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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hi_C

Irelia - Slicing n' Dicing

Hi_C Last updated on November 23, 2010
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Irelia is a very fun champion to play with. She can be built in many different ways that are effective, it all depends on your play style. In this guide I will be going over some basic things you should know about Irelia.

Ghost and Flash provide amazing chasing and escaping tools. Use it and never look back.

Skill Choice

You take one in Bladesurge for helping you last hit, opening ganks, chasing champions, escaping champions, etc.

I max Hiten Style first because not only does it have a okay passive which helps with staying power but it's activate is True damage. When you hit you will always deal 75 damage. Even if they had 99% reduction on magic/physical damage, you will always deal 75 damage. If you take Equilibrium Strike maxed first you will deal 300 at max damage. If you take into account natural resistances it's about a 20-30% damage reduction. So it's around 240 damage. 3 hits with Hiten Style is 225 damage Minimum that's not including damage from your normal auto attacks.


Doran's Shield is a great starting item. It gives you survivability against early game harassment. One thing that's important is that do not hold on to this item like it is a must in your item build. After the 30 to 40 min mark sell it and buy items the bigger items.

Mercury Treads stacks with your passive. Nothing more to say.

Trinity Force gives a good burst of damage on your Bladesurge. It also gives alot of stats that are all useful.

Ghostblade is another good item which will enable you to maximize the potential of your Hiten Style.

The items above are what I would consider the Core item build line. Focus on getting those three build quickly. After this you should buy defensive items as needed and you do not need to stick with the order or the exact items. These final items should be bought according to the situation.

A Banshee's veil is a good choice because a vast majority use abilities somewhere to do damage, CC, etc. It also provides Magic Resist and some HP/MP.

Another good choice would be a Randiun's Omen. This also provides a lot of survivability against physical damage coupled with a great activate.

A Bloodthirster provides great damage and gives much needed life steal.

Infinity Edge is what I would buy only if you feel that you are lacking damage.

Hexdrinker is an underrated item. It does provide a good amount of magic damage mitigation and provides a nice shield when things go south. "PLEASE NOTE" It does not protect against physical damage.

Play style

You will want to run in shortly after your tanks and go straight for the carries. You see that Ashe sitting in the back shooting arrows like it's nothing? Go in with Q -> Hit Ghostblade and Hiten Style (Randiun's Omen if you have it) -> E and this is usually when they will try to back off and then if they are out of range hit R and continue the chase. Your Bladesurge (Q) will have a short 4-5 second cooldown enabling you to chase very easily.

Another important thing is that you do not want to just sit in there and fail around like a Yi. You want to dash in unload until your passive is up. If any carries are still up and over half hp then your either dead or running. You want the mind set of Akali.

Things to Know

Bladesurge will not dash through walls (or it at least has not worked for me).

Last Hitting
People still struggle with this concept. Last Hitting is when you WAIT until the creep is at low hp so that you can ONE HITit. Bladesurge is very good for last hitting and if you don't last hit it your cooldown won't reset and you lose alot of mana. Also when you last hit and your enemy last hits as well your creeps should be staying in the middle of the lane. Where it's safe. If you aren't last hitting and you enemy is you are now at their turret and are open to ganks, this is called "Overextending". Overextending will get you killed. When I jungle as any hero a overextended lane almost guarantee's a kill sometimes two. To make matters worse if your turret already took damage and now there's three people pushing a lane, say bye to your turret.

They are your friends. They love to be placed everywhere on the map. They love to give you map hax. They show you that the Udyr is trying to dragon. They show you that Fiddlesticks trying to steal your blue. They show you that the enemy team is waiting for you in that bush. BUY THEM, USE THEM, MAP AWARENESS IS KEY TO VICTORY.