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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DivineGlimpse

Irelia supporting every job?

DivineGlimpse Last updated on May 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hey guys, this is my 1st build in awhile and i want to make one about Irelia. The reason i love Irelia so much is she can fit every role and she is a great pick for ranked. Thank you for looking at my guide please read it and comment on suggestions =D.
And sry about maybe no pictures or no caps, 1 i dont know how to do pictures and the caps i will do eventually now i'm busy and i made this because i've seen alot of fail irelia's and i need to get the builds out

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Pro: probably one of the fastest movers in game.
great damage all throughout the game
can fill any role even ap
Con: common pick for ranked
a little hard to master her
if your jungling gets messed up at blue when someone pulls it, it is hard to jungle with soo little hp.

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skill sequence

Damage/Tank Irelia- i max out equilibrium strike first because its a heavy nuke early game along with a slow/stun. Than i max out hiten style next because its great for taking out tanks and lifestealing off things. I max bladesurge last because it doesnt do too much damage and i mostly use it for intiating.
Jungling Irelia- For jungling irelia i max out hiten style first for the free lifesteal on minions and extra damage. Than i get a point in equilibrium strike for the stun on golems or other characters. I put 1 point in bladesurge for ganking.

Skill combo- Go in with q then use your e on them than pop w and your ult to do TONS of damage.

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Damage/Tank Irelia- I get armor penetration Marks because Irelia can take out tanks real easy and with more armor penetration its very helpful. Than i get attack speed seals because early game her damage is REALLY good and the more attack speed you have the more damage you'll be putting out. This is also good for lifestealing. Than i get attack speed glyphs because the more attack speed the better. Than for quintessence's i get armor penetration so you have a easier time kills tanks.
Jungler Irelia- I get attack speed almost everything because the lifesteal in the jungle is key to jungle irelia, and you get more life back with the more attack speed. The seals i choose armor because the seal armor's give alot of armor and early game it makes you more beefy to the jungle and the attack spree seal's aren't that good.

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Item build

Damage Irelia- For damage irelia i almost always get berserker greaves and trinity. The trinity it a key key item for Irelia, where its most of her damage output. After that i get a phantom for more movement speed, more attack speed for hiten style,and more crit to go along with trinity so i'm critting alot. Than i get more attack speed and lifesteal with starks, this item is good not only because i'm attacking alot faster i'm gaining a TON of life with starks and hiten style. After that i get frozen for the extra hp,dmg, and the proc goes with my q well. Than finally i get infinity for some MASS damage and crit. If you ever get all of these items done you will be insanely feared.
Tank Irelia- For tank irelia i start off with berserker greaves and trinity again. This will be your main damage for being a tank. Than i get a force of nature for the insane magic resist, movement speed, and health regen. I get frozen after for the hp and to support my teammates when i initiate with my q. My q procs with frozen so it will slow a character. After frozen i get Banshee's for the health,mana,magic resist, and the personal spell shield. Im sure you can get whatever here but i like the banshee because most of the chars in league scale off magic damage. Finally i get phantoms for the more movement speed and more damage output with hiten style.
Jungling Irelia- Irelia can jungle and gank pretty well. Like always i start with berserker greaves and trinity. After that i let you guys get what is necessary for the game you're in.

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Jungling Route

IMPORTANT- if you can have people pull blue from mid start with blue and auto attack it while its going after them. It will save you good life and you may be able to get it without getting hit my golems if you have enough support. After that you do wolves, than wraiths, than mini golems, BUT if you have enough health do red before mini golems. After that gank if you are able to and there is a good gank, repeat this pattern and make sure you gank, ganking is going to win you games if you don't you're a bad jungler.
IMPORTANT- If you cannot get someone to pull start with wraiths, smite the blue wraith and get the rest of the wraiths, than go to wolves,THAN get blue and by then you'll have your smite. After that go to the red buff area and get what you can and gank as usual.

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Summoner spells

I like to get ghost since she has crazy movement speed it just works amazing.
Than i like ignite because it can counter health gainers such as vlad,mundo,gangplank and it's a good way to get kills early game.

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For Irelia when you are farming, only last hit with your Q it will save you damage if the other team is harasssing and it will give you back your mana.

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Skin idea suggestions

Honestly i think Irelia needs a new skin.
leaf god Irelia- she's like a elf with just a ton of leaves idk.
Warrior Irelia- she is geared out in stuff like garen's dreadknight skin.
Sea god Irelia-All her stuff is covered with seaweed and what not.
Honestly i have no idea what i'm saying but if you have a skin suggestion post it below i think its interesting what people think should be a skin.

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New maps

i just wanted to take a little time out of this build to talk about new maps.
Magma Chamber- when is it coming out and there is cool pictures of it here.
Than i think the tutorial map should be a 2v2 map.
I think also they should make a underwater or bring back the snow map for 5v5 and they should make a new skin for the twisted treeline.

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Once again thanks for reading my build, thumbs up if you like a leave a comment below. Hope you enjoy this build. xD. Sry for taking easy way out with the description but if you got questions ask below and i'd be happy to answer them =D