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League of Legends Build Guide Author khaldo0n69

Irelia, AS Ownage.

khaldo0n69 Last updated on June 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi, my summoner name is khaldo0n69 and I am a HUGE fan of Irelia. My build is quite controversial, as many of you can see due to the item choices, but I hope that you will try it out because it WORKS. You will not be an Irelia with a high survivability, but an Irelia with MASSIVE damage. This build does NOT make you and offtank, infact you should be conisdered the main DPS using this build. Not all of you will succeed from the first time, but I urge youto keep practicing with this build until it gives you a result. I will be uploading pictures, but I have to find them from my phone XD. Anyways, I hope you try this build, and pleaaaaaaaaaaseee dont downvote from just looking at the items :D. Unfortunately, I am in ELO hell(800ish)due to my very bad friends, (6wins, 20losses) but 4 of those wins and 1 of those losses are from using this build :)

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As the title suggests, this guide focuses heavily on attackspeed. With this build, you start off with an attack speed of exactly 1.014 (if you bought the Dagger), which is AMAZING for last hitting in lane (along with your Q of course) and especially for regaining health from Hiten Style. This may work when jungling with Irelia, but I have never tried honestly. I know what you are thinking, Secondary Runes much?, but seriously, try it out before you downvote. This build works without the runes, but there is a noticeable change with the runes.

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21/0/9, for increased attackspeed, critical damage, exhaust buff, and penetration for magic spells. The penetration gives your Q amazing damage early game. The 9 utility masteries are for mana regen and increased experience. You will notice a difference when you level up faster than the people on your lane, and your mana will regen fast enough to deal a decent amount of damage without running out of mana too fast.

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My item choices are very controversial. I have yet to see an Irelia that does not build Sheen/Trinity Force other than me. My reason for this is that SHEEN IS USELESS. Good amount of damage, maybe, but you are very weak without the procs, especially early game. Instead, i grab a Madreds Bloodrazor. By the time you have the Madred's (which is the MOST IMPORTANT ITEM) you will have a damage of 100(base)+75(max hiten style)+Madred's Proc, and lifesteal from Hiten Style, and an attackspeed of around 1.7. Madred's must be rushed instantly, and please, please, PLEASE, follow the order I've given you. Every item must be bought in order, for example Recurve Bow MUST be bought before Pickaxe or Madred's Razor. If you skip, or follow a different order, I promise you that you will not succeed. Believe me. Also, due to Irelia's passive, i think Mercury Treads are a waste and that money should be spent on more attackspeed, but it is optional depending on the enemy team, for example if they have an Annie, Fiddlesticks, Kennen, Rammus, and Ashe, you should skip Berserker's and Grab yourself some Merc Treads. Now, I know it seems as though I have not given a defence item, but Frozen Mallet is MORE than enough. If your team is getting completely facerolled, switch the last Infinty for a Guardian/Thornmail/FoN (depends who is fed). This build DOES work, and I will upload some photos soon once iI find them :D (and get off my *** xD).

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Skill Sequence

MAX HITEN STYLE. It is an amaziiiinggggggg tool for fighting and survivng in lane. The first few levels, the health gain may not be noticable, but after the 3rd rank you will lifesteal like crazy, especially with your attackspeed. After that, max Bladesurge, for maximum damage output. Contrary to most professional Irelias, I use Equilibrium Strike for its utility only, getting one point at level 3 and maxing it last. Of course, rank your ultimate whenever you can. With level 5 Hiten Style, you will be eating squishiess and tanks alive thanks to the true damage and the Madred's Proc. And of course, like most professional Irelias know, BLADESURGE MUST NEVEEEEEEERRRRR BE ON COOLDOWN. And honestly, unless you're jungling, dont use Hiten Style for farming, your attackspeed and Bladesurg-ing skills should be enough to net you a high creep score. Of course, if you are the type of person who panics at low health, Irelia is not for you. You must save your Equilibrium Strike until you are lower than the opponents health, since we use this skill for the stun only.

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Summoner Spells

You may use any summoner spells you please, but my personal preference are Exhaust and Flash, which I use for almost every champion except for junglers. Some summoner spells though are useless, such as Revive (LMFAO cooldown) and Clairvoyance(leave that to support)

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Buy a Dagger (which will become Berserker's Greaves later) and a health pot. Grab your first skill point as Hiten Style, and head down to your lane (dual lane prefered, this guide is not for soloing). If you have a partner with a stun or anything like that, you can almost guarantee a high score(almost, doesnt mean you should just jump in turretss and kill people, although possible if you are at more than half health, have exhaust, and your ultimate ready). Focus mainly on last-hitting, dont try to harrass that much, of course when you do remember to activate Hiten Stlye before Bladesurging as it deals the true dmage as well. Keep farming and occasionly harassing the other team, and if you think you are able to kill them, go for it. Dont do anything stupid, but take risks. Get your partner to help you if he can stun, as Irelia with this build can deal a large amount of damage, slow, and regain a lot of health over a small period of time. In mid-game, you should be pushing towers thanks to your amazing attack speed and jungling a LOT. Always keep a buff on you, mostly red buff, until you buy Frozen Mallet. In teamfights, wait until some ultimates have been used and then Bladesurge directly onto the main DPS. You should be able to completely DESTROY him. Then, go for the offtank, he should drop quickly as well even if he has a large amount of health, thanks to Madred's and Hiten. Late-game, you should be carrying your team, and if you are fed, you should be able to take on around 2 people at the same time. Dont be Rambo, but play aggresively. Always position yourself as so you can kill their main DPS, and try not to be CC'ed, because if you do get stunned and focused you will drop like a rock.

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Max Hiten, Rush Madred's, follow item order, farm a LOT, own noobs :). Thank you for reading my build, please leave a comment and try the build before you downvote it, because I know most of you will by just looking at the items. I will be posting pictures veryyyyyy soon. Thank you, and remember, Balance in ALL things :D.