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League of Legends Build Guide Author saiNt

Irelia- Carrydestroyer

saiNt Last updated on February 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey this is my first guide on mobafire, so go easy on me! Please listen to my reasoning on the items I buy, the order they are in, and everytime its a situational buy. This is the way i play irelia, and it is EXTREMELY adaptable. I've read the top 2 rated guides on this website, and tried them both, but this is the way i've come up with to play her! Read and dont rate till you try!

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Pro's Con's


Very strong laner.
A slow and cc in one combo.
If your cool headed you can quite easily bait anyone into a tower dive and with dash stun do a decent amount to someone under a tower.
Works best with a hard cc champ or hard nuke champ in lane.


Quite squishy early game.
Very hard to master and to time the stun against certain champs. eg. fiddle drain, nunu ulti.

One of the most fun champs to play imho once mastered.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: This is my favourite summoner spell on irelia. When your on low it allows you to juke a target around a tower dash, stun then flash away while u watch the tower do the work.

Exhaust: Just another beneficial CC ability that allows you to do more damage if you spec for it, and shut down an AP/AD carry for your team in fights, slow down chasers, just an all round amazing spell.

Ignite: spec for the ignite mastery and it gives you a nice early 10 ability power to add damage to your q e combo. Not my favourite spell tho

Ghost: Highly viable, but i'd take this for a jungler more then a laning irelia. Once more depends on your mindset and how you would use the spells to your benefit. I find in lane that flash works better for me. Even if i'm low i can assist my team mate by stunning and still flashing to get out.

Smite: Only if you're jungling.

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Now i know that alot of people may disagree on my rune choice, but here goes nothing.

Marks of Desolation.- Armour pene marks. The bread and butter of all melee ad champs.
Seals Of Evasion- When synchronized with dodge masteries can be the difference of getting away or killing someone early game.
Glyphs of Focus- these are my personal favourites. alot of people believe they are not needed on irelia, but i happen to dissagree, these allow her to lane for longer (reduced cd on ulti) and to be quiite honest alow you to burst a helluvalot more frequently. The reduced cd could be a difference on you kiting someone to a bush, just intime for your stun to come off cd and get away. Your choice :)
Greater Quints of Fortitude- I take these for early game survivability

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Fore Note!
Please purchase the items in the order stated above or most applicable in the game you are playing. This is just an explanation on why i get the items and in what order and when.

Damage Items

Phage: First off, Phage, a highly stable and nice early game item. Provides an on hit chance slow and a decent amount of hp and AD early game.

Sheen: Proc works on your q ability so you would argue why not get this first. By all means get sheen first if you feel like you would use it to greater affect my personal style just requires that i have more hp. Which allows me to stay on lower hp all the time. (nore opportunities to stun.I only use this playstyle when im 6 so i can save my ulti for an incoming minion wave to heal up instantly after i stun.)

Triforce: Same reason as sheen, just an all round awesome item for irelia. the move speed alows you to really fulfill your role as an anti carry. Chase people etc. Attack speed works well with Hiten style. Crit is just a nice little +.

Infinity Edge: This item is just to add to your burst damage. I get this later in the game, due to the fact that normaly, a lane will be fed and i need to buy some resistance against it. But! on the other hand if u find your dominating, just go for it and rush this if you feel like you can 5man the team :). However im not sure if your q will crit, since i dont watch the numbers of the damage i do generally in game. But this really does add some nice damage.

Other Viable Items.

Madreds bloodrazor: You can get this as 6th item, instead of infinity edge, eg. whenever you like really! the attackspeed stacks niceley with ur hiten style, and since i max that skill last i would get this item mid-late game for those pesky tanks and high hp carries(olaf and similar).

Starks Fervour: If your team has too many tanky characters and you would like to deal some more serious damage, this is a good first stop for a glass cannon build. Attack speed life steal, good point to get this is directly after triforce when u start to level up your Hiten style and a nice buff for those cheeky ad carries that your teaming with.

Bloodthirster: Nice allround item for an AD carry/Anti carry champion, 40creeps to max out the stack buff on this item. I only find that you get this if you can't take someone in a straight up fight. But for me this item doesn't fit into my playstyle.

Last Whisperer: Again a viable item, for those pesky armour stackers, but i've never really had the need to use this, since i play irelia as an anti carry assassin. Late game i'd rather get a madred's for those tanks etc.

Defensive Items

Get the 2 items Below BEFORE you complete your triforce or AFTER you leave lane, depending on how you're doing in your own lane. If you're doing badly in the laning phase i find that these items really counter your oponents best.
Warden's Mail: I get this item to counter those annoying ad champs that stack attackspeed. And generally this is a good counter to most ad champions, more armour then HoG but its a more pricey route to randuins omen. The passive also allows for a higher chance of success in a straight up fight with an AD champ.

