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Irelia Build Guide by LAOdandPROUD

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LAOdandPROUD

Irelia - FTW (Farm to Win)

LAOdandPROUD Last updated on November 11, 2012
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Mission Statement

This is my first guide, so I hope things go well. I see there aren't much Irelia guides and I think I'd just like to spice up the list a bit more, regardless of constructive criticism. I have no experience in the MOBAFire network but I hope to gain some. I don't even know how to insert item pictures in chapters. But I guess thats fine, but visual representation is best I understand, but it's my first guide I'll learn. Hopefully you guys get the great experience from this guide that I had when playing it out.

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Irelia is one of my favorite champs. She can be tanky as hell, and still do a bunch of damage. My favorite feature about her is her True Damage which is active by her W. I love true damage champs because true damage just ignores all armor and magic resist and cuts right though 100% dealing its damage. I use to use Olaf for his True Damage. I got owned hard by an Irelia one game and I wondered how. I looked at my death recap... True Damage: 64% Damage. I was mindblown. After that match, I quickly acquired Irelia. In this guide I will show you my most preferred build for Irelia.

SIDENOTE: You should be farming with Irelia as much as you can. Irelia is nothing without her items. Get as much gold per 10 you need. Use Irelia Q if you miss out even on the slightest bit of farm.

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Pros / Cons

- Insane Damage output
- Super tanky
- Great initiator/chaser
- Q that dashes
- Healing W ability
- TRUE DAMAGE over a span of time

- Weak to range early game
- Q doesn't reset if not last hit
- Weak without items, so FARM
- Can't farm big crowds easily

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I prefer Flat AD Quints for that early game damage. However, Flat AS Quints work really well for more True Damage output.

(Same as Quints)

Irelia should be tanky, and giving her a good +18 early game armor is good to play against your lane.

Glyphs: You never know who you might be top-laning against. Even though Irelia counters almost all AP Top-laners, it would help against your opponent's AP spells and such.

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Many people prefer 21-9-0. But I like to be different because I am weird. I go 22-8-0 like a bau55. The reason of this slight change is because of attack speed. 21-9-0 doesn't max out attack speed under offence, I personally think Irelia should have all the attack speed she needs. Even the slightest amount can help her win a one-on-one.

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Boots of Speed:
Grab boots first to have the extra mobility. I honestly prefer starting Regrowth Pendant and getting Philosopher stone instead for top-laning but if you want to harass with Irelia, You need boots first.

Heart of Gold:
Its always good to have extra health. Why not get money for getting more health? Seems stupid not to take that offer if you're tanky.

Trinity Force:
I recommend rushing Trinity Force regardless if you're losing lane or not. Trinity Force is a must on Irelia and gives her that huge burst of damage and carries out the rest with its core items.

Wit's End:
Whats better than getting attack speed? Getting magic resist with it. Whats better than getting attack speed with magic resist? On hit damage! Wit's end is also a must on Irelia if you're taking down important people. The attack speed you get from it is ridiculous, and will SIGNIFICANTLY increase your True Damage output.

Guardian's Angel:
I recommend rushing Guardian's Angel because many teammates rely on Irelia to start teamfights and take out the AD Carry quickly. Of course you will die in this process. But if they were smart they wouldn't focus you. It would be better for the other team to take out your AD Carry instead of you. If you die after your Guardian's Angel revived you, you probably won the teamfight.

Malady is great for on hit. And Irelia is a tanky On-hit champ. Once you get this item you can basically destroy everyone, regardless of their armor and magic resist. A simple equation for this would be Attack Speed + True Damage = OP.

Frozen Heart (or Randuin's Omen):
If you're pretty minion fed Frozen Heart would be the best last item. Sell your Heart of Gold and get a Frozen Heart. Frozen Heart will just make you the tankiest person ever. You get CD reduction and all the enemies attack speed around you are slower. Not even thornmail can compete!
An alternative for Frozen Heart is Randuin's Omen. If you need Armor now, pronto, and only have enough left for Randuin's, get it. It will probably save your butt.

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Skill Sequence

Grab your E first, it would probably save you from face checking and will work great in invading.
Grabbing W second will give you that True Damage and Healing potential to fight.
Grab Q last to mainly farm and initiate on your opponent.

Max your W to maximize your True Damage and Healing effect from the ability.

R > W
W > Q
Q > E

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite are extremely popular choices.

I honestly prefer Exhaust and Flash because Exhaust lowers the damage your opponent does. But ignite gives you kills.

Flash is just an all around awesome Spell. Use it to get away, to initiate, or to chase someone running with ease or who just flashed. Don't worry, your Q will help you catch them too.

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Farming on the Rice Patty

Irelia must farm. Get that in your head. If you're being outfarmed by your opponent grab a Heart of Gold. If you're being even more outfarmed grab a Philosopher Stone as well.

The most accessible way to farm with Irelia is with her Q. You should only use her Q for cs'ing to last hit minions as it refreshes if her Q gets a kill.

If you're in an emergency or just want to farm a big crowd. Use your R. Irelia's R has a relatively short cooldown early game for about 70 seconds. It also heals for a great amount so use it when 1v1ing someone.

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Irelia has became one of my favorite champs. Testing new builds and such got me to this being my favorite. She does a huge amount of damage and being tanky at the same time. She even has AD Carry potential but she is way better off tanky. I hope you enjoyed reading this short guide on Irelia and I hope you all Do as well as I did.