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Irelia Build Guide by LoS Clan

Irelia Jungle - Ranked Games

Irelia Jungle - Ranked Games

Updated on June 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoS Clan Build Guide By LoS Clan 3,845 Views 0 Comments
3,845 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LoS Clan Irelia Build Guide By LoS Clan Updated on June 14, 2011
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First of all, this is a tanky-dps jungling Irelia build. So do not expect to be your teams main source of physical damage, although you may find yourself carrying your team to victory. This build provides Irelia with decent health and defense, while giving her a significant output of damage is utilized to it's full potential.
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Creeping / Jungling

Here's your jungle route:

1. Blue buff (get a leash from your teams mid solo)
2. Wolves
3. Wraiths
4. Tiny Golems
5. With this build you should be able to kill red buff without returning to base first.

- Spam the **** out of hitten style and e-strike with your blue buff because you will not run out of mana.
- Always keep one of the 5 health potions active at the start because you do NOT want to return to base without red buff. You need to go gank right after you get red.
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This rune setup gives Irelia incredible attack speed for jungling AND for slaying enemies. The main reason for this is because Trinity Force is her only attack speed increasing item, therefore she is in need of some more of this. The armor is used obviously for jungle, and the magic resist/lvl is there because banshees only provides 50 MR so with an extra 24 you will have over 100 MR have nearly, if not more, than 200 armor.
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Standard Jungling Masteries without extra attack speed because the runes make up for the possible slow attack speed in the jungle. Increased buff duration and Increased exp gain are obviously needed for those early level-ups in the jungle and for a broader amount of time to gank properly.
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This item build provides Irelia with decent damage output along with the much needed health and defense. One may argue against the Randuins Omen, but the 80 armor is very significant. But mostly the AOE active slow is amazing because you will generally be the 2nd or 3rd person to dive into the teamfights. And also, you may curious why there is 7 completed items for the build, the Bloodthirster should replace Wriggles Lantern as a last item if you are in need for some more damage end-game.
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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence revolves around the use of Equilibrium Strike and the true damage from Hitten Style. Bladesurge is only necessary for dashing quickly to your target. Not much to be said about the skill build.
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Summoner Spells

Smite - Jungling
Flash - Escaping

(pretty self-explanatory)
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Team Work

Irelia should NOT be your main initiator into a team fight. BUT, you do need to go in before the main melee damage dealer. You are a high damaged off-tank whose job is to slaughter the enemy carry every fight. Bladesurge onto their main carry, get hit a few times, use your E-Strike to stun. Now pop your Randuins and keep spamming your abilities to keep the enemies off your main carry. Irelia is considered a single target champion but I consider her very viable in teamfights.
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Hope you enjoyed this guide brought to you by ThyRapier of the Last Ones Standing Clan. Check out our youtube channel and join us on ventrilo!

Youtube channel and vent into can be found on our mobofire channel. Thanks!
League of Legends Build Guide Author LoS Clan
LoS Clan Irelia Guide
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Irelia Jungle - Ranked Games

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