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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoMoFyF

Irelia Surprise Secks Ownage (JUNGLE)

DoMoFyF Last updated on March 7, 2011
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Hai guys this is my first guide so dont be too harsh...

I've been seeing a lot of Irelia's lately, when she was free she was well abused and people failed with her. I checked out the guides and found that there wasn't a solid build for her so I decided to make one and a jungling one. I don't main her as I just play her for fun or in ranked if my team needs a dps jungler. I ALWAYS play her jungle as it is way more successful for the team and the players themselves. More on that later.

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Well the runes are pretty simple and straightforawrd ArPen Marks for that boost for the jungle and tanks later game and CDR glpyhs for the starting jungling phase to set off ur W and E more to increase your jungling rate. Now for seals I have gone for both dodge and armor as they both boost early jungling and late game you could do the same as me and select both or you could pick one or the other. As for quintessences i have gone for 1 AS and 2 Flat health as the attack speed procs more AA for you to regain health back and the flat health to give you the abiblity to gank after the LIZARD ELDER so your not too squish and won't get counter ganked.

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As Irelia is a DPS champion I have gone for the normal DPS masteries of 21/0/9 the 21 for the most dmg output that you can possibly do and the 9 in utility for that jungle boost (make sure you get the neutral buff duration increase) as the masteries are also self explanatory.

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Ok here is where it gets tricky, I usually start off with a cloth armor and 4 pots (the 5th isnt needed) as all junglers do. Next IMO Ninja Tabi is the best choice of boots for Irelia as it gives her armor and dodge and can be built from the cloth armor. But if they are heavy CC you can go for the CC boots and turn your cloth armor into a Lantern and ditch the Bloodthrister late game. If you have done well and have gotten a kill or two from a gank you should also be able to buy a Vamp Scepter which will superiorly increase your jungle and you will never have to go back again (unless for items and or mana). The next item is very underrated on Irelia and that is a SHEEN this item boosts your DPS overall and will increase your damage rate aswell as ur Hiten Style's true damage active. 2 Zeals are next which are VERY VERY useful movespeed is awesome as u will get over 500 passive movespeed and crit chance and attkspeed for morde dmg output. A trinity force is then made for utility and offense as it is one of the best items on Irelia and many people don't get it on her. VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE!!!! A Phantom Dancer is made to boost everything and the rest of the items are pretty much self explanatory and are made purely to kill people.

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Skill Sequence

Hiten Style is levelled at 1 because you need it for the jungling as it gives you bonus true damage and it helps you restore life. Equilibrium strike is then MAXED after lvl 2 of Hiten Style because it is a CC and a burst damage spell which has a low CD and is very useful. Blade surge is taken at lvl 4 and left until later because 1. It is helpful to last hit the jungle minions or other teams minions if missed and to save time in the jungle 2. To use as a BLINK ONLY to get a kill and to start ganks and it isn't maxed until later because It doesn't have much damage burst compared to Equilibrium Strike and Hiten Style which is TRUE DAMAGE and cannot be countered by some armor while BLADESURGE can. And obviously getting ult whenever you can and using it as a farming ability and or to heal after a team battle.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is the most obvious as it enables you to jungle and it gives ur team 2 solo lanes which will end up giving you the advantage mid game and also letsd you to gank early game to nab a few kills and to push the tower.

Flash is negotiable since you already have a blink. Others might think get ghost!! but if you follow my item build ghost ain't neccessary as you will be faster than any1 with ghost as you will have more then 500 passive MS.

Other Summoner Spells that you mgiht get:
-Exhaust (If you don't need an escaping ability)
-Ignite (If you don't need an escaping ability)
-Teleport if neeb be
-Cleanse (If you like being a douche' and making the other team mad)

Anything that i have not listed imo is a bad choice and shouldnt even be considered.

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Creeping / Jungling

My Jungle Path is quite simple and easy to follow and easily done without dieing.
1. Start at Wraiths with Cloth Armor 4 Pots and Hiten Style.
2. Smite the big wraith activate Hiten Style and chug a pot.
3. Move to wolf camp and Hiten Style chug another pot if needed.
4. Move to the Ancient Golem camp and start with Equilibrium Striking it for the stun and occasionally spamming it whenever it comes up, while it is on CD autoattack the golem with activated Hiten Style and while being hit eat another pot. Smite for the kill making sure its a sure kill (so people dont steal it) and finish off the 2 smaller dragons. (Smite should be on a 20-10 second CD as it depends on how fast or slow you are going.)
5. Move to the mini golem camp auto attack with Hiten Style and and equilbrium whenever possible have your final pot if you need it.
6. Move to the Lizard Elder camp and Smite should be back up and ready so Equilibrium Strike, Hiten stlye and auto attack the **** outta em and you should become lvl 4 and have half health with all 3 skills.
7. If you are the top team go gank top with red and blue buff and all spells or if you are the bottom team gank bot lane with blue and red buff.

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Team Work

In team fights make sure you stay behind the tank while he initiates. When he does quickly jump to the carry with Q and straight away E to stun and spam autoattacks until you start getting hurt. If you are getting damaged retreat and while you are shoot ur ultimate backwards to heal up and to kite and when the enemy stops chasing jump back into the fight.

If you are getting focused make sure you stay hidden until the main enemy ulitmates go off then jump into the carry making sure your whole team is there backing you up.

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So in the end Irelia is a medium skilled champion who is really fun and an ownage champion. Make sure you try her out with this build and jungling guide as it is guaranteed success if you are premade and make sure you give her a go when she is free. PLease feel free to give comments and rate and give positive critism

kthxbye, FyFeR