feel you need more health, armor, etc. then substitute items to suit your needs.

Your final item build will be:
Mercury's Treads
Nashor's Tooth
Trinity Force
Zeke's Harbinger
Guinsoo's Rageblade

Tips: Irelia is tough to center lane with. It's much easier to get first blood if you lane with a partner. While Irelia can jungle, I've tried it a few times and she's just not nearly as good as a number of other heroes. Also, thanks to Phreak's Champion Spotlight, if you get smite, you can expect a gank squad waiting for you at the golem buff. While it's easy to initiate with Bladesurge, it's a great tool for finishing off champions once you get them hurt and they try to flee. With flash and ghost, you have great escape mechanisms, not to mention the ability to flash out of the middle of a fight and use your ult to heal back up.

I'm not going to tell you I'm pro with Irelia, as she's new and can be played with a focus on AS, AD, AP, survivability, you name it. One thing is for certain though, a lot of attack speed is going to work wonders for your passive. That's one of the big reasons this build uses the items it does. Because Equilibrium Strike scales so well with AP, this build incorporates a decent amount of AP. But because the cooldown is always 9 seconds (not counting CD reduction items/abilities/runes), it's not something she can spam. However, once you are in close, pop W>E and then throw down the pain. If they run, you have Q to chase with and R for a ranged attack.

Notes: Let's look at what all this gives you. Obviously, there are builds out there that are going to have much more AD and much more AP. This build, however, gives you a lot of versatility. You'll be rocking 190% attack speed, 155 AP, 55 AD, 300 HP, 300 Mana, 30 health/5, 10 mana/5, 12% crit chance, 20% life steal, 30.9% CD reduction, 6.8% dodge. Also, if you factor in Malady (20 extra magic damage), Trinity Force proc (130% damage after cast) and Guinsoo's Rageblade (4% AS and 6 AP, stacks up to 8 times), you have some serious damage output going on. Thanks to the nearly 31% CD reduction, you can spam your abilities quite quickly.