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Irelia Build Guide by Partzzz

Irelia - Blades of Mass Destruction

Irelia - Blades of Mass Destruction

Updated on August 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Partzzz Build Guide By Partzzz 1,650 Views 0 Comments
1,650 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Partzzz Irelia Build Guide By Partzzz Updated on August 11, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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So this is my first guide ever, and it's how i play irelia
I am actually not sure if this exact build is already in a guide, but i've made my build from several builds and comments to them and it works out great for my playing style
I've felt many builds focus too much on tanking or too much on dps so that i felt squishy
However with this build i feel (and see) that i deal great amounts of damage while also being able to take a lot and escape safely.

Irelia is about playing safe(ish) in early game and then moving on to quite aggressive in mid/lategame

I'll add more to this guide if people like it, most of it is quite self explanatory and if your new to irelia i bet you'll check out other guides and get the skill tips from there.
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Skill Sequence

Depending on the situation and laning partner i tend to start with E for the possible stun/first blood. However if you're with a partner who isn't strong right from early game, then it might be better to take W to heal yourself while fighting, or Q to farm faster (use it to last hit)

I max W first, because the bonus true damage is amazing, and if your team lacks a jungler then sometimes u can go and do a jungle round (most probably after recurve bow) and then the additional dps is amazing, every hit gives +75 true damage and that is (imo) very OP this early.
Combine that with wits end and u do nearly 150 extra damage with each hit :D

Then i max out E, cause i need that stun/slow to ensure my kills.

Last i max out Q for the chase bonus, but i already feel that with trinity force i am usually fast enough to get them with 1 dash

Meanwhile ofcourse max out your ulti whenever possible

Skill priority : R > W > E > Q
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The items are quite self explanatory, the heart of gold and philosophers stone gives you quite an enourmous boost in gold with a talent point in greed, getting you your full build ....probably faster than everyone else (providing you didn't feed the enemy team ;P )

Sheen will instant trigger on your Q skill which is a lovely burst <3
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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells i take flash to make the escape even easier (her passive + mercury already makes u practically immune to CC)

Ignite adds to your true damage output, shredding almost anyone in seconds
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I'd recommend to farm in lane till you have the recurve bow, you can potentially get recurve bow before the final mercury threads and then jungle quickly (that will give you enough gold to finish the boots, and then 2nd round or a gank will help you finish wits end) PROVIDED YOUR TEAM DOES NOT HAVE A JUNGLER.

In lane learn to farm with Q and last hit, when your Q deals last hit you gain half the mana back and instant recharge on the skill, with Sheen this will amount to 1hit - Q - 1hit -Q all the way through the minion wave.
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My latest scores with this build

(Oh an ashe game snook in)
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Most of all...

Play to have fun!!

Irelia is one of the funniest champions i've been playing recently, it's all about keeping your head cold when your hp is low and seeing your chance to run in stun, and then true damage the #ยค%@ out of that enemy and then get away unscathed
League of Legends Build Guide Author Partzzz
Partzzz Irelia Guide
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Irelia - Blades of Mass Destruction

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