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Build Guide by Chaotic Scrax

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Scrax

Irelia: Life Steal Burst

Chaotic Scrax Last updated on November 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Take me down to the comment section, fella!

Craft: Chaotic Bliss.
Layout: Scrax.

The new champ Irelia is now at our crafting mercy. This is Chaotic Bliss, and I'll be your host for the evening. Sit back and enjoy my fine crafting music.


1. Great mobility
2. Passive life steal
3. Mobile Ultimate
4. Great CC


1. Item dependant
2. Slight squishiness
3. Passive can become useless at times

Masteries & Summoner Spells

We've gone 20/0/10.

The melee friendly things from Offense along with things like monster buff duration, increased XP, and more regen. All these things will help with laning and prolonged game play.

Summoner Spells are more Chaotic Bliss style. Even though she has a slow, Exhaust will provide some longevity and a chance to get that extra dmg. She doesnt really have much in the way of escaping so this is also a great way to get out of trouble.

Rally is just a great spell. If you do a lot of ganking, which is very easy with her, then this will give your team that little extra *****. Since Improved Rally was taken in Offense, this will also give ability power too ability power based champs. Remember that supporting the team is always a good thing. Rally has a long cool down, but using it wisely will prove useful. Team fights, ganks, and turret pushing are the best times to use this.


This is another part were Chaotic has a little more control, hehe. He likes to go 3/5 of a skill by level 6, and he has choosen Hiten Style. The passive life steal is great and that allows us to get AD items from the start. Its active is great since true damage isnt effected by armor and MR. And with the extra dmg from Rally, the passive life steal will be increased.

Bladesurge is one of her best moves. Great mobility and its perfect for last hitting and harassment. You can easily farm with this due to its cool down resetting at each minion kill.

Minion kill > Refreshed > Minion kill > Refreshed, and so on.

This is great for harassment since it closes the gap between her and ranged champs. With the Runes and other items involved, this will prove effective harassment. Also, great for chasing. Think of this as the attack damage version of Shadow Dance.

Equilibrium Strike is something that gets leveled up late game. The nuking power is nice, but she is an assassin and mobility is key. Also, with Exhaust you wont need to worry about this. This build will have great life steal power. However, getting this late game does have its advantages. Since Rally] gives more power as you level, you can easily nuke late game. You can already farm extremely well, harassment is great too, so think of this as a minor form of [[demacian justice. Use this to get that last hit.

Transcendent Blades is an ultimate that is unlike anyother. It turns her into Twitch more or less. The daggers pass through enemies, and give life steal. Uh, or perhaps a mix of Master Yi, Akali, Garen, and Twitch... Yeah I think a nerf will hit her soon. But untill that happens, enjoy & abuse! This is one of the great ultimates since it allows her to chase, without having too close the gap. That means that tower diving just got a little bit easier.


Greater Mark of Desolation - Every attack damage champion needs some kind of armor penetration. It helps with all around and with armor penetration, you do more damage. More damage means more life steal, more life steal means longer lane time. The synergy is just amazing.

Greater Seal of Vitality - This will give her some more survival as the game progresses. You are a little bit squishy if you get focused, so the extra life can help. Also, if you level, it could save you from giving up a kill.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed - She has passive life steal so why not have that little extra attack speed. Armor penetration and attack speed means more dmg at a faster rate, so langing should last for some time.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - These are attack speed as well, for the same reason. That early game attack speed and armor penetration will prove most useful. You cant discard things that gives you early-game dominance!


Youmuu's Ghostblade is an awesome item for her. Great stats with an awesome active. This item will give her so much ganking and 1 Vs. 1 power. It increases mobility and gives great attack speed. More attack speed equals more attacks, or in other words; faster damage output, greater life steal, and longer lane time. This results in more farming and faster items. Well, you get the picture.

Spirit Visage is something I think is a must for her. What better way to gain effective life steal than with this item? This will give you insane life steal and regeneration, thus longer lane time. Anyone else see a pattern here? This will also add to your survival and make you much harder to kill. CC might still be an issue, but when you get out of it, you can grealy increase your health via high attack speed and the effects of getting a greater return on life steal. Also, this works really well with Rally. Rally increases health regeneration, so Spirit Visage will boost that as well.

Executioner's Calling is a great item for the simple fact it gives crit and life steal. With the passive life steal this will help you out even more. You will be gaining massive amounts of life once you get this item. With the increased healing from Spirit Visage you shouldn't have any issues with laning. You can be harassed all day, but as long as you are hitting something will will have life. This will also give you that well needed crit. Also the active will prove helpful against other Irelia's and other champions that have some kind of life steal, spell vamp, or high regen rates. A cheap and effective item.

Zeke's Harbinger needs no explaination. But we're gonna explain it for you. This item gives so much to the team. You can easily change the flow of a fight just by having this. The aura will give your team life steal, health regeneration, and attack speed. The debuff gives -20 armor, so you will be doing more damage. And again; high damage combined with high attack speed and a ton of life steal is exactly what we want. And don't forget Spirit Visage, cause it's boosting you even more.

Trinity Force will provide you so much power. The bonus damage proc is just so.. sexy. Damn right, I said sexy. It will have insane up time since she has short cool downs. It will give you such awesome power and it will be easy to get with the insane lane and farming time you will have. Let the burst damage commence.

Berserker's Greaves are the best boots for her. Someone can use these, and its great. The attack speed will give her higher damage output, more life steal, and there are no better boots. She has CC reduction in her passive so no need for Mercury's Treads.


Boot are to be made when you see fit. If you wanna rush boots, thats fine. If you wanna wait till you have Youmuu's Ghostblade, thats fine too. As long as you get them. With this said, don't come *****in' too us if you're "running slow". It's your fault for not reading this ;).

Item Build Order

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Spirit Visage - Trinity Force - Executioner's Calling - Zeke's Harbinger, and Berserker's Greaves are to made when you feel like you need them. They are fairly cheap so you can get them early game.


Zeke's Harbinger and Executioner's Calling should be made accordingly. If there is a few people with massive life steal or healing, Executioner's Calling is best. If high armor enemies are present or the team us having a hard time pushing, Zeke's Harbinger would be better to have.

Game Play

Early Game

You will want to start with Long Sword and Hiten Style. This will give you more damage and life steal. If you are going to have that level 1 gank, make sure you have Rally and Exhaust ready. Target the weakest champ and burn them down. Some might take Bladesurge, but having that damage that isn't affected by armor and MR is so much better, in my honest opinion. It also saves you from tower diving since you don't have that extra mobility just yet. You will get Bladesurge at level 2 so you can start farming and harassing. Try to time it so you can get the kill on a minion. The cool down reset will let you continue this process. You have to use Bladesurge to kill the minion, or it won't refresh the CD.

Mid Game

This is where the fun happens. You have your ultimate now. You will have more mobility and should be working on trinitsy force. This will give you so much burst damage its insane. With the similar effects as Chaotic's Udyr build, completing Trinity Force will provide so much burst damage and harassment. This is also why Equilibrium Strike is left at level 1. Chaotic will explain later. Ganks are heavy in this game since people are coming out of the jungle, so be ready. Remember that Rally can save you and your team from losing ganks. Push turrets as much as you can. You will have so much lane time that when you recall you will be able to have more items when you come back to the lane.

Late Game

By now you are kicking *** and taking names. You will want to complete items that you don't yet have, but you should have Youmuu's Ghostblade, Trinity Force, Spirit Visage, and Berserker's Greaves at least. If you play smart you might have either Zeke's Harbinger or Executioner's Calling. Remember too build them

1 Vs. 1 & Jungling

Irelia is one of the best 1 Vs. 1 champs due to her insane damage output. She is so much like Akali in terms of engagment. Bladesurge % Trinity Force proc, activate Youmuu's Ghostblade, consume the Trinity Force proc, Hiten Style, then execute the target with Equilibrium Strike. You might have to use Exhaust if the target is someone that can CC you, or can burst just as well as you can. If they try to run and you are out of range of Bladesurge, Transcendent Blades will net you that kill.

NOTE: Try and time Trinity Force proc with Equilibrium Strike for maximum damage.

Jungling is something that can be done easily since she has passive life steal. But we are talking about buffs. Lizard is your best jungle friend. The extra damage will only make you more dangerous. Golem is nice to have for mana regen and the cool down reduction. Try and control the Lizard and Golem spawn, your team should be the buffed one! Buff control is a must if you want an exceptional game.

Ganks & Team Pushing

Ganking is a lot of fun. Engage the gank as if it was 1 Vs. 1. If you get lucky then the enemy team will be bunched together. If thats the case, Transcendent Blades will be the best thing to use. As long as they are all bunched up, you will hit multiple targets. That will help your team since you are dealing wide-spread damage, not just focusing one target.

Team pushing means you are to stand back before going in. If you are going in first, you are wrong. Play aggressive, but don't play stupid. Her passive reduces CC duration, but CC is still her enemy.

NOTE: Rally is your teams best friend. The increase to attack damage and ability power, plus the healing, will make a world of difference in ganks and pushes. Use this wisely. If you know you will win a team fight or gank, then save this. If you are unsure of success; use it. Shrewd use of Rally can win you the game.

Haters & Homies

Haters are anyone that can CC you. Yes you have some CC reduction, but CC is still bad. You will want to use Exhaust on these targets. The blind will give you some extra survivability, and it will boost your damage a little bit. Engage CC champs carfully. Fed or not, CC isnt nice to Irelia.

Homies are the same thing that kills you. CC champs are great to have on your team. You have slows, but its nice to let someone else do the CC. I find that support champs like Janna and Kayle are great to have with you. Eye Of The Storm and Intervention can give you so much power in team fights.

And thats it for now, guys! Enjoy!

Take me to the top, mate!