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Irelia Build Guide by Fuzenj Tha Great

Irelia Ranked PLAY

Irelia Ranked PLAY

Updated on August 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuzenj Tha Great Build Guide By Fuzenj Tha Great 4,339 Views 3 Comments
4,339 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuzenj Tha Great Irelia Build Guide By Fuzenj Tha Great Updated on August 11, 2011
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More Irelia Runes

Chapter 1

This build was inspired by SK Wickd's Irelia Build. SK Wickd imo is the best Irelia in EU--if not the world, so putting some of his aspects into my own build has worked very well and today i am here to share it with you.
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Irelia is a champion that is meant to engage or initiate a team fight. You're role should be focusing on their AP or AD carries---STICK ON EM. She does a lot of damage, especially with this build because you max your W...True Dmg FTW.
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Unlike most Irelia's i run a weird rune page. I feel that the dodge runes with the 0/21/9 masteries really helps out during team fights. Your HP/regen quints should help out early game before you get your Chalice---trust me, these quints are worth it if you got the money. If not stick with flat HP quints or arm pen.

Others use CDR blues or ATK spd blues but i feel that the MR/lvl is better...just my opinion.

For reds just stick with Arm pen, if you don't have arm pen just do +ad.
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As i stated earlier the 0/21/9 tree helps with team fights, IMO it helps you stay in the fight longer---trust me those 3-4 extra seconds count.

You could go with a 0/9/21 tree if you wanted too. Only go this tree build if you don't have the correct runes as stated above. 0/9/21 will help you with your regen (HP and MP) early game and the cooldowns.

IMO Irelia is not as cooldown dependent as other champions. But if you feel that she is, go 0/9/21 and take CDR blues.
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You always want to start off with a cloth armor and 5 pots. This will help you stay in lane---literally, almost forever. The extra armor helps alot and the 5 pots...well...its really self-explanatory. At around 1500-2000g i usually go back--unless i playing vs an Udyr or something OP -_-''

Onto the boots and chalice. This is where my build is very different. I see many irelia's go the P-stone/Hog build... IMO this build is good but you do no DMG during your laning phase. This is crucial because you have to be able to harass your opponent, if not kill. Nothing is wrong with the P Stone/hog build...but trust me, after you try this build you'll never go back to the pstone or hog. O.o
SOOOO....CHALICE- The Chalice is originally taken from SK WICKD's build. Chalice will allow you yo stay in lane for ever--the extra MR is a PLUS and the mana regen is crazy---Q SPAM FTW.
As for my Ninja Tabi's i feel that since your always solo top in a ranked game you're going to probably vs some tanky-dps. Normally i go against a Jarvan, udyr, GP, WW, and eventually the Morde. The Tabi's will make you almost godlike with your W maxed, HP regen Quints and your Chalice. This will allow you to do crazy damage, plus if you get ganked--your dodge will save you!!!!!!! Dodge will also help you chase =].

The next items are pretty standard---I either rush a Wits end, Phage, or Sheen depending on who im facing or what i need atm.
By mid game you should have

Tabis, Chalice and 1 or 2 of either Wits end, Phage or Sheen.

The end game items are pretty standard.
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Skill Sequence

The very first skill is situation dependent. If your going in to lvl 1 fight them take E. If not, take W.

--- I cant stress this more, W = more true dmg and heal. THat means more lane control. Lane control = gg in solo que.

You can start harassing at lvl 2. Activate W and Q or E. get a couple hits off and then just b. DOnt take too much minion dmg.

Once you get to lvl 6, you should basically dominate with your ult and W heal. GG
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Summoner Spells

I go Flash/Tp because TP gank is real game changing in any elo or game. Overall just really good.

You could take ignite instead of TP---It really depends on who your fighting top.

STICK WITH FLASH--- Flash > Ghost, Period.
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Ranked Play

Irelia is a champion that can really carry a team. Make sure you last hit. Last hitting is the key to lane control. Your jungle should always gank if your enemy is over extending. Usually you'll be facing a tanky-dps top. Don't fear---your tabi's will save you.

In a team fight, make sure that you engage on their carries. STICK ON TO THEM. If your team is hesitant on engaging into a full on team fight, make sure that you guys engage and back out. Irelia is a perfect example of a champion that goes in and comes right out. She is not an alistar or jarvan who goes in FULL FRONT and fights forever.

Play smart with Irelia---make sure you harass your lane, but dont over extend.

Harass with W-Q-E---auto attack 2x or 3x then B
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Overall Irelia is a champion that does tons of dmg. She is an anti-carry. Use her sparingly and play in a smart way---you'll do fine
League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuzenj Tha Great
Fuzenj Tha Great Irelia Guide
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Irelia Ranked PLAY

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