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League of Legends Build Guide Author Olat

Irelia: Jungle me this?

Olat Last updated on November 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Irelia: Jungle me this?

This is a build I'm making after watching Stonewall's Youtube post of Super Jungle Irelia.
As Ive yet to see a good build on Irelia come from Mobafire. I have been jungling and ganking with Irelia for a few days now and I'm still not done with my Runes. Once I get the AS Quins I will be able to jungle Dragon at lvl 4 just like his video.

Stonewalls Youtube Video

    Supreme Jungler
    Slow / Stun
    Self Heal

    Squishy Character Early Game
    Mana Thirsty Champ
    Ult Requires Activation, Aim,and button spam.

: Obvious Reasons. Early game, help kill Golem / Lizard and Dragon. Late game: Farm Cannon Minions for easy gold.

: I use this to help get around the jungle and to gank / escape. This coupled with her 'E' ability you can escape certain death many times over.

'Q' - Charges an enemy dealing dmg, if the enemy dies it refunds some mana and refreshes the CD.

'W' - Passive Irelia heals on every swing. Active - Irelia causes true Dmg for a period of time.

'E' - If Irelia's tgt has More life then her, it will stun them for a short period. Otherwise it will apply a slow to the target.

'R' - Irelia allows her blades to hover and then be launched at her opponent. Hit 'R' once to Activate, then Press 'R' again and 1 blade will shoot at the direction of your mouse cursor. She has 4 blades in total. Each does dmg plus AP or AD which ever is higher. Irelia heals for 20% of all dmg done by each blade.

(Passive): For Every Enemy champion near Irelia, Crowd Control (Slow, Snare, Stun, etc) is reduced by a percentage.

Item Build:
: This is used to Give Irelia more AS and Crit to be able to take on 2/3 wolf pack BEFORE Blue Golem has even spawned, then to clear out the rest of the minions on your side + dragon by lvl 4.
x5 : Used along with 'W' passive to keep her alive during jungling.
: This is my first item to help me jungle faster
: Essential for Jungling.
: Speed + 2 and Atk Speed, Faster movement and more Healing.
: Irelia is way to squishy so I get the Giants Belt first to give you some lasting power in fights.
: Phage is more HP, AD and a slow.
: Guaranteed Slow with your quick AS. 'Q' into the fight, Your AS and 'E' will keep em slowed.
: Helps kill tanks, more AS, more AD.
: More Life steal and AD.
: AS, and Life Steal Aura.

LAST ITEM: Use this at your own discretion. If your getting Tgt'ed get some HP or Armor, if they all have Magic. get a Banshee's. If its all AD a Thornmail. What ever you decide make sure it suits the enemy team to help counter them.

Jungle, How To:
Learn your 'W' skill and then buy the and 5x , head to the wolf pack and wait. Once the Wolf is spawned Use the , attack the lead wolf and then immediately use . Once the Big wolf is dead pop your first . After the first baby wolf is dead run to the bushes by Golem ignoring the last baby wolf. Golem is now spawned and your HP should be close to max. should be off CD, pop it and attack golem. Watching your potion Timer use another when the first runs out. Use 'W' every chance you get. When Golem has 700 Hp or so use . Golem Dies, you lvl, learn your and use it immediately. Kill the last of the Golem minions then kill the last wolf. Head to the Banshee Pack, near mid, and use your on the Blue Banshee, then pop , and finish them off using both 'W' and 'E' every CD chance. Use a third and goto Lizard, letting your HP grow some before engaging. Use 'E' on the main Lizard and then 'W' immediately. , should be off CD, use it to finish the Lizard off. Kill his minions then go for the 2 Stone Giants. Use your 4th , to make sure this Kill goes smoothly and your life bar isn't lacking. You should be lvl 4. That means you have 'W' trained twice and 'E' twice. Time for dragon. Head over and attack with 'E' then 'W' popping a HP potion when you start losing some life. When Dragon gets low should be ready for him. Use it to finish him off.

**NOTE* Depending on if you have all the proper runes you can jungle this faster using a W E W Q style. Stonewall has posted another video, but as I'm still working on my AS runes This is how I jungle and it works fine for me. I would not try this unless you have all 9 Yellow Dodge Seals, Marks and Glyphs of AS. Once I get my Quins of AS, I will swap my Dodge seals for AS and see if its as easy as Stonewall says. For now this is how I jungle with Dodge Runes.

Once you hit lvl 5 if you can gank a lane get your to help gank, and at 6 get your . Use these to help gank your lanes while still jungling. Once your side is clear jungling on the enemy side is dangerous so do it with care. If there is an MIA hide in the bushes until you know where it is at. You dont want to die mid jungle fight and lose your buffs and give up a kill.

Other Tips:
-Ive noticed Akali and Irelia work amazing well together, Both have a slow, a charge and do amazing Dmg.

-If you have a massive Minion wave you want cleared quickly, IE opposing team is pushing a lane, or you just want to farm minions that have pushed. Spam your 'R' to clear them out fast allowing Turrets to attack the champs, and or just to farm you tons of cash.

-Irelia doesn't need to return to base very often, her 'W' allows her to heal while killing minions.

-Using your 'E' on a tank us a guaranteed stun as you wont have as much HP as them even if they are hurt and your Full Life. I do this to take a tank out of a fight when we initiate. Or use it as an escape tool. If your being chased 'Q' to the enemy , hit them with 'E' then Ghost away.

Thank you for reading my guide and please post comments on if you like or dislike this build and please tell me why, thank you.