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Irelia Build Guide by curbstommp

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author curbstommp

Irelia covering all your bases

curbstommp Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok so this guide was meant to be a dominion specific guide(thats the first guide) i had to change that becaue i noice a lack of a a good up to date irelia guide pls try the build before you rate the guide however if you see any clear issues feel free to comment. always looking for feedback but dont troll me pls.

NOTE: the second guide is for an anticarry on SR

and the third is for a tank/initiator

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Pros / Cons

Distance closer that deals a ton of damage
slow/stun oftens turns tide of battle in your favor
alot of truedamage with high attack speed from zeal/bloodrazor

can have trouble diving (best served as a ganker/capper on dominion)

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Note initially this will not featue interactive item icons i will add the later

Entropy: (DOMINION) this is the single most important item for dominions irelia you look at and say why? well take a closer look at specifically the active this plus level 5 hiten style gives you 150 TRUE DAMAGE every time you attack with your relatively high attack speed will be so hilarious but it is shortlived so use it wisely.

Kitaes Bloodrazor: (DOMINION) the second most important item to dominion irelia nice attack speed and a kickass passive the helps you deal substantial amounts of damage very early on in a dominion.

on dominion sometime consider trading atmas ans randuins for odyns veil and wits end.

Build 2 (anticarry)
Trin force is must have for anticarry tank and capper irelia it lets a tank do rediculous damage an anticarry do rediculous damage and it hase amazing utility with a slow and a sheen

all the other items are fairly self explanitary for an anticarry lets move onto build 3

Build 2 (OffTank) does this look familiar it primarily copied form the once tob build o the sight now outdated and labeled stale and not feature updated masteries i figured i would put it back in i dont not take credit for this build but it needs to be featured on this sight so ppl get updated masteries along with the great build

also to note if this is tou first time seeing this build sheen mercs and GA are a must for midgame

one thing to mention is i normally always buy heart of gold to be sold off later for the early health and gold gen if you rele feal as tho you dont need the damage you can put your randuins in place of your warmogs but i wouldnt recomend it.

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Ok to be upfront with it this is a dominion guide and with its fast paced style there is no time to be (for lack of a better word) a ***** this build focuses on defense against physical ppl as i have found with that the ppl that give me the most trouble with the "Ninja cap" stlye of gameplay are quick physical ppl specifically that who are fast enough to interrupt your caps I.E. rammus, yi, singed(non AD), etc. slow "Defensive" type champions heim, anivia, etc. will give you much less trouble as you wont be attacking them head on. jus BTW the bane of dominion irelias existence is a def fiddlestick the kind who jus hides until you start capping then boom PECKED TO DEATH. This is SSSOOOO annoying and when ever i have to face one its smarter to take on the position of defend top its not where you will shine but it will do...

As an anti carry you shud gank often and well it can tak a bit to master try to get it set up and if possible wait for your teammate to initiate with there own cc if the have on before diving in for the kill and whenever possible TAKE THE KILL you are the assassin the kill is yours haveing a fedd assassin type champion on your team make the game much easier as if the sustain damage style champions dont last long enough to do there damage then a team fight win is innevitable.

Build 3:

Ok when playing as the initiator dont be a wuss organize your team and go if you do our job correctly keep there tank busy so they cant disrupt your team and whenever possible be disruptive to the enemy team stun or slow there carries hit as many ppl with your ult as possible and be attentive your not an assassin with this build leave the chasing and killing to your xin, talon, akali, etc. Your MAIN job is to is to stay where the fight is im not saying if there is and ashe running away on 100 health and she is in range of your q you shudnt take that kill but dont chase forever you do that and your team will be dominated never underestimate how important you are

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is a good a must have spell for anyone going specifially for quick caps and runnaways exhaust is optional a good thing to exchange this for is revive cant go rong with even more speed buffs u will normally only get to use it a couple of times so choose wisely u will always regret it when i take reviv and the enemies have a yi and a rammus.

Note: my summoner spell remain the samw regardless of which position i am playing

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Skill Sequence

There are 2 different skill sequences to choose from you can max bladesurge first and rush a sheen or rush hiten style and a phage or a recurve bow. any of the many ways you start of rush your entropy

Build 2:
rushing your q will make ganks a breeze against squishe targets such as the squishe cary soloing mid your slow/stun will not only give you time to do your damage but with a properly executed ganke shud help your teamate land there CC ashe is and awesome lane with you gank other ppl who will make ganks alot easier are. brand, TF, obviously malz, teemo can be helpfull if he is shrooming very well, it may sound crazy but if you have a WW midding for you they can be just as good as malz for assisting with ganks

Build 3:
Offtanking comes with a little bit more laning thats why i level up hiten style first life steal and true damage make laning powerful the less you leave your lane early on the more gold you will make faster getting a heart of gold when you go back the first time can help that even more.

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Sorry for my horrible spelling errors i will find and correvt many of then the guide is short and lach interactivity i will add this very soon but its late now i will do some work on it tomorrow pls leave constructive feedback it is going to require comment to vote because i dont like troll voting or comments thankyou and goodnight