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Irelia Build Guide by VinnMauS

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VinnMauS

[Irelia]- DOMINATING ranked games [for advanced players]

VinnMauS Last updated on July 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello summoners,
I have been playing Irelia for a long time, I have tried numerous build and ways how to play her but I couldn't find any versatile and flexible way how to play her in ranked games. After this long struggle I finally managed to create a very good and viable build for her with which I mostly end up winning the game and carrying my team.

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I go for armor penetration marks, because it is very useful not only in early game to farm creeps, but for lategame as well. Irelia needs farm, thats for sure. This helps her deal more damage to minions and enemies with higher basic armor.

Dodge seals are just great for every tanky dps. You might as well use armor seals, that could work, but I personally love dodge seals, they go well with my masteries and when you are facing ashe/vayne/xin zhao and similar champions, you would be grateful for that dodge chance :)

I use CD/R glyphs for almost every champion and irelia is definitely one of them. The cooldown along with spirit visage gives you just enough CD/R to use your ulti in time to heal yourself when laning solo just as providng you with opportunity to spam your Q and E in teamfights. Needless to say that blue buff makes you really powerful.

Quints for HP are great starter item. Irelia is best solo TOP lane, doran shield gives you even more HP, some regen and armor. With this said, you can easily farm last hits and survive not only one gank from your enemies. You don't have to be that careful when pushing in early game.

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I don't use offensive masteries. I tried using them but it is not necessary. Competetive Irelia is best build tanky. Placing defensive masteries with dodge masteries and overall 4% damage block is the best option for her.
I also place 9 points in utility so I can lvl up faster in my lane and have some mana/hp regen + buff duration for late game.

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Irelia is a late-game beast. There is no need to rush trinity force early or to build some damage in early game, her basic damage is sufficient if you learn how to play her safely.
I go for philosopher stone and heart of gold first, it gives my enough HP to stay in lane and be durable. MP and HP regen is great as you can permanently last hit minions with your "Q" ability.

Those 2 items give you gold per 5 seconds. You will be able to buy your items earlier and even if you dont have many CS or Kills + it is a core of this build, that you will make randuin omen and shurelias reverie later.

I go for mercury threads because it synergizes with Irelia´s passive. With mercury threads she is almost unCCable (you cant CC [Crowd Control] her) the duration of stuns, slows, snares and blinds etc. are reduced so much, that you dont even recognize it + it gives Irelia some magic resist.

Rushing phage is mainly for its passive to slow enemies, and to give you some flat damage and HP bonus.

Banshee and randuin omen are greatly important for irelia as a tanky dps. Try to implement this in almost every game.

Shurelia is great for it´s mana and hp regeneration + its HP bonus. It has a great passive which I use for chasing/escaping and to help my teammates. Very useful item, indeed :)

Guardian angel gives some nice stats like magic resist and armor. Since this is Tanky Irelia build for ranked games, she is pretty much kind of unkillable when played well. This item is pretty much reccomended for a late game,however, in some cases I suggest to you Thornmail instead, in case you play against a lot of AD/AS champions like teemo/xin/tryndamere/jax/vayne/ashe/ezreal

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Skill Sequence

I will briefly explain why I chose this order. I go for hiten style first because it restores some HP back and activation gives you true damage. Thats what I appreciate the most.
Then I try to max Q as fast as I can because to me it seems its the most useful spell to chase enemies, deal damage and last hit minions to farm effectively.
"E"quilibrium strike is effective against enemies with higher percentage of life. I max this one later. You just need its stun for early-mid game and use it wisely.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a MUST for every experienced player in ranked.
Ignite works well in teamfigts and again a laning enemy with HP regen/lifesteal/spellvamp.
You can use TELEPORT or GHOST if you want. its up to you mostly.

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Overall this build for Irelia is base on beng tanky dps with some serious output damage. You are able to take a lot of damage, to escape and restore health quickly. You are almost impossible to get stunned,slowed etc. And you can take down enemies in teamfights easily even if you are focused.
Just remember to use randuin omen and Shurelia reverie well and wisely. Try to pay attention to enemies with higher HP than you, so you can stun them.
Always activate Hiten style when you initiate and go into brawl. Use "Q" to chase enemies followed with "E" to slow/stun them.
Your ultimate doesnt do much damage but remember it heals you for 25% damage dealt against enemy champions which is an amazing ability in teamfights when you get on low HP - step back, use your ulti, heal yourself and go back into fight.

With trinity force, Guardian angel and Shurelia reverie , Irelia can be a great pusher - try to keep that in mind.

GOOD LUCK everyone with this build, it needs practise but believe me it is the best way to build irelia in ranked games and I have tried hundreds of builds.
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