Negatron Cloak: This for me is probably the most needed item for irelia. I find that the AP carries do considerably more damage then the AD since i seem to find more ap carries in mid against me these days. And i usually gank mid once i find that i have phage and sheen. However once again, get this or the above item depending which type of carries are destroying your team atm.

Randuins Omen: VERY good item, cdr reduction, hp... armour... an active aoe slow and attackspeed reduction. VERY nice for an assasin, go round the back dash in activate it... everyone is slowed attackspeed reduce and allows you to just go to town!

Banshees: Soaks one cc and one magic effect. Very nice allround item, a nice amount of hp and mana, and really lets you get that hard carry with a devestating cc affect, even with your passive!

Viable Items:

Quicksilver Sash: Find your getting owned by nuke classes? a high MR item with a free cleanse!? what more could you want against a heavy cc team!!! I highly recommend this item for those of you having trouble getting to that ashe in the background, or that veigar who seems to always drop his stun on you!

Thornmail: I very rarely get this item, and only if the oposing team is AD heavy.


The reason i choose sorcerer penetration boots, is because this will help you with the damage you deal with your E and R abilities v champions. And including the magic penetration mastery you should do a decent amount of damage to champions.

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Sorcerers Shoes

Warden's Mail


These 4 items give you enough MR and Survivability and in the case of Trinity Force, enough burst to do some serious DAMAGE, to any carry class.

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Unique Skills & Skill Sequence

Hardest thing to master on irelia, is the use of her slow/stun, when to use it to chase and when and how to bait a champion into attacking you and to instantly turn around and destroy them.
The thing i find most useful with irelia is the fact that, if you lose the quick scuffle in the early laning phase all is not lost!! Ending the scuffle on lower hp then your enemy is not a bad thing. I find that this is useful for baiting a stun close to the tower, and destroying the oposing champ. It's even better when you do the same thing while your level 6 and above.
At this point wait until you get the enemy champ on below half hp. about 1/3 to 1/2 hp is best i find. Wait until your lower hp then them, dash stun, ulti heal off the incoming creepwave and boom!! A fight your oponent thought they were going to win has now been turned around and you've suddenly slain the enemy and they're raging about how you came out on more hp then you started! Even if you're not one v one, just notify your laning partner if your low hp that your stunning said target.Thats why being on low hp is very handy! The quick burst damage + stun, will and has left my laning partner with a simple kill.
This is where the cd reduction runes are VERY handy. If your laning partner is able to jungle then let them jungle and you can solo lane v2 very easily at level 6.
Even if you make your first back for phage and boots at 6-8, go grab the blue buff so you can lane and farm for longer, and spam the q move for last hitting! dont completely irritate your team mate by doing this though guys!

Skill Sequence

Quite simple, Q->E to harrass, then when your ready to go in for the kill.
Q->E->W hit hit hit, R->to regen if needed ->Q ->E ... untill dead. I find if you stay for longer then 2 move rotations your a dead irelia, remember your a burst damae champion so be smart about how you use her. IF you expect to be able to auto attack and kill someone go look at a jungling guide for irelia that maxes Hiten style and stacks attackspeed. And dont down rate because you auto attack as part as your normal harrassment. That is not her strong point. You're only able to do that mid-late game level 15-18.

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Team Work


Your job in a team fight is simple! You pick on and DESTROY squishy carries. You are built as an offtank. BUT you are not as durable as you believe. Be SMART about how you do this. EVEN if you get to a fight late, and see a low hp champion, q dash to steal the kill, just so you dash to the squishies at the back is PERFECTLY FEESABLE! this is a GREAT way to get to the back where the vulnerable squishies are. REMEMBER your damage is BURST.
If you find that the squishies are building defensive items to counter you. It is FINE to change your build to buff the part of your damage they havent got a defensive item to counter!! EG! Build an abyssal scepter to counter that ryze that has a frozen heart but no magic resist, this will buff your E ability and R ability, eg MAGIC DAMAGE. And give you more MR :D.
IF the tanks are destroying you because you cant kill them fast enough, build a madred's blood razor EARLY and remember AS+ Hiten style= BONUS DAMAGE per hit + 4% of max hp per hit. (cant quite remember the % of hp as magic dmg on the item).
REMEMBER You're skill ability set, is in my opinion THE BEST set in the game, Magic, physical, AND TRUE damage. YOU MUST utilize this and you CAN change your build on the spot!

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In summary, i hope you enjoyed reading my first guide and i hope you take the advice about irelia, and adjust your build per game accordingly! the secret to irelia in my opinion is building your defenses to counter that carry that is destroying your team, and then to quite effectively shut that player down/chase him out of the fight! The time YOU as an irelia player spend shutting down that destructive carry is thousands of dps lost for the oposing team! remember that! And have fun!