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Irelia Build Guide by Death By Rage

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Death By Rage

Irelia- Domination in 1 hit!

Death By Rage Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, thank you for checking out my Irelia guide. She is one of my favorite champs, right there with Sona. I've been playing Irelia a lot lately and i have a video on her too. I would like to start off by saying i build Irelia tanky but with enough damage to hardcore carry! I hope you enjoy the build and remember to rate/comment!

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Pros / Cons


-Outstanding DPS and survivability once you get core items.
-Great chaser with her Q.
-Very fast Movement spee.
-Self healing with W and R.
-Great farmer with Q and R.
-Good for solo laning!
-CC does nothing once she gets her merc treds!
-Can practically solo an enemy team with full build!


-Goes oom fast early game when farming.
-Cant secure a kill as well in early game.
-Gets focused.
-Can only stun when she has less hp then the enemy.

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Skill Set

One of the BEST passives in the game! When there is a maximum of 3 enemies around CC is dramatically decreased. (Works great with merc treds!)
Bladesurge is a great gap closer. It has great AD scaling unlike most other champions when it comes to their charge. Makes farming easy, when you use it on an enemy and it kills them the CD is refreshed and you gain back a short amount of mana used.
This skill works effectively on armor tanks such as Malphite. This spell is what helps you build tank items and still do a lot of damage with the true damage. You also heal up each hit with this powers passive.
This skill helps you with soloing enemies, because if you are getting rocked it can help by putting out a stun so you can do some damage without them fighting back. It also helps for when your chasing an enemy because it also slows if they have less HP than you.
This ultimate is great for staying in lane and amazing for late game. The damage it deals to squishies and the amount it heals is insane!

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I use these because armor pen is needed for AD carries. It helps you tear through your enemies with ease.
I get these runes for the attack speed. It isn't needed but can help a lot for laning longer since you will be able to get out more melee swings for your passive on W.
These are NEEDED! Without mana regen, you will not be able to effectively get minion fed. Even though you get some mana back from last hitting with your Q it will not be enough. You will go oom after 1 minion wave if you do not get these.
I prefer these so you can use your attacks more often and your ult is up more. You can also take magic resist runes instead but i suggest CD reduction.
I use these for the same reason as the reds. It helps you tear through enemies with ease and makes domination easier.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is great for chasing, as you will already be moving fast. This helps with securing the kill.
Exhaust is fantastic on Irelia. It makes your enemy do no damage, take more damage, and slower! Unlike Ignite, this spell is useful late game.

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I get this item first so you can do a lot of damage early game, and it helps with building into phage.
Philo stone is used to get gold faster so you can finish your expensive build. It is also great for laning longer.
Heart of gold is great for finishing your build faster, and to make you a little bit tankier.
You only need rank one boots early game as Irelia is already fast as it is.
Sheen is one of your core items, as since you will be spamming your spells it will be making you auto attacks hit harder.
Merc treds are a MUST on Irelia. The tenacity combined with her passive makes her impossible to shut down.
Without getting this item it is almost impossible to use Irelia to her full potential.
Guardians just helps you destroy the enemy team, since if they are smart they wont focus you and you will be able to kill their squishies fast, and if they do then you team can eat them alive!
I get Randuins if their team has alot of AD other wise i get
Sunfire cape helps with keeping you alive with more HP/armore, and the AoE damage helps a lot in a team fight.
I get IE only if i am tanky enough to live long and still need more damage, otherwise i get