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League of Legends Build Guide Author El Adrea

Irelia, Deadly perfetion (AS, AD, SURVIVABILITY, MOBILITY)

El Adrea Last updated on March 4, 2011
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Hello, Fellas! This is my first guide ever, so I hope you can bear with my language mistakes :).

I decided to make this build because, not any of the builds in mobafire have quite matched my playstyle. In this build i have tried to make irelia as effective and all-round as possible, by taking advantage of all her skills and make each of them great as possible, of course, not by abandoning defence.

I hope you guys get as great results as me with this build as me. Hope u like it =).

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Pros / Cons


-Great synergy with skills and items
-Not squishy
-Great Burst and Overall Dmg
-Very fast (base movement speed is 330)
-Awesome all-round champ


-No escape mechanism (beside ghost)
-Hard to master

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I think that to Irelia this mastery build is better than stantard 21 offence, She need mana reg for farming, MS is always great, and she reaches all of the offensive masteries that are good for her with this build, Armor penetration, Magic Penetration, CD reduction, Crit and Dmg.

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Runes were very easy to choose, Armor penetration Marks and Quintenses, because they are the best physical damage runes in the game, with Seals I go armor for survivability, and Glyphs i go magic resist for the same reason.

These are the runes I recomend, but you can change the Marks and Quintenses to AS, if it fits your playstyle better, this build will work fine with them too.

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Game plan

Irelia is well capeable of both, jungling and laning, but this build is about laning because i see it more benefical to Irelia because of her Q/Bladesurge whitch is great last hitting ability.

Early Game: 1-8

When the first creep wave comes you should be able to easily get at least 4 creep kills, then just keep last hitting minions until you are level 4, then you can get quite easily a kill.

Be careful not to usetoo early, because if you dont kill the minion with the ability, the cooldown wont reset.

If you are doing good, wait until you have 1210g, so you can buyand, if you aren't doing so good, wait until you have 860g and get.

When you are back at your lane, continue last hitting minions, but you can be more aggressive now, that you haveandits quite easy to kill your opponents and get away.

When you reach 1315g you can port back and grab, when your back at your lane it's now even easier to kill, but now you are also harder to be killed. Now just farm until you got 850g for. Possibly, if you have been doing good get

Mid Game: 8-14

About at 9-10 you should have, now your able to take beating and give it back even harder, at least at level 11, you should go gank and help your friends to kill towers, when you got 975g forgo get it (i preferover, but in the end it's matter of taste), then finish, Dont forget to kill the Dragon!

Now you are THE killing machine, Awesome burst along with awesome DPS (damage per second) and over 100 armor and magic resist.

End Game: 15-18

Now you are pretty much able to kill anyone as long you don't be too reckless, at about 14-16 you should haveafter that, the game usually ends to your victory ;P, If not, go Baron if you haven't alredy.

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Skill Sequence

1on1(enemy has attacked you)= E-> W-> Q-> R

Here I start withbecause it stuns when you have less health than your opponent, in % of course, so it gives nice head start, that you will most likely need.

1on1 (you attack)= W-> Q-> E-> R

As you can see, i like to activate mybefore Ibecause enemy usually runs away when you suddenly attack him, you get most hits through when you usebefore attacking.

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Optional Items

I usually don't change this build, since the main build in this guide I chose, I chose it for a reason that is because it's best for me, but I know that some times you can't go by the book :) so here they are.
This is very nice item overall, if your team lacks proper tank, or enemies are just mainly AD, this is the item to buy.
Black Cleaver is very nice item for Irelia, black cleaver combined with starks fervor is overwhelmingly best choice if you are playing with arranged team/friends who are 2-3 AD champs, because starks fervors and black cleavers armor reduction is for all characters in your team, unlike last whisper or brutalaizer.
The most expensive item in the game, and not with out a reason, thought i don't like to usually use it, but some times if the enemy is full of squishies it's fun to grab IE
This is THE item to buy if you are getting killed, whitch shouldn't happen, but just in case!
These are the boots that i like to use if the opposing team doesn't have lot of magic dmg.
If enemy has a lot of AD and you like to use your skills more freaquently, and FH also gives nice AS slow to enemies.

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Unique Skills

Irelia is one-of-a-kind champ, she has: True Dmg, Magic Dmg, Physical Dmg, Life steal, Engage ability, Stun, Great farming, Good jungler, Durable, Fast and is possible to be played in very diffirent ways. Even thought that she doesn't have a "real escape ability" with ghost she is in right hands untouchable.

Funny trick that you can use to turn the tables is, when you are escaping with low hp, you can shoot your ultimate to wear down your opponents, you regain life, they loose it, then just wait in a brush to them get to you and BOOM!

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Summoner Spells

Summoner skills that you SHOULD use:

-Ghost: imba MS increase, I like to chose this over flash, just because it is forgiving even if you make one mistake, and because of irelias superb MS, flash isn't that good in the end.

-Flash: This is a life saver, can even count how many times i'v rescued my self with flash, can be used for offencive or defensive attempts.

-Exhaust: Maybe my favorite summoner skill, exhaust: great slow, massive AD reduction, and effective skill Dmg reduction, it can provide you FB easily at the beginning, since you can never have too much slow. It can be used to shut down opponent's in team fights like Xin Zhao or Yi.

-Ignite: To finish off those low hp cowards, if you really like a good start, ignite is best choice for FB, combined with exhaust, ghost or flash. Also if you are playing ranked and there's Mundo or Soraka etc. on enemies side, this is a must, if no one has it.

-Teleport: Great ability for farming and for quick defensive moves/offensive moves. If you are creative enough theres a lot of funny tricks that you can pull off. Another great thing about teleport is that, it doesn't loose its value as the game goes on.

-Heal: very nice ability for decieving your opponents, and to lure the greediest. And in a pinch you can save you and your friend, which is always great.

These are what i prefer, and recomend.

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Creeping / Jungling

I have two diffirent jungle patterns, depending on whom i jungle with, but this is what i find most effective on me. Because i like to have my buffs on around 4-7 lvl's when you have stronger items to support them.

Small golems -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Blue buff/Big Golem -> Gank(depending if there is low healths on lanes) or get Red buff -> Recall and buy Razors -> Gank -> Repeat the small jungel creeps -> Get Wrigles lantern and Boots(enough money to upgrade=do it) -> Now just keep ganking when theres an opportunity and jungle, when you have builded up to phage, you can solo dragon.

I use AS build because irelias Hiten style passive LS is flat, meaning more hits = more health
of course it also increases her Dmg output. IF the game goes so far that you have builded all 6 items, you can sell wrigles and buy Blood thirster